Tuesday, April 29, 2008

20 Interesting Things About PCD

i figured that today's post should be about MEEEEEEEE!!!! LOL! seriously, i thought i'd just jot down some things that my blog family may not know about me. this is my attempt at being interesting :-S

20. i am terrified of catching some fungus or disease when getting my nails done (have you ever on occassion peeked into the next foot bin?) , so i have my own tools for them to use

19. i am a neat FREAK! tags must face a certain way, cabinet organization is tightly monitored, and i love the smell of clorox clean-up.

18. i eat tomatoes, but cannot stand the inside where the wet, mushy seeds are...so i usually just cut from the outer part. if i am using a slice of a tomato, i remove all of the seeds and wetness.

17. i don't believe in white chocolate. i have a firm belief that white chocolate seems unnatural and the taste and texture seems synthetic in comparison to regular brown chocolate. i will not eat it unless its barely detectable like maybe drizzled on something else.

16. i love candy. i can get out of bed and start eating it right away.

15. i love star jones (soon-to-be ex-reynolds)...so much so, i named my cat after her.

14. i am a certified phlebotomist. i was bored one day so i decided to take a class in something i knew nothing about, so i chose phlebotomy. and even tho i am "certified" i have never worked a day in that industry and never would. i hate being stuck so i don't think i could ever really stick people.

13. i LOVE pink

12. i've aways wondered what its like to have a weave. for some reason, i am intrigued by them. they look so neat...but i do not have the patience to sit for the braiding process and gluing is out of the question, so i guess i'll never get one :-S

11. i am obsessed with haut-chocolat (exotic chocolates). i love truffles infused with curry, hot chili peppers, violet flowers, wasabi, and manchego cheese

10. i have arthritis

9. i love dressing my hubby. he trusts my tastes so he pretty much wears whatever i buy...and i love buying!!!!

8. i have to go to target at least once a week or i won't feel normal :-S

7. i love to burn oils...candles are cute, but their fragrance doesn't carry enough for me. they are banished to the bathroom and i only burn them during bubble baths

6. i was once robbed by a crackhead. and after some super sleuthing...i found him and had him arrested.

5. i have NO problem speaking out against foolishness. i just had a bout with racism in one of my fave places where i was next in line, clearly standing at the counter. my friend was about 4 feet away from me. a woman walked in and pushed her way in between us and when the person behind the counter asked who was next, she started to speak. well, after i gave her the look of you-must-be-nuts, i kindly let her know that unless she was blind, she knew very well i was next and that she best excuse herself to the area behind my friend. she looked at me like-*gasp* how dare you? then she left the store...maybe she was embarrassed, but i loved it! i used to let stuff like that go and mumble under my breath...no more my friend!

4. i love games!!!

3. photography is my love. i take pics EVERYWHERE i go. my friends usually grow weary of it, but i have a 20 pic minimum when we go out to events

2. i want patti labelle to adopt me-lol! seriously, i love her and she seems like such a down-home type. i bet dinners and gatherings at her place are so fun, at least they are in my mind :-)

1. i had a neighbor evicted from her home for creating disturbances and endangering the welfare of her neighbors. it took about 3 months and lots of research and digging, but i got it done! YAY! don't mess with PCD!!!!!!!!!!!


TravelDiva said...

LOL. You are serious--you tracked down a crackhead and had a neighbor evicted. I ain't mad at ya!

The F$%K it List said...

Hmm.. I was with you on a bunch of those especially 20 and #2. I carry an extra pedi/mani set with me just in case I get the urge to go somewhere other than my normal place.

And I LOVES ME some Patti Patti. I went to her house once with a friend from college i met her very handsome son but no Patti :(

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I love taking pictures and I enjoy playing board games with my family!!

LOL@ Having your neighbor evicted. You know you don't play around!!! :-)

Very interesting tidbits. Oh and I hate the mushy part of tomatoes too!! ahhahaahahaha

Nicole, Inc. said...

Hey PCD.

I too share your distaste for White Chocolate. I mean its totally pointless.

I love games too! I will shut someone down in Taboo. I take games real serious.

Miss Mika said...

A Conference of Interestingness... I like that!

I am big on pictures too... which can be hard at times because the bf hates taking pictures. But I don't care!

In total agreement with your feelings on white chocolate. Chocolate was not meant to be white. An oxymoron if you ask me.

I am a fellow neat freak. Isn't it nice to be able to find something in its proper place instead of having to tear the house up trying to find it?

I dislike tomatoes for that very reason... the mushy juicy middle and the seeds. Eww!!!

Have you ever considered becoming a private investigator? Between tracking down a crackhead and having a neighbor evicted, it sounds like you would be super at it!

Sorry for the novel!

Anonymous said...

