Monday, July 14, 2008

Going On Holiday....Again!

hi wonderful pretty circlers! PCD is going on holiday for two weeks....sooooooooooo, i shall not be posting, but i will read and comment at your spots when i can. i will be back on AUGUST 1 so don't forget about me!

have fun and sprinkle prettiness all around!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Open Letter To REVEREND Jesse Jackson:

**please excuse my vernacular, for a lot of it is related to direct quotes, nonetheless inappropriate**

dearest messy jesse,

this is in response to your foolish behavior & comment being expopsed yesterday. i hope this letter finds you in good health and with your nuts in tact...being that you want to cut barack obama's "nuts off." i wouldn't want you to suffer in such a way...even after your extra-marital affair in which you created a child a few years back. no, that's not a reason to go ball cutting all willy-nilly.

but i do wonder why such hostility? you SAY its because barack obama has been "talking down to black people." but jesse, let's keep it real honey. that's not it. you're bitter. be honest. you're mad because you couldn't get half as far in your presidential campaign. you're mad that you're a friggin have the word "reverend" in front of your name...but look at how you act. and for those reasons, not many take you seriously...unless its time to shuck and jive, crying foul. in that case, people call you so you can look silly jumping up and down about everything and watching that wonky eye of yours twitter about.

well messy, you've messed up royally now. your hypocrisy has reached new lengths. let me first say that perhaps you should stop babying black folks and hold them to accountability...just as barack obama had been trying to do...especially black fathers. WHOOPS! accountability isn't your cup of tea, now is it? you speak about talking down to black people, but you lied to black people. you cheated on black people. you abused your power and position and became an adulterer and absentee father. is that how you build up black folks? is that your way of investing in the black community? well, i'll pass on your charity penis and old man sperm. thats not an investment that interests me. neither is your rhetoric, rhymefest poems and overkill of the once-impactful "march."

you my dear are wonky...and so is that eye. focus your one good eye on not being such a judmental p---k, REVEREND.


one who opposes noice-making negroes with empty actions, wayward weiners and jealous hearts a.k.a. PCD

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Movie Manners

UGH! this was the sound i made as i sat and tried to watch HANCOCK the other night. i always try NOT to sit relatively close to anyone and my mum and i had found the perfect seats, not too close, not too far, centrally located with people dispersed at a comfortable distance.

so of course, you could imagine my chagrin when a portly man who looked like he just rolled out of his bed wearing yesterday's clothes squeezed himself into MY aisle. he huffed and puffed and sat on down. then began his eating....*stomach turning* he crunched so loudly, and hand shuffled his candies like he was about to roll dice. then he'd turn the candy box upside down and shake them into his mouth making this rumbling noise....oh, and he'd hit the bottom of the box like a drum so as not to miss the most microscopic of crumbs. every time he did something, i'd just look at him like he was crazy. but it got worse!

he started burping...not belching, but BURPING! like a freight train...and it was continuous. after the 7th one, i was said, "REALLY? you're for real? this is a public theater, not your home!" his girlfriend sat up and looked at me like i was insane, but at this point i didn't care. if either one of them were gonna get tough, then whatever-whatever.

i am so sick of being at public places with nasty people. seriously, is it too much to ask that you act like you weren't raised by pigs for a couple of hours? like when me and lil PCD were at her music & dance class....two kids kept licking the drums that kids were trying to beat. they were so gross, lil PCD just backed up and stared at them like the hogs they were and gave up on trying to make music. and their mother was just chillin! not saying a word.....


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

OH MAN!!! PCD is About To Jack Up Somebody's Kid!!

my blood is BOILING!!!!!

let me tell you what happened....lil PCD is currently enrolled in group classes, those being music & dance, along with gymnastics. all was well in the world. the summer session started a few weeks back and she was bumped up one age group for this semester. this group has a few slightly older kids. on the first day this little brat named *chad was standing by the ball bin and as my baby walked by to get a ball, he hauled off and slapped her on her back-HARD! she stopped dead in her tracks and looked like-WTF!?! as i've stated, we don't hit/spank her, so she is not in the habit of having ANYONE put their hands on her.

