Sunday, March 30, 2008

I Met The Browns...And I Wish I Hadn't


so you could probably tell by the title that i recently saw tyler perry's "meet the browns" and was really disappointed. i don't even know why i expected something great...maybe it's because it pulled in 20 million on it's opening weekend...maybe it's because some part of me really wants tyler perry to be successful. maybe i just was happy to get out of the house without baby tied to my hip. regardless, this movie has to be his worst-BY FAR!!!

so for those who have seen it, let's go thru it, bit by bit. if you haven't, please do not let me deter you. anyhoo, all of tyler's madea-laden plots are all the same - down and out, weary and worn black woman (usually abused in some way)....dashingly handsome man comes in on shiny white horse...he saves the day...they fall in love...madea makes you laugh...all is well in the world.

and i was willing to roll with this....but with "meet the browns," the goal of realism wasn't even attempted. and that made me mad! angela bassett played (i forgot her name) with 3 kids and 3 baby daddies. (what's up with this theme of sad black mums and trifling black dads?) in the first movie, the main character didn't have any children, but her husband fathered 2 secret kids outside of their marriage with his mistress. in the second, that chick had 2 kids by 2 men and was so down on her luck, she had to live with madea. now in this one, there are 3....and of course, they are dirt poor living in chicago projects alongside her very loud and inappropriately dressed, bi-polar latina friend. this friend was so streotypically wack, it was painful, in every outfit, her breasts were spilling out...and she hardly ever matched. she was crazy too...i mean coo-coo for coco puffs crazy! angela loses her job and the lights get cut off. they barely have any food to eat.

by chance, angela's father dies and someone sends her some bus tickets to come down to georgia for his funeral. when she gets there, she is greeted by her 'family', most of who are sweet...but jenifer lewis (vera) is a spitfire. *unrealistic item # 1* angela's uncle picks them up from the bus station with his daughter. once everyone is back at the house, vera looks at this woman (her neice) and asks who she is and who her mother is. she replies madea. you mean to tell me that a woman doesn't know her very grown neice OR who her mother is? how does your brother have a child and you don't bother to inquire about this until she's about 35? nonetheless, everyone discovers that their father used to be a pimp. (again, with the crappy black man image) also, the uncle has a knack for dressing in really nutzy colors and patterns, presumably from another era. i found myself literally frowning at him when he was on screen...feeling kinda like...

enter rick fox. he's so handsome, he's un-handsome - if that makes sense. his looks are too nice. nonetheless, he automatically falls for angela and wants to help her basketball playing son make the most of his sporting ability for the sheer joy of helping in abnormally grandiose ways. long story short, the pimp father leaves angela an old, beaten-down house. the house is so unlivable, angela discards it like trash. fast forward, angela and her kids go back to chicago with a fist full of cash from madea's daughter. *unrealistic iten # 2* she never seems to get another job....or steadily trying to achieve some type of stability. obviously, the money wasn't going to last too long, because she goes crawling to her son's father begging for money. he refuses her. then later, he randomly shows up at her door being very nice. he offers to give her some money in exchange for sex. the son walks in and is angered. after baby-daddy # 1 leaves, the son vows to pull his family out of the bowels of poverty guessed it, running with the wrong crowd to sell drugs. but wait, handsome chases him down in the street to warn him of the bad choice he is making.

SIDEBAR::::: i have an issue with sons feeling like they have to rescue their mothers and siblings from destitution. it is not a child's place to have to worry about how to survive and drag his family along. this came up on eb the celeb's relationship week forum. it bothers me because some of these men-children get locked into that 'gotta-save-them' mentality and it causes problems in future relationships for lack of the ability to let go. and of course, this child's desire to 'save them' ends up getting him shot.

