Friday, February 29, 2008

Is There No Dignity Left In The World of Women?

***Mature Content***

i am dumbfounded by what is going on in this video....i first needed to find out what a "plies" is. what does that mean? is it short for something? well, after a few clicks, this is what i found....

after seeing this, i wondered what about a plies made women lose their frazzled minds and carry on like they did on tape? furthermore, what is a 'bust it baby'? seriously, i really would like to know. now, we all know some women will do anything for 15 seconds of fame....we know this from Flavor of Love 1-3 and other girl-centered reality shows. but i am really curious about the desparation that would allow women to act in such a manner for just anyone. maybe i am so dumbfounded because i am personally not familiar with plies....but i am saddened by the lack of concern some women seem to have with their own image.

whatever you so choose to engage in while in the privacy of your homes, so be it. and i loved entertainment and silliness just as much as the next. but to subject yourself to world-wide humiliation for a moment of notoriety is beyond desperate, beyond's vile. and something tells me that none of these women were doing this to be fun and entertaining. there was a woman with the bottom of her butt cheeks hanging out saying how much she'd get with men and/or women. but the jewel was the young lady who spoke of waking up with a penis in her mouth. in my heart of hearts, i know that some of these ladies have children. children that will either view this clip or hear about it from others.

i sure hope the sacrifice of integrity, couth and values are worth it.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

You and I, We Can Conquer the World

holy chap stick & wedding bands! i've been DYING to see gary coleman (40) and his bride shannon price (22) in living color. we all saw the wedding pics...but they rang so staged.

this clip though, is pure gold! the couple's body language was so awkward and distant, it made al roker & gary look like secret lovers! the stuttering gary did when al congratulated them was "ahbooahboooo, uh...yeah. thanks! (the fact that he acknowledged this crap really threw me off from trying to plug my lastest venture) ahmmmmm, gooble gabble...i'm one of those guys that never thought he'd get married!" LOVES IT!!

now gary does have a soft spot in my heart. he was recently down on his luck and had to resort to auctioning personal autographed items on ebay like cargo pants from the GAP,

an xbox game system,


and his CAR!!! but it really made me wonder about something. it was circulated that he was auctioning these items on ebay because he needed money for medical bills...but now we hear he scheduled helicopter rides over fire valley and crap like that and i must say, hmmmmmmmmmmmm..........what's really going on gary?

nonetheless, gary and his wife look like two of the worst actors in the history of fake couples....even worse than michael jackson and lisa marie presley....why? well, because it's gary coleman for crying outloud. and from the psycho/angry vibe he gives off to the mysteriously hidden top row of teeth...i can't help but name them Couple Of The Year!!!!!!!! (seriously, can you spot any teeth on the top)
oh, and in case you thought i was exaggerating on the fakeness of their coupledom...I IMPLORE YOU TO WATCH THIS!!!!

The Pretty Ugly Spotlight: B*tch is The New Black

it is blatant who tina fey supports as the presidential democratic nominee...but i am a bit put off by her approach. first things first, i am disturbed by the phrase "bitch is the new black." not because i don't understand the usual intention of the phrase...being that to suggest that *blank* is super popular and practically a staple at this the "little black dress." i've heard it before regarding other colors, "pink is the new black" or whatever color seems to be the hottest at the time. or in other arenas of comparison like "30 is the new 20." ok, i get that.

and you can call me conventional if you want, but i do not feel that the word "b*tch" is an appropriate reference, even in the jovial sense, regarding something as arduous and pressing as the presidential nomination race or its nominees. i say this because some people do not know when enough is enough when joking. you start calling her "b*tch" in a public forum and saying its empowering, then what might someone call obama or mccain and try to justify it by a weak line of "i'm just joking!" or "i didn't mean it like that." (hence the entire n-word debate) aside from this, what i do not get is the implied suggestion of race in this clip of "b*tch is the new black." moreso by the blond than tina fey, her hand/arm gestures seemed contrived and suggestive of quote/unquote all she had to do was cross a couple of fingers and she would have been screaming "westsiiiiiiiiiiide!!!!"

in that regard "black" stopped being a color about a dress or any other popular garment or accessory and it became about skin color...and who might that be a quick, slick shot at? hmmmmm, let's see....possible the only black candidate ever to give a white candidate (a woman no less) a run for her money, especially after it was assumed she would bury him after the super tuesday contests.