Wow girl... tracked down the crackhead, and got the neighbor evicted... you're no joke.I'm a fellow neat freak, and I ♥ pictures as well. But white choco... oh no, I loves me some. And that is one fierce ass pic of Patti... I want that suit she rocking!

Still_Pocahontaz a.k.a POCA said...

You forgot to mention how pretty you are.

Taryn "Skinny Genes" B. said...

whoa! robbed by a crackhead..lol..tomato's are good just as they are ^_^

Queen of My Castle said...

Oh gosh! I love Ms. Patti Patti. LOL. Her make-up is always flawless and yes, she does seem down to earth. You are most def an Alpha Female, well at least you are in MY mind. LOL

jameil1922 said...

nail places scare me too!! certified phlebotomist? so odd. and hilarious! esp. b/c you won't use it! i'm SUPER tomato picky. they have to be perfectly ripe or that mushy or hard thing is coming off. & if it's mushy i'm writing your company to tell them abt their horrid "produce". i was just telling one of my coworkers about your cat's name today! (she saw a dog named anna nicole.) i SO need a hubby who will let me dress him!! i didn't go to target for like 2 weeks and felt my equilibrium shift. so i've been twice in the last 5 days. you seem like a game lover.

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

@ traveldiva...i don't play!!! LOL

@ F-it...patti is like my dream godmother. she's got this funky vibe, like very motherly...but will let you have it too :-)

@ bgg...YAY! someone else who doesn't like the mush-mush!!!

@ nicole, inc...welcome to the circle! and you are now my bff simply because of your distaste of w. choc-BLEH!!! tee hee hee

@ miss mika...YAY! another white choc & tomato-seedy no-liker!!! WHOOPEE!!! i love when i find out someone else shares some of my little quirks! but i don't think i'd be good at detective work unless i was personally wronged...then the dragon is unleashed!!! LOL

@ let it out...doesn't patti look HOT!?!?! regarding the neighbor, if you only knew....(ugh)

@ poca...awwww, *blushing* takes one to recognize one!

@ taryn... crackie versus prissy chronicles. it was CRAZAY!!!!

@ queen...indeed. miss patti has aged beautifully! and she's got spunk! and, i've been told that before *wink*

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

@ jameil...ROFL @ your equilibrium shift...HA HA HA!!!!!!!! dressing hubbies are so much fun! and my cat is such a diva...can't you tell by her polo? the phlebotomy thing was so random...but i get like that sometimes. i just want a bunch of new info to stash in the crevices of my mind...just because

Mizrepresent said...

lol, gurl you are the business! Gurl me too on the weave thing, never really had to get one, bc my hair was long and can grow pretty long and thick, and yet it i just wanted to try it!

12kyle said...

Did your cat have the surgery too? LOL

Patti Labelle is cooler than Chicago in October. I've always loved her.

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

I truly enjoyed reading this! I'm out of town & no access to internet I had to use the cell phone...I was missing you all! :)

Funny one of my friends calls me White Chocolate....

Kitty said...

Wow I'm the same way with a lot of these.Especially #5. I love Patti too I wish she was my auntie
12,I love weave although I don't use it often.
OMG!!I make my tomatoes the same way! White chocolate DOES taste fake. I could never put my finger on what was so gross about it.
And I was the "candy lady" in school. I'd sell candy just like that boy Randy on "The Wire"
And my lil sis is like that about taking pictures but I love posing and having my picture taken so it's always worked out. lol

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

@ miz r...lol! i don't know what it is...i just want to try it.

@ 12kyle...are you making fun of my cat's weight? that's ALL FUR!!! her polo only looks tight because she's long-haired, hmph!

@ keisha...awww! glad you got to come by :-) don't be gone too long!

@ kitty...see, you would have been able to go to college for FREE from me purchasing your candy! i kept the candy kids in business with my addiction-lol!

PBW said...

I'm also scared of nail places, love Target and really love pink!

Got a bad neighbor evicted and a robbing crackhead arrested - WOW! I think you're my new hero.

dejanae said...

dying at no's 15,6, ad 1

Eb the Celeb said...

Sew in weaves really dont take long at all... depending on how long your hair is 2 hours and then depending on the style... if it needs to be cut and curled then maybe another hour... you should try it

The Flyyest said...

lol@ KYLE.....

weaves...i love them...they are the best thing creqated...well not the best but you know....

i can cut, color, grow....my hair all in the matter of hours...LOL

dang PCD...... hunt down that craqckhead...and get the neighbor evicted....i aint foolin wot you...you're no joke!!! LOL

i love patti too.....and tomatoes, its funny cuz sometimes the middle makes me throw up in my mouth when i eat it....and i cant do the cooked tomatoes...

i take my camera everywhere also...i used to work at picture people so sometimes i get tired of tellin people to say cheese!!!