*unrealistic item #3* as i said the son realized he made a bad choice, and when he went to tell his drug dealing friend he was out, some tough guy rolls up and just starts shooting. well, miraculously, he's not critically injured....but the next time you see him after being released from the hospital...was on the basketball court. WTH!?!?! could he at least have struggled thru some rehab? maybe limped around for a bit?

well, handsome comes lurking around again and he and angela begin dating. then out of nowhere (and during ledisi's song "alright') they move back to georgia, where handsome has managed to restore her beat up house into a fabulous new work of beauty, along with some donations from the church. *unrealistic item # 4* she stills has no job or monetary assistance, yet sustains this fabulous new life. handsome and angela have a spat and stop speaking. son gets drafted into the basketball league AND gets to take college courses. angela realizes her and handsome's spat was just a misunderstanding....they literally kiis and make and last scene is their wedding. *unrealistic items # 5, until....* handsome mentioned having 3 kids, they never appear. madea makes a cameo on the news as she's trying to elude the cops in a high speed chase.....what was the point? it was so "out of nowhere." and that daughter of hers had the worst fake emotion when madea was seemingly being captured by the police. and i'm still trying to figure out WHAT MAN on this green earth would pay to have a woman's house completely refurbished when they are not even in a committed relationship? i mean he took that house from death and turned it into a house suited for "better homes & gardens.". all of this went on while she was in chicago before and during they even started semi-dating. then they "broke up" he just tucks his tail in between his legs and goes on about his business until she realized they fought over something dumb?

the movie was a M-E-S-S!!!!! i am so bothered because i know tyler perry has made a skillion dollars off of his creation madea. and once he proved he could dish out some entertaining stuff, he was just handed opportunity after opportunity, but the quality has gone into the toilet (please don't get me started on the atrocity of "house of payne" on tbs)

i want him to be successful...but at what expense? the parallel images he's portraying are offensive and they're not even funny. i can personally overlook SOME offensive stuff if i can charge it to humor (a la dave chappelle) but this mess never made me crack a least not when i was supposed to. i found myself laughing at all the wrong times, like when son miraculously recovered, or when angela and handsome got married. i'm sure other movie patrons thought i was nuts.....but i am really upset at this.


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hillary Didn't Lie...PROOF HERE!!!

ok, remember that clip i posted about hillary clinton lying about her trip to bosnia...well, i retract it...if you didn't see the clip that day, click HERE, then watch below

this is so funny, all i can say is....have a WONDERFUL WEEKEND EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!

What Is Attractive To You?

remember my friend that i told you about? the one who meets people on line? well, she has taken up with a new person. what strikes me as even more odd is that almost every person is sooooooo drastically different from the last. i'm wondering, what exactly is she looking for?

i told you about the legless felon, the preacher from myspace and now it's a medical rep with 2 kids. legless was a skinny thug. he worked in the sprint store. he lost his leg escaping from police. he was very rough around the edges, wore hip-hop clothes and had a lot of family baggage. preacher was *cough* a preacher, but she never found out what his 9-5 is because he does not pastor a church. she doesn't know much of him, but she found him attractive. he wears suits, polo shirts and khakis. he's dark-skinned, well groomed, low haircut, and no kids. medical rep is light skinned. he's suuuuuuuuuper light skinned actually. he has 2 children and dreadlocks.

beside the fact that i feel they all have some serious character issues, they are all so different. physically and with their places in life. i was so confused that i had to ask, what are you actually attracted to? do you just want a guy, any guy? because you don't seem to have a "type." you are like an equal opportunity dater-lol. (she didn't like that) but i am confused. i really am curious about what she is attracted to in a guy? physically and otherwise. some chicks like upstanding guys with a 9-5, no kids, clean cut. some like thugs, no real career, might have kids, rough-and-stuff. some like a mixture, some like dark, some light, some low hair, some long hair, some ambitious and driven, some blowing in the wind with no real goals-hustler type......i have no idea what she likes. (i'm starting to think it's whatever with a twig & berries-lol)


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

All That Snipering Must Have Sniped Part Of Her Memory

this is just disgraceful. it is just a sad day when hillary is caught with her pantsuit down (@ F-it, 'pantsuit' is still killing me-lol!). but i must say that i was elated to see her exposed by the likes of sinbad. i am wondering how she thought she'd get away with there was no other witness or attendee that would recall the events of that day. furthermore, she has written the same false account of that day in one of her books. thank heavens for modern technology...cuz there's video. hillary has taken her entitlement issues to another level with this one. i have no words for you ma'am.....

