Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pantsuit

ok, so did you catch pantsuit herself at the DNC last night? if not, you can peep it below...

anyhoo, i will say that she was a tad more convincing than she's been over the last few months with her support for obama...still don't trust her, but she's surface-ly doing better, (even tho she tried to big-up herself and her philandering hubby every chance she got-lol!). good for her. being bitter must take its toll on your spirit. and at the end of the day...we're all (supposedly) on the same team, so let's get this going!!!

so today, i tribute Hillary "PANTSUIT" Clinton...(why you ask? cuz pantsuits make me feel warm and fuzzy)

This one's for you, babe!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Wackosity Indeed

(thanx for bearing with me during my technical issues...hopefully i'll be able to post pics as usual and visit and comment to my peoples' blogs as per usual!)

so since i got kinda serious yesterday about the wackness that are some american democrats, somethng about being wiggy-wiggy-wack just stayed with me. this morning, i awoke to a rerun of moesha. it was an episode with her brother ray-j on it. as i watched him, i thought to myself how utterly wack he is. at first he started as a little sponge, trying to gain fame off of his sister, which is totally normal...but then he just took a turn down wack lane. pedalling these lackluster songs, having a sex tape with a hooker and an impending flavor-flav type dating show has plummeted his stock to the bottom of all bottoms.

so for fun, i compiled a list of the TOP FIVE WACKEST DUDES OF CURRENT TIMES:

5. RAY-J
(for above reasons)

4. ICE-T
(for being in the neighborhood of 50 years of age, still trying to portray a pimpish character, constantly exploiting his albeit skankalicious wife and dry humping on stages all over the west coast)

(for being, looking and sounding like he does. the voice manipulator he uses is not even new and somehow, he's gained fame and notoriety for NOT singing)

2. K-CI/JO-JO (Crackhead Duo)
(for the hilariousness that was their latest show in austrailia and while singing, "all my life," jo-jo straight falling out on stage like he had one too many cracktinis...and his brother k-ci keeps singing like this fool isn't laying flat on the stage. they get extra points for trying to clean up the story by saying jo-jo is epileptic...altho he showed no signs of movement when passing out....and whether or not he's epileptic, why would you keep singing? both of them need some rehab ASAP! (see hilarious clip below, around the 0:22 mark)

1. DMX
(for getting arrested about 7-10 times in the past 3 months....and the last time being in front of a wal-mart. like, who does that? you used to be a hot rapper who at the height of his time had one of the most recognizable voices and gimmicks...and now, you're just another crackhead getting busted at walmarts. shame i tell you, just a shame!


Monday, August 25, 2008

DNC or Bust...

*you know about my technical issues, so please excuse the nekkidness of my post*

soooooooo, i woke up this morning bothered by the ignorance of the american people. as we all know, the democratic national convention begins in denver today. it shall be a historic and promising event...and personally, i can't wait to see/hear more from one of my faves, michelle obama.

anyhoo, the main thing that irks me is that (some of) these daggone hillary supporters have got to be the most disgusting, childish, backward-thinking people i've ever seen...EVER! now, i'm not going to get into the argument of obama vs. clinton. i believe that everyone has the right to support whomever. but, uh...can you at least know why and what you're talking about. and can you please accept the cards that have been dealt and move the heck on? i say that because i saw some dingbat chick on tv holding up a sign talking about protesting the convention because pantsuit wasn't chosen as veep. are you a democrat? how are you going to protest your own party's convention because your person LOST? you don't hear this from any edwards supporters *sniggle*, you certainly don't hear this from any of the republicans...only these clinton supporters. it makes no sense. i feel like these particular people model right after pantsuit...if you think you can bully people into doing what you want, you will lose. take a lesson from your master! she tried to jab and kickbox her way thru the primary, taking all kinds of low blows and stooping to unprecedented levels of desparation...and she STILL lost!

but back to the subject....i really hate the fact that these particular supporters think they can protest and make threats to get results that just are NOT going to happen. in fact, they (usually) backfire. during the primary, a lot of them went on rampages trying to make certain a black man would not win*....and a lot did not even care about what he did or did not stand for...but we see that tactic did not work. the goofball this morning gets on tv with her protest crew stating they are witholding their vote for "good political reason," yet we heard no reason except hillary isn't the VP choice. then, i saw an ad of a superdelegate who states she was a staunch hillary supporter (holding up a clinton sign) and that hillary had experience to be president, then she drops the clinton sign and holds up a mccain sign and says now i'm supporting mccain. gives no reason or explanation besides tha fact that her candidate lost...fair and square.