after he did this, i was rushing over about to do lord-knows-what. his mother saw me and she yanked him up, slapped him and sent him in another direction. altho i was still mad, i shook it off. the following week, here comes chad again, this time he slapped her on her torso. i shouted "get away from her!," as his mother came to get him. after class, the teacher gives the kids stamps on their hands, so as lil PCD was coming back to me...some other little boy named *raul was sitting in his mother's lap, having his shoes put on. as she passed them he slapped her in her face. I LOST IT!

i stood up and screamed. "WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE KIDS!?!?!" LET ME LEAVE HERE BEFORE I PUT MY HANDS ON SOMEBODY AND THEN IT WILL ALL BE OVER!" and i stormed out. but i was so upset that i sat in my car and cried for a minute. the look on her face was so crushing. she had no idea why and what was going on. when he slapped her in her face, she just had this expression of utter confusion and broke my there came the tears. i don't play that with my kid. i don't care WHO you are, if you put your hands on my kid, its going to be a problem-FOR YOU! so i called the teacher and went off on him and told him how i would tear that place up if one more little urchin touched her. so the following class (which was last week), he made a general announcement about how the parents must supervise their kids and if they get out of hand habitually, they'd be asked to leave the class. no one was singled out. but as class went on, chad's mother made the remark, "chad, put your hands down before you hit somebody and that be another issue" with a VERY sarcastic tone.

i was not there because i had an extremely important appointment, so my mum took her, she just told me of this smart mouthed wench. so you KNOW i'm about to light it up this week, right? oh, it's about to be a misunderstanding in there. but the one thing i DID notice was that she smacks her kid....and he's a smacker. smacking my kid is gonna get him and his mother in a bad place....


Monday, July 7, 2008

Which One...Pick One

hey peoples! how was your holiday? i think i gained 2 pounds and that friggin cheesecake will be the death of me-UGH! i feel fatter even thinking about it. anyhoo, i hope yours was fab!

now, i was thinking about something...if i could be in a movie...which one would i pick? i tried not to think too hard about it because there are a gazillion movies that i like. sooooooo, the first one i thought of was...


i just think jazz clibs are so sexy. and that daggone bleek gilliam! (bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeep) lawd, hold my mule! this movie had culture, history, talent, family, friends and fighting...but all ended well...and it's not too far from reality. its totally believable!

now, what movie would i NOT want to be in? that would have to be the color purple.

none of the women really had it together. shug was talented and semi-famous...but she was a whore with the nasty woman's disease. sophia was like a welfare mother who did prison time and ended up with a cock eye, and celie was....celie. no explanation needed. then factor in the facts that there was no air conditioning, loads of manual labor and a crap load of kids!?!?! oh, i wouldn't have made it passed age 7. nettie had it the best...but she was no where near her family and she had to go all the way to africa to achieve something. the scene when her and celie were separated is enough to make my eyes bleed. its so heart wrenching!


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I's Been Tagged Again! (***Music Links & Vids ADDED***)

i've been tagged by dreamy , F-it and foia. i love getting tagged so here goes...
"List seven songs that you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now, shaping your spring/summer. Post these instructions in your blog along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to."

1. "You Will Rise" by Sweetback (link to listen: click here)

2. "Baby I'm Scared Of You" by Womack & Womack (video below, take a listen)

3. "Sorry" by Noel Gourdin

4. "Viva La Vida" by Coldplay

5. "Love" by Rosey
i realy love the koop remix to this song, which some of you my recognize from the opening credits of the movie "something new" with sanaa lathan and simon baker. i couldn't find a link for that one tho

6. "How Come" by Ray LaMontagne

7. "Da Art Of Storytellin' PT. 4" by Andre 3000/DJ Drama

and i threw in 3 more to make it a nice round, even nimber of 10. let's call them bonus songs...and i play them a lot as well :-P

"I Belong To You" by Lenny Kravitz

"Help Me" by Joni Mitchell

"Crush" by Zhane

i won't tag anyone cuz a lot of people have done it, cus some just aren't tag-lovers (ahem, EB!)lol, but if you want to do it, feel free and let me know so i can check out your list! otherwise, i'll chill...and just ask

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Your Plan For The 4th

i don't really make a big deal out of the 4th of july, but because its a holiday, most seem to be excited about it...or at least about having the day off...

anyhoo, my parentals are going to have some type of shindig and i feel like i need to contribute something. my contribution will be lemon souffle cheesecake with blueberry sauce.

and YES, i will be using the wonderful blueberries we picked this weekend.