Michael Jackson's Magical Powers works wonders even on animals.....

Monday, March 24, 2008

BET Is Trying To Kill Me

The Pretty Ugly Spotlight::: BET
*blogger is acting like quite the fool this morning-grrrrrrrrr!*

i guess i should make a formal announcement....i hate BET! i am really disappointed with the choice of programming and since debra lee has become the new shot-caller, i've been even more disgusted. there is an overflow of foolishness on that channel and its really out of control. last week, i was talking to my friend on the phone and she told me to turn it to BET and look at the new season of collge hill. i don't know how far in the season the episodes are, but i was really disgusted by the level of craziness going on.

college hill is a debacle if i've ever seen one. they put a bunch of college kids in a mansion. provide them with sex potions and creams, make the boys and girls share bedrooms and film everything. so what do you think will happen with young guys and gals sleeping in the same room with plenty of alcohol and freaky creams and juices flowing about? exactly....a hot, disgusting, over-sexed, irresponsible mess!

the girls seem to have a problem speaking in regular voices...meaning, they scream and yell a lot. (this is just one of my peeves. i hate to see black women portraying themselves as these savages yelling and acting out with no class. it makes them look like...yeah you know...angry, black blankety-blanks.....whatever happened to the days when ladies spoke in inside voices, crossed their legs when they sat down and displayed some mystery when it came to the opposite sex?) the guys seem to have one thing on their minds-sex. there is even an episode where they invite a bunch of strippers over and procede to throw $1 bills from the staircase and all over the room while these young "ladies" shake what their mothers gave them. i find myself asking-what is the point to this? i have yet to com eup with an answer.

another one of the shows that particularly made my gag reflex go into overdrive was keyshia cole: the way it is.

i have not seen the entire season(s) and i would never want to. the few episodes i have witnessed put me into a state of shock. imo, when does keeping it real truly go wrong?? well, i say this occurs in keyshia's show. there was so much dirty laundry being aired, i really couldn't stand to bear witness to it. some have argued that the struggles the family endured (most self-inflicted) could help someone but i don't understand how. there was infidelity, crack-smoking, incarceration, alcoholism, pregnancy outside of a marriage, abortion issues, and heaps of fighting, cursing and shouting at each other. i prayed they would not air another season.

well, there isn't another season being aired (yet) but BET did have a 'reunion' show with the family...which i found odd because they are all involved in each other's lives heavily so how is that a reunion? well, i guess they meant reuniting the family with the viewers? anyhoo, keyshia's sister neffetiria made me lose it. her thoughts seemed cloudy, she dodged questions and she kept saying "are you seeeeeeeeeeeeeerious? like are you seeeeeeeeeeeerious?" then out came frankie, keyshia's mom. the former felon and crack abuser. and the antics went up about 25 notches.

i do not find anything inspiring about this display. i don't understand the purpose of the show. it makes me sad actually. and you can call me a prude if you like, but i just feel like you don't have to put everything out there. some things can be kept to yourself...and i wish keyshia cole and crew would have. oh, and her sister neffetria was pregnant on the show by some random drug-abusing dude that is not her husband. she scheduled an appointment for an abortion...well, come to find out, she kept the baby. it's a boy....and his name is jaylen weelove cole. weelove...marinate on that. yes, weelove.

no, i'm not kidding.