* i wish i could post the video in which there were numerous voters staing that they wouldn't vote for obama simply because he was black or that they supported clinton, but didn't really have real reasons...the F-it List posted it a while back tho :-) *

i never thought i'd see the day when such an important election would get lost in such foolishness. with the recession going on, including excessive gas prices, home foreclosures, extreme job loss, a wacky stock market, etc, you'd THINK people would do a lot more soul searching as to what is more important to them as an american citizen. all of this emotional mess is nothing but a distration and counter-productive to improving the state of the country.

but i have one real question for these people who think they can blackmail obama into doing what they want...which has never been done in us history....ARE YOU PEOPLE EVEN TRULY DEMOCRATS? i don't think i'll ever understand the science behind calling yourself a member of a political party then switching to the POLAR opposite party or not supporting your party over emotions. face it people, she lost. she will not be president in 2008. she will not be vice president in 2008. IT WON'T HAPPEN. i understand you wanted her to win. i understand that you supported her campaign and felt she should have been the dem. candidate...but not enough people agreed with you and she lost. that doesn't make you OR her any less an american. but in reality, everyone can't win. so to take a kindegarten stance, pout and shout because she in fact, did unnecessary.

no one likes people who aren't team players...this is (what i assume) largely part of the reason was not chosen for VP. and it says a lot that (some of) her supporters are acting this way...the same way she did. when you're losing, cut up, cause a ruckus, act a fool, kick, bite, scratch and scream your way to the top. only she didn't make it to the top and we have more important issues at hand now. you can march, sing, dance, hang from ceilings...but it's over. and more importantl, what do you hold true as a member of progressive society? what do you stand for and support as a voting member of the american mass? again, i am not trying to bash hillary and everyone has the right to support who they want...but the REALITY is that her time is over and she has nothing to gain at this point besides helping to heal the nation from the inside-which i thought was the point. be upset, be hurt that she lost if you are/were her supporter...i was when gore lost...and when kerry lost. also, i just want to say to these people who are insistent upon casting a negative light over this convention and the democratic party in general....if you can flip-flop candidates over frivolous reasons such as your PRIMARY candidate lost, then cupcake, you're not a democrat. you stand for self. and you my dear, will not matter come november.


Friday, August 22, 2008

Under Construction....

*ugh!* i have having great difficulty doing what i need to do on blogger! whether it's post pics or write comments on people's pages...i'm really going thru some mess here. if blogger is deciding to act like a jerk, then *CURSE YOU, YOU FRIGGIN BLOGGER* (and simultaneously, slashing invisible blogger internal wires and stuff & kicking blogger creator in the shin), if it's my beloved Pinky The Wonder Laptop, then this wench and i are going to have to rumble it out until its fixed. I HATE THIS!!!! so, please do not think PCD is being stank, but i am still reading you guys. just know that if you have a pop-up comment box, i can't access it right now (Jaded, F-it List and others) and comment. loves ya tho! and have a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

See...What Had Happened Was....

*whew!* i apologize for my absence, for i have been held up with some issues that required my immediate attention.

*blogger is acting afool and i couldn't upload my pics, sorry*

first things first, the dog has been safely returned to his owner in one piece and with minimal emotional scarring....just kidding, lol!

now, let me give you some background. i live in a pretty quiet neighborhood, where MOST of us are considerate of each other. but of course, there are a few bad apples that abuse the beauty that is our community. in case you did not know, i have personally taken on the task of being the unofficial neighborhood organizer of events and concerns. it started because someone moved in and started being a nuisance. she had some issues and almost burnt her house down FOUR TIMES!! this was especially upsetting to me because i was her direct neighbor, so if she went up in smoke, there was a good chance i would too depending on if we were home and ho wlong the fire actually burned. come to find out, she had a drinking problem and would pass out while cooking. i did not rest until i petitioned the city and had her removed...she was renting this property so it was somewhat easier than if she was the actual owner. regardless, i was the one who organized the petitions, gathered signatures, made phone calls and had phone conferences/debates to efficiently communicate how urgently we all were displeased. and she got the boot...2 days after thanksgiving last year.

