Monday, April 14, 2008

I Figured It Out

last week, 12kyle posted a video where a young black lady had some choice words for black women. she rambled on and on about her opinions of black women, how they carry themselves, what detriment they are responsible for, blah, blah, blah...

and she also had some things to say about lighter skinned blacks and those who have found love outside of the black community. i bring all of this up because when i left a comment, i mentioned that i loved halle berry, even tho i couldn't explain why. for the longest, i have been a fan of hers, but i could not really put a finger on why besides thinking she was incredibly beautiful and just seemed nice, yet strangely melancholy.

well, by george! i figured it out! i love halle berry...simply for her role as the crackhead in jungle fever. ENJOY!

***inapropriate language***

i mean really...she's so extra! you can tell she was so happy to be in a movie. and she really gave it all she had. i mean, that's a wacky crackhead...but i could never believe her as a crackhead...i just can't. but it sure is funny to watch! between her complete unbelievability and samuel jackson's uncanny crackdom portrayal, this scene is just a mess and a half!

oh, and i really love the part when wesley snipes goes looking for them in the crackhouse and they argue and the scene ends with halle telling wesley, "take your box-head @$$ on outta here then!"

whoever casted her should get a lifetime supply of corn dogs & a complete halle berry movie collection...


12kyle said...

LOL!!! You are too funny

I love Halle from the role that she played in Strictly Business and then Boomerang. She had me after that.

side note...everytime Hilary pops on the tv I yell..."there goes pantsuit!!" LMAO!!!!

12kyle said...

I'm back again...I watched that video again. And I'm even more convinced that she has some SERIOUS issues and this was wayyyyy before she logged on that computer.

!*!*!*!*!Fresh and Fab!*!*!*!*! said...

lol that was hilarious...she played that part extremly well..

i gonna go out now and look for that movie cuz i gotsta see it again.

and another thing, i aint hating or nothing but, whats really special about halle, shes aint all that, lol,
i am hating accually

Queen of My Castle said...

Supply of corndogs?!?! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!

I love Halle, though she does seem a bit sad. I loved her in Boomerang as well. She became my idol in that movie. LOL.

I think Halle needs counseling, though, like seriously.

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

@ 12k...oh, strictly business is a classic! especially when she said "DROP DEAD!" ah, the emotion!!!

@ 12k...agreed!

@ f& couldn't pinpoint it either. i just like her

@ queen...isn't she a sad soul? she looks like she always needs a hug or something :-(

The F$%K it List said...

I have to agree counseling will be needed in the near future for Halle Berry. But if you were with all the crazies she's been with you would need it too.

I love Halle as a crackhead, remember Losing Isaiah. But no one does crack like Samuel Jackson!

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Fun post!!

I just don't take Halle Berry seriously as an actress. I know she won the Oscar, but she really isn't that great. I did love her in "Strictly Business" and "Boomerang!"

Eb the Celeb said...


My all-time fav halle berry line in any movie is still "Make me feel good , make me feel good!" LOL

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

@ F-it...OMG! that scene in losing isaiah when she gets arrested in front of the bodega is the BEST! singing that song like a true crackhead-bwah ha ha!

@ bgg...yeah,, her acting is not good (catwoman anyone?), but she pulls roles off cuz she's pretty. i can't hate...i'd do it too :-P

@ are SOOOOOOOOO wrong for that! that HAS to be one of the funniest lines ever

Boutique Mix Fashion said...

LOL!!! That's too funny. She does play that part so well :-) I loved Halle in Boomerang.

Kitty said...

Hilarious. She was very extra in this movie. lols She had a few crackhead roles. Remember "Losing Isiah"
Remember BAPS?

TravelDiva said...

LOL. I think my funnies Halle Berry role was Queen in that CBS movie. "I's negra!"

jameil1922 said...

o.m.g!!! lmao @ a lifetime supply of corn dogs! you are cuh-razy!!