*i didn't know cartoons cursed-lol, so beware, there is cursing in this*

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Love In Space...

sooooooooooo, i have a friend. she likes to meet guys off of the net. she has been doing this for years....i mean, yeeeeeeeeeears, like maybe 7-8. in the beginning, while it was still dangerous, it was still the "new" thing to do and it was before the freaks, weirdos, terrorists, pedophiles and such came out in droves. people were fascinated at the idea of meeting a possible love interest or friend on the other end of the monitor. i always expressed my concern because it seemed to spiral out of control with the meetings. she was crossing state lines on a regular basis! i couldn't understand the logic. i said-IF you feel you have to keep meeting these guys face to face, why do you always have to be the one to travel? but she'd brush me off and skip onto the next plane, train or automobile to meet whoever of the moment.

ok, so now we're older. i really feel like this is extraordinarily strange to still continue meeting and greeting with the hope of serious relationships. mainly because...if we're older now, then obviously, she'd be seeking mates that are older. and the idea of a middle-aged person lurking for love just gives me the creeps. for some reason, it makes me question their social abilities and hidden lives. and the older you get, of course, the more baggage you acquire and can hide behind a web page. but in the era of, and whatever else those love hook-up sites are, my comments fall on deaf ears. in the last year, she's encountered a man who flew her to the opposite coast to his homestate, they met, didn't really mesh well and she returned. later, she saw a pic of him online with a cast on. he told her he broke his hand when he punched his wife in the head. *head spinning in confusion* THIS is exactly what i speak of....he could have punched her in the head and broke something. and then to find out he was married like that? UGH!
realistically, you could meet a psycho anywhere. your future spouse could be standing over the tomatoes in the grocery store....then turn out to be a complete nut later down the line. but there is something that is especially creepy about the net love.

the latest rendezvous took the cake tho. it was with a preacher from myspace. for some reason, this one really made me feel like the naughty girl kissing in the confessional...and i'm not catholic nor am i the one meeting him...but it just made me feel *weird.* i guess it was because she's my BFF and he'! i just couldn't adjust to the idea of a preacher meeting up with ladies via myspace. and what if they did become an item? would he proclaim from the pulpit, "you know i met the first lady of Hold My Mule Tabernacle on myspace back in the day, right?" it just doesn't feel right. and why would a preacher be surfing the net for chicks anyway? unlike a large number of folks who do this, they (technically) shouldn't be "hooking up" or having flings with the new lust why not just wait until you encounter someone in real life that seems interesting? i mean, the fact that you are reaching out to them via the net kinda rings of lust to me...well, maybe i say that because my friend has pics in her album of our new year's outing and she is holding her breasts like two cassava melons....not in a skanky way, but just odd when you know a preacher's looking at them. then to top it all off, the net seems to let general info go untold for a little longer than it would had the people met in life, like

what is your job?

what kind of car do you drive?

are you married?

do you have both of your legs? if not, how did this occur?

^^this was the one before the preacher...and yes, he was missing a leg, but he never spoke of it until my friend sat on his lap and felt the clicks or clacks that connect the fake leg to his stump. of course, PCD freaked out because i said it could have become a weapon in the wrong situation and you wouldn't have even known he had it until it cracked you upside your freak-out wasn't about the fact that he was missing a leg, it was about the secrecy ABOUT the leg and the awkward way it came out...because they had spent the night together by this point...smh


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hillary Tries To Shake Her Groove Thang

this here, is a hot and utter mess! it's such a mess that i had to watch it about 43 times. there is so much hilarity going on, i don't even know where to begin.....for your viewing pleasure (keep a small jar of soapy water nearby for eye-cleansing afterward)

i NEED to know who wrote and choreographed this debacle. and why were those kids not taught how to clap on beat at the same time? actually, i bet they had it down perfectly in practice, but once hilldog was actually there, someone probably felt the spirit and got over-excited, hence the off-beat clapping. but my personal favorite is the awkward way clinton is bopping around, looking super uncomfortable. she has that look that one may have if they got lost in a rough neighborhood and wanted to ask for directions, but were terrified...then when they mustered up the courage, they almost shat their pants while trying to look cool and comfortable with a fake smile and hip body language....i'm done.

that crap was hilarious! hillz, sit down madame...