again, the race jab was cleverly and quickly inserted into someone's diatribe about why mrs. clinton is the right candidate. i have no qualms about those who choose to support mrs. clinton, but i do wonder why the low-blows and desparate attacks on things such as race, gender, religion and schoolyard tactics like whining about pillows, plagiarism, question order and of course tears are being used as a way to justify her race (or presumed self-entitlement)<<< ok, that was a jab-lol!

what do you think?

p.s. just so you know, "the pretty ugly spotlight" is the opposite of "the pretty spotlight" in that it does not shine on pretty things, but is a light shone on foolishness. "the pretty spotlight" is the opposite.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bosoms Bewildered

we all know that christina aguilera never really hid her bosom from the general public. many times, they've been smashed, smooshed, corsetted and flung into our eye space. and since she's had little max liron, not much has changed in that department-i've seen nothing but deep, DEEP v-necks. but now, i have a gripe with mrs. bratman. anyone who's carried and birthed a child know the wonderment of the mommy chest.

they spring up like freshy inflated beach balls....they become fixations and sometimes you may marvel at the new boobicles you are sporting. HOWEVER, i am not a fan of exploiting your mommy benefits for attention. this here is disgusting. we know you have massive mammaries now. we know where they came from. we know how this occurred. we know you like to show them......but for the love of mike, a) no one likes to see engorged bosoms complete with green veins because you haven't pumped so that you can keep expanding and b) what in creation is going on with the lopsidedness and odd shapes? well, i know the answer to that, but that just further confirms why we should not be subject to seeing your baby feeders. christina, do better please, you're a mother for christmas' sake.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Pretty Playlist: Get Your E & J!!!!

erykah badu's latest effort has dropped today....New Amerykah: Part One, 4th World War. i suggest you go out and purchase a copy! for the true baduistas, i'll give a brief summary of it.....

i want to ask, could she have been any more politically driven with this one? you've GOT to appreciate the creative way she intwines her message with her lyrics. listen closely...don't just bob your head. it's chock full of newness.

because it's been a minute since her last release, i almost forgot that erykah is from texas, so the album is very boombastic at times....that bass is FIYAH!!!!!! "the healer" is definitely a top-notch poem to hip-hop and children....(le sigh) how do i love thee badu? "me" is a stand-out song, one of the two mellow's a beautifully sung, beautifully written ode to self and one of my personal faves. "my people" will put you in a trance with its repetitive chorus and faint singing in the background. "soldier" is a sweet up-tempo groove about the men-folk, trying to come encouragement diddy so to speak. the other stand-out is "telephone". SHE BROUGHT BACK MY SLOW FLUTES!!!!!!!!!! definitely the smoothest track....badu sings "fly away to heaven brother, make a place for me brother, put in a word for me..."

of course in true badu fashion, the insert is a colorful vision of pics and lyrics so you can sing along.


also, janet "ms. jackson if you're nasty" has dropped Discipline today. let me tell you, even if you're not a dancer, this album makes you want to flip and flop around like you're on stage somewhere. i just want to say janet, i hate you for making me feel like the overweight, old & decrepit creature i am. now moving on from that, "rock with u" is probably my most favorite track. it's just so funky and cute! "rollercoaster" makes me want to walk in the club with my girls, just strutting our stuff around, bust out a nicely choreographed move, and dip right out as smoothly as we entered. "so much betta" is a hot diss song to another chick...."so much betta i'm for you, tired of being numba two, i do things that she can't do" HA! do it janet!!!!!!!!!!

perfect for dancing, exercising, bumping in your car or getting pumped before heading out on the town. janet brought it back with this one...i'm proud...and she's over 40 too!?!? please, no one can touch her. PICK UP A COPY TODAY!!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Bosoms Bountiful!!!!!!!

