Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Whatcha Need?

ok, i am sooooooooo late posting today, but lil' PCD and i had to get shopping before it became too hot outside (bleh!)...

but speaking of shopping, i want to know what are the things you MUST HAVE during the spring and summer seasons. or even throughout the year....what do you absolutely NEED to stay refreshed, smelling/feeling good, and of course, looking your best?

for PCD, the list is as follows....

NARS skin body smoother-its so luxurious!

NARS skin hydrating body serum...just lilke the butter, but with a baby oil-ish feel. makes you feel like a baby's bum-bum! (great for right after showers and at night)

The Body Shop-Guarana Lip Butter....smells and feels llike a dream! and all of the proceeds go to AIDS education
MAC lip gelee....not as sticky or thick as lip glass, almost jelly-like. but i love the sheerness!

Louboutin Fox Trot Peep-Toe-just sit back and enjoy the fabulousness that will surround your toes in this fab pair of peepers!
a pair of CRAZY shades...because no one looks cute squinting in the sun!
i LOVE flip-floppy sandals! these pair by colin stuart are casually comfy yet pizzazzy too!

regular flip-flops....of course i was drawn to these because they're pink...but this type of flip-flop can be found on my feet 4 out of 7 days a week!

Dank Tote Bag...not only is it fab's big enough to fit my junk and a few diapers and baby stuff in it!

my mixed cd...usually stacked with tunes like "heaven must feel like this"-ohio players, "golden"-jill scott, "perfect love affair"-anita baker, "everybody loves the sunshine"-roy ayers, "heaven"-conya doss, "love, love, love"-donny hathaway, "love's holiday"-EWF, "i want you"-erykah badu, "i wish i didn't love you so"-marvin gaye, "in a sentimental mood"-phyllis hyman, "fat bottomed girls"-queen, "nights over egypt"-the jones girls, "bullet proof soul"-sade and a LOOOOOOOOOONG list of will downing songs



Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

I don't have a lot of favorites..but to be honest the only thing I MUST have is panty's the only thing I can think of that makes me pull out the piggy bank if I don't have any cash and need to refill!

12kyle said...

I have a niiiice leather jacket that I rock in the winter time. I call it...Butter. Dunno why but it's my butter leather coat. Always get compliments on it.

btw...those pumps are cold (more on that word on tomorrow's blog on the 12th Planet)

The F$%K it List said...

My Summer must haves are a long list but here we go:

*at least four new pairs of flip flops for my lunch time pedicures. You can't really keep them from season to season in this dirty city

*Kiehl's Creme de Corps light weight body moisture

*Currently my extra large shades to keep out the UV rays

*MAC Lipglass... Need I say more!

*My summer playlist for workouts/ and long walk(on my ipod).

* And one awesome pair of sandals that my hubby demands I only wear in the house! LOVE A sexy shoe

*oh and one trip to the Cake man raven my reward for working out. (speaking of cake PCD are you holding out on me with the cupcake spot)

@12kyle-I can't wait to read tomorrow about cold.
ok I'll stop now.

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

@ keisha...LOL! i hear you!!

@ 12kyle...ok butter man! this "cold" explanation shall be interesting, i'm sure ;-)

@ F-it...we have similar lists *smile* and NO WAY!! i wouldn't hold out like that. i listed the info on the other post...but i'll give it to ya here :-P (sugar sweet sunshine, 126 rivington, soho)

Queen of My Castle said...

Your list was the fabness, seriously. Was really digging your playlist. Love Colin Stewart. I think he designs for Victoria's Secret, or I guess I should say that's the only place I have bought any of his shoes.

My must haves for Spring are dresses...wrap, shirt, and flowy strapless ones, baby Ts, flip flops, and fierce sandals and peep toes.

Still_Pocahontaz said...

My must haves will probably be a lot of freakin water

Im not really in to fashion as much as I used to be but I will say lots of flip flops and sundresses, tank tops with the back out, and straw hats....and def gotta have some lip sumthin of whatever because it gets so dry

The F$%K it List said...
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The Flyyest said...

imma need me some new booty shorts.....a lot of them...

a new tat for the summer...

some flyy difrent colors

FLIP FLOPS!!!! in everycolor.....can never go wrong with those

pedicures every other week....well i do that anyway!! well imma try didfrent colors on my toes and nails.....

i might even color my hair

an umbrella...seeing how spring is going so far...imma need a coat too!!!

imma need to gain about 7 pounds ...i gotta look right on point for all my outfits!!!

The F$%K it List said...

FAB minds think alike! My playlist might be a tad more upbeat because I need the motivation to get me bodied, hahahah

Mizrepresent said...

Girl, i'm just gonna take a clue from you, but i loved the shoes, and i can't live without cute flip-flops!

Boutique Mix Fashion said...

good moisturizer and sunscreen!!!

dejanae said...

im lovin that mix tape

i just need a good spf lotion, some shades, and chapstick

jameil1922 said...

open toeds! wheeeeeeeee!! that Lip Butter container is obnoxious. i want to try it but that's turning me off... a lot. does someone like nars??? i'll have to think about the gelee b/c the glass is overzealous for me.