Fashion (Non)Sense?

so last night, i was on the computer and i was trying to stay awake. so i flipped thru the channels and came across flavor of love 3. i can't even begin to describe the monstrocity that was going on in that show. needless to say, i was flabbergasted when i saw flavor flav sporting a high top out of straightened hair that was somehow miraculously freeze-dried up into an actual high top, probably with hair spray.

so the wheels in my head began to turn and i wondered, have i ever looked so silly for fashion (or individuality) before? everyone is different and has their own sense of identity when it comes to how they look. and looking back, some of the trends that i fell victim to make me gag, lol! but have you ever done something fashion wise that was so different or down with a current trend, that the end result was silly?

i know i have. looking back, i'd have to say that i did two odd things that made me look a mess....of course i thought it was cute then. as a freshman in college, i wanted to stand out. i didn't want to look like every other girl. so i decided to bleach the front of my hair. just two little tendrils that hung in the front. what made this so odd looking was the rest of my hair is dark brown, so the stark contrast really made your eyes go *boing!* when you looked at it. and if i put my hair in a ponytail, it looked weird slicked back amongst all of that dark hair. needless to say, all of that bleaching made those chunks of hair break off terribly and i was walking around with blond straggles in the front. also, at one point in high school, i decided to dress like a boy. i wore nothing but jerseys and big pants. truthfully, i was trying to hide my (no) figure. i was a "slow" developer (cough) so i was as straight as a board for the longest-lol! so if it was big or baggy, i had it on. big plaid shirts, pants so big, they were falling off. and i chopped my hair into the bluntest bob known to man. it looked HORRID.


Monday, March 17, 2008

BITNP & Friends In My Head

so tracey morgan hit up saturday night live to respond to tina fey's skit a few weeks back - "B*tch Is The New Black"....his is entitled "Black Is The New President"...take a looksey



and on another note...have you ever seen someone famous or otherwise that you don't know, but feel like you could know and be good friends with? i like to call them 'friends in my head.' somethiing about them seems so relatable that i could actually picture us hanging out, going shopping, having play-dates or chit-chatting over brunch on a sunny day. i don't mean in the stalker way...but just someone you see that for some reason, you identify with....well, my top friends in my head are..

tracee ellis ross

first let me just express my deepest love for the show "girlfriends." now, i must acknowledge my disgust with how crappily their show was axed without so much as an announcement or finale. nonetheless, her character (joan) was my fave! well, actually toni was my fave, but for entertainment reasons. joan was my fave because i related to her. she's just as sentimental and silly as i am. she loved her friends and was extremely dependable...kinda like the mama of the group and that is so me....well, with a few dashes of fabulous fun sprinkled on top. and i love her fashion sense...i'd love to go shopping with her!

toni braxton

i LOVE her music. i really do. she's so cute! and her little boys are adorable. she seems like a fun, hip mom to hang out with and have play dates with. also, a piece of me feels for her family and their struggle with her oldest son denim's autism. i used to actually teach autistic men (whoa!) and i know the hardships. nonetheless, she has a down-to-earth vibe that makes her seem like that cool friend to hang with at the house while cooking out in the backyard with the kids, sipping some reisling and listening to some tunes.

dave chappelle

ok, i love to laugh. if there was a word bigger than love...i'd feel it for laughing. dave is the epitome of off-beat yet hilarious humor. and to top that off, he's extremely political and cultured in his own comedic way. and it always works. it doesn't matter where he is...he just says the craziest things and i would be on the floor holding my stomach literally from the pains of laughing too hard. dave is definitely the party/hang-out friend. not necessarily out in the clubs or anything....but for a good time (get your head outta the gutter), i'd definitely call dave.

queen latifah

i've loved queen latifah since "ladies first" when she had those twin back-up dancers and was wearing the african clothes. back then i didn't fully understand why, but as i grew older, i began to really appreciate her lyrical offerings. she rapped of something different besides men, sex and booty-shaking. not to mention i identified with her physically...well, height-wise. she's tall. i'm tall and i wasn't always comfortable with being tall. she used her height (basketball) and never tried to shrink into the ideal of standard hollywood beauty. she's evolved into such a multi-faceted star...i mean that literally. with the acting & singing, she's become a household name. she's even been nominated for an osacr...that's phenomenal for someone who started off in newark, nj rapping guys under the table like a champ!