YAY! ashley stewart is coming out with a line of bras inspired by none other than jill scott!!! whoopee! i've never purchased a bra from AS, but i surely will go check them out to see how they look, might even pick a few up. besides, ever since i had a mini-me, viki secret's has been fronting on me! (pout)

All Dora'd Out: Part One-The Silly

ok, i am really struggling today. i have a confession to make. i...hate...dora the explorer.

i reeeeeeeeeeally hate her. i have a 15 month old. she adores this big-headed girl who never changes clothes and totes around a disease-hosting monkey that talks. i dread when her show comes on. but as of late, it's become much more serious. i now hate shopping in mass retail stores because of dora. she's EVERYWHERE!!! and for some time now, my daughter has been able to recognize her (or boots the monkey) from 7.2 miles away and goes insane with excitement. she screams "DOOR! DOOR!" and squeals in the highest pitched screech like a monkey for boots. if i'm allowing her to walk on her own, she'll stop dead in her tracks and enter this haze refusing to move if she stumbles upon a dora item.

let me first say, i am not a fan of character items period. it becomes a disease. but regardless of which character it is, my kid will not have



and definitely not

and it doesn't stop there...there's little training panties, socks, all sorts of clothes, night lights, stickers, umbrellas, cups and all kinds of plateware, the list is endless! (p.s. doesn't that second dora cake look like it rode the short bus to the party?) i just can't take the sensory overload, plus i think it looks tacky. i realize it may be hard, but when my daughter is of age, i will ask her to choose a color or theme to her bedroom, no characters allowed. not to mention, i think it's quite creepy to have someone's face everywhere...sleeping on it, sitting on it, eating on it, walking on it...just weird! but the reality is that my baby loves her. and i am slowly going insane

tomorrow, the post will continue.......but from another angle

Friday, February 22, 2008

The Pretty Ugly Spotlight: Cindy McCain

who'd a thought that a woman who was once addicted to pills, has committed theft and was once the chick-on-the-side could possibly be the first lady of the united states of america? i mean, we all have pasts and trials that occur in our lives...but this is better than a soap opera script. while she has toiled away her time trying to bury her past in good works, it still makes me warm and fuzzy knowing that cindy mccain is just as real as anyone else...pills and all (sniggle)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Little LaMelo

finally a pic surfaces of lala & carmelo anthony's baby kyan. he's 11 months now. maybe i'm late, but i've never seen him before this.

pic courtesy of CBB

I Think It Hurts... blink. jocelyn wildenstein is killing me with the wonky eye and the hard bumpy face. boy, i sure would love to sprinkle some pretty on her! well, her hair looks lovely! well, maybe i spoke too soon...looks like i see some lacefront glue there

Do YOU Want to Smell Like BADU!?!

well, i for one can't wait to see what a scent would smell like that erykah badu is the face for? it is reported that the badu-ista will be the face for tom ford's new fragrance. i won't do the cliche....but what do you think it might smell like? i never pegged her as a perfume wearer....regardless, i can't wait to get a sniff of erykah (her perfume, that is).

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Hillary Clinton Will Steal Your Mops

why am i NOT surprised? maybe it's because of how she's given the finger to the states she's lost in....or maybe because of how she discounts the caucuses...or maybe her campaign's willingness to get down and dirty in order to gain delegates??? watch your back or hillary might try to swindle you out of some windex and pine-sol too!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Hearts & Luscious Love

wishing you plenty of fuzzy, warm love

or slick and slippery love

or hot & heavy love

or sweet & juicy love

whatever brand of love you love...hope you get LOTS!!!!



Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Where do you stand?

do you know how to act?

why not make my first post about politicking? LOL! well, unless you've been under a rock, then you know what is going on between barack obama and hillary clinton. this primary has become one of the most spectacular events in political history in this here millennium. well, that is...until you factor is the foolishness. so regardless of who you support in this race, i wonder, when does integrity come into play? i've visited other sites and commented on some of them...and sometimes, i've been attacked for my view. i can disagree with you, but i don't have to call you names and insult anyone. i understand the passion one may possess. i too, possess it. but when does sweet honeysuckle political interest turn into the sour grapes of disdain for all things opposed to your particular view?

the media needs no help in perpetuating the racial and gender divides that encapture this race. ok, got that. but let me say, if ever trying to covey a message somehow turns into a berating sling-fest, my ears are among the first to pack up and head in the opposite direction. i ventured onto my line sister's blog today and she asked a couple of staright-forward questions. a commenter likened her inquisitiveness to running thru a dynamite mine with a lit match, stating that political (as well as religious) views should be kept to one's self. again, i understand that passion that is involved with both....but can adult humanoids not share their different views without igniting a dynamite mine? since when is anger the first, or the appropriate or even the only response to an opposing ideal?

i am bewildered by this. well, i usually disagree with people. hey, maybe i'm the illogical one....i like chocolate covered tortilla chips dusted with ancho & chipotle chilis. yeah i live on the edge...