sade needs no intro, no explanation, no nothing. she's sade for crying outloud! she'd be like my older calm mother friend. and i would have to resist the urge to just blurt out "can you sing something please?" every time i saw her. she seems like such a calm, elegant women. and i love her accent. she also seems like a wise woman. i could see her saying "now pcd, maybe you should try this instead..." as we relaxed at a spa. then i'd say "ok, now sing 'love is stonger than pride'" and get pinched on the arm because i'd probably say that every 4.5 seconds.


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ringing the Alarm on Clinton & Ferraro

keith olbermann is my hero....


All Dora'd Out: Part Two-The Serious & Browns vs. Everyone Issues

ok, so i posted a while ago about my irritation with dora the explorer. mainly, it's because my daughter is obsessed with her and she is slowly trying to overtake our lives. but lately, i've been annoyed on another level. beside the fact that i just don't want to look at dora all over my house, furniture & child's clothes....i'm also annoyed at her presence-period. she teaches the children spanish. so does diego her cousin.

now that i do have a child, i am very observant as to what she does, watches and plays with. and i would be lying if i said i was annoyed that there wasn't a more diverse selection of entertainment characters. there's dora, her cousin diego...

now there's kai-lan, a chinese girl who teaches chinese during her cartoon and a host of talking animals. the only black cartoon is little bill, created by bill cosby.

i love little bill. his family is so cute and all of the people on the cartoon are diverse. he has a white friend, an asian friend and his little black cousin hangs with them as well. the cartoon is almost like the cosby show in cartoon form and i love that they considered the diversity of this country in all of their stories, even tho the main characters are black. i wish there was a cartoon with a little black girl as the main character...all i have to look forward to is disney's frog princess...whenever that comes out.

but it bothers me that there are not more black cartoons or children's shows on tv. dora & diego are EVERYWHERE! they have thousands of cartoon episodes, all types of merchandiing and they even are on broadway. little bill has been on the programming list since august and they show the same 10 episodes over and over.


Chicas In The City did a post recently about the brown & black divide. it stirred up some questions as to why hispanics and black people seemingly have issues with each other. i touched upon some superficial reasons, but ones that are still important to me...mainly that i feel like the US is slowly becoming a larger mexico. when i think about it, i get baffled as to how this country is loaded with hispanics legal and otherwise and how our society has seemed to shape itself around them in many ways. we all know how they are exploited for cheaper labor...but what other reason has the country gone espanol?

it's like, if you are not bilingual in spanish, you are below the totem-pole. i am all for foreign language knowledge, especially for the purpose of personal enrichment. i personally prefer french. it is an elegant language and it is just beautiful. but in society, especially the working world, spanish is pushed and asked for a lot of times. and if you're not speaking it, YOU may get left america.

i am sick and tired to death of having to sift thru spanish speaking prompts, lines, signs and such to get service wherever i go. case in point, i took my child to the doctor and i could barely get in the door because aproximately 12 hispanic men, women and children were lined up to speak to the spanish receptionist. the english speaking counter was desolate. for some reason, this annoyed me to death. i had to say "excuse me" 20 times just to get by. and when i would listen to their convos, not ONE word of english was spoken. that baffles me. how do you come to a country where your language is NOT the native tongue and refuse to ever learn or use it? how does that work? how do you thrive, hold jobs, reap benefits...pretty much do whatever you want while never learning to speak even a few sentences?

i cannot imagine (nor would i want to) go to another country and not attempt whatever language is spoken there. and i'm speaking just of visiting...let alone set up my life and migrate there. picture me: i've moved to africa...."um, ya'll gonna speak english to me" (tapping foot impatiently)

i was out to dinner with some folks and i did not finish all of my food. i do not like for the wait staff to package my leftover food so if this is customary at certain places, i always ask them to leave mine so that i may do it myself. well, a hispanic man came to grab my bowl and i said "no, just bring me a box please. i'll do it." ten minutes later, he came by again, grabbing my bowl. he actually tried to do a little tug-of-war with me. i said again, "no, leave it. bring me a box please." 15 minutes later, he came AGAIN, grabbing at my bowl...finally i said. "NO! habla ingles?" he says "poco". i said "ugh, adios." HOW IS THIS? why am i having to speak ESPANOL in america where i am paying for a service? why does he have a job and not even have a basic vocabulary of things related to said job? i just feel this is so rude....but then again, society has shaped itself to the point where english isn't even necessary for them anymore.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cops & Robbers


so remember the fugly young lady that i butt heads with this past weekend? the one who thought i was so over-the-top because of my style preference? the one who asked to use my makeup? WELL, you would be shocked to know that she STOLE my MAC eyeshadow!!! yes, people, especially the ladies, you know how much of an offense this is!!! and to top it all off, it was a limited shade, never to be sold again!!! i was so livid when i found this out...i mean, this is a double edged sword. one, because that was literally my favorite shadow. i've been very sick for the past 3 days so i haven't worn make-up. but i use this shade just about every time i apply make-up. (it's a nice color to layer with). and secondly, ew! who knows what she's done with it...and i can't even go purchase a new one! so of course i don't want it back, but i sooooo do because i loved it and it was mine. i am so livid because this wilderbeast was not an acquaintance of mine. she was a friend of a friend. and i called myself being hospitable by even being around her and trying to show her a good time while hanging out with my's how the convo went (and obviously was when the theft occurred)

wilderbeast: you're wearing makeup?

pcd: um, yes

wilderbeast: i don't really wear makeup...but if you two are, maybe i should

pcd: (shrugs shoulders)

wb: well, since i'm wearing black and white, i guess i should use silver eye stuff. do you have any silver

pcd: no

wb: oh, well, you have a lot of stuff. can i use some?

pcd: well, i don't really do that...besides, i don't think i have what you would need. we have two totally different looks.

wb: i just want to look at some of it, ok?

pcd: whatev

wb: (poking thru my stuff) yeah, i couldn't wear this. i'm so dark it prolly wouldn't even show up on me. (picking up the mac shadow) this is pretty but i think i'm too dark for it

pcd: yeah, that wouldn't work

wb: (picks up a cheap gold glitter stick) what about this?

pcd: i don't care (i never use this thing, plus it's like 3 years old)


so i'm talking to my girl yesterday and she alerted me that wilderbeast has indeed lifted my eyeshadow and was going to just send me some money for it. I WAS LIVID!!!! beside the fact that she'd look a hot, crispy mess in it, i had told her not to even think about using it, so she STEALS IT!?!?! i swear, i'm done being nice to FOFs. she was a drag to be around, she judged me mercilessly and questioned almost everything about me and ends up being a thief to boot!!! nothing like being robbed by sure puts you in a crappy mood



and speaking of robbers, who remembers the show NY UNDERCOVER??? so TV-One is running the repeats again and i'm in heaven!!! and it's the good episodes from the beginning, before moreno or that irish dude was on it. that show was the BEST EVER!! it had the hip-hop beginning (lawd help you if you missed those first 3 musical minutes cuz that was the whole plot), the banging drama and of course, natalie's...the smooth club where the hottest acts performed. and what was so great about these performances was that most of the time, the acts covered someone else's song....

like 112 sang earth, wind & fire,

xscape sang debarge

k-ci & jojo sang jeffrey osbourne

brownstone sang "don't ask my neighbor"

and OLD SCHOOL MARY (my personal fave) sang lots of stuff. she was a repeat performer-(ah, the memories)

and remember zhane? OMG!!!

on a personal note, i was in love with michael delorenzo. looking back, i don't know what i was can't tell me he didn't wear black eyeliner. but i loved him just the same. and for those who wear wondering, michael is now peddling an album....yes, i'm serious.