fast forward, here comes another renter to this same property. she's strange, always looks dissheveled and confused and sometimes even wears the same clothes for days. i really didn't care because she was quiet and had no issues that affected anyone else...until last week. PCD was walking around the neighborhood with lil PCD and we almost stepped in dog poo. um, NO FRIGGIN WAY!!! see, the rules are simple...we live in a gated community with landscapers. there are NO PETS until you are an owner. if you are a renter, you may NOT have any pets. if you are an owner and have a dog, you MUST pick up after its poo because if you are caught not doing so, then its trouble. well, what did we have here? little miss new renter has gotten a puppy. and its was her dog's poo. the NERVE of her? but that wasn't even the worst part...i was sitting home doing my thing when i heard a smoke detector nearby...(yes, my windows were up and i have excellent hearing). it was chick next door with the illegal dog. she locked herself out when she went to go walk her pooch and left something cooking. well, i called the fire department and it was handled...but now, i'm gunning for her. how dare you flaunt your illegal dog all outside, let it poo on the sidewalks and not pick it up, then you almost possibly kill me by burning down your place cuz you're out with said dog?

so i organized my posse and have my current petition going. i will NOT live around craziness and you get all of one time to endanger me with some stupidity (in which i have to intervene) before i'm ready to get you G-O-N-E!!!!! so i've been pretty busy for the past few days knocking on doors and going to talk with others about these concerns.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Let Me Tell You... i am TWO SECONDS from committing a crime. yes, ladies and gentlemen, i'm about to abandon an animal in the woods. what animal you ask? the same friggin dog that was unapologetically thrust upon me last week.
*sometime yesterday afternoon*

i was quietly celebrating the fact it was the dog's last night at my house. as i was doing so, he started running around dry heaving. so, i quarantined him to one area because as we all know, i'm a germaphobe and i can NOT have him barfing his doggie germs all over the place with a baby running around. plus, thats just gross! i can barely clean up my own kid's vomit...let alone some ranky, stanky dog thats NOT mine and could be infested with who-knows-what. as i did so, he began to scream...not bark....but scream! so much so, that my head began to throb and my eyes hurt. so i was faced with 2 issues....sick nasty, germ infested dog running around deflowering my immaculate home or searing headaches serenaded by dog yelps and screams. herein lies the problem...and the need for me to rent a hummer, chug-a-lug on to the deep woods somewhere and say, "run freeeeeeeeee!!!!!" and to make matters worse, his owner pulled a vanishing act and i couldn't get a hold to her at all. this whole time, she's been soooooooo accessible, but when i needed her for real, she's ghostface-UGH! so in a few short hours, i totally became unraveled and looked like this...

*ok, back to reality*

i had to make an emergency run to the spa for solace and quiet. but i almost had a breaakdown on the way there because i am not one for confusion and craziness in my home. this dog-sitting fiasco really upset our routine, and our safe haven. it brought in so many germs and noises that i don't think i EVER want to own a dog unless it can have its own room and its own assistant to actually do things for it cuz i SURELY will not! my husband (who is waaaaay nicer than me sometimes) is the one that deterred me from taking the dog and leaving him somewhere)...i wasn't going to leave him in the woods (unless i could have gotten away with it), but i WAS truly going to take him to a kennel and throw him the duece. i can NOT wait to have the floors cleaned and probably a thorough steaming or something for the airborne germs and varmits he probably contributed. DOUBLE UGH!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, August 12, 2008


so here are the answers to all of the questions asked of me.....
The Second Sixty-Eight said...
Well I would, but I don't wanna be called vulgar...
PCD says: well, thank you for obliging the etiquette rules :-)

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...
1. How did you & your husband meet?

PCD says: we met during our junior year in college thru a mutual acquaintance
2. How did you know he was the one?
PCD says: When we started doing the cheesiest things...but we didn't think it was cheesy-like taking pics of just our hands holding, or getting up at 3am just to see each other and go back to sleep. then when I cried my eyeballs out when I had to go back home after our first week together (we lived in different states at first)
3. If you could descibe motherhood in three words what would they be?
4. Is the picture on your blog you?
PCD says: um, nah
5. I believe you are an AKA. If so, what is your line name & what position did you hold?

PCD says: apAKAlypse/front of the back baby! too fine, numba nine! in front of the tail, in back of the eight...its alright cuz i knew all the haters would hate...admirers-admire, onlookers-look on, its because of this pink and green ya'll are even put on :-) SKEEEEE-WEEEEE! ok, let me stop! shout to all of the greek letter organizations!!!!!!

Queen of My Castle said...
1. Do you want more children someday?
PCD says: yes, one more suits me just fine, preferably another princess
2. Do you work out regularly
PCD says: not as I should. I would like 5 days but I usually grind out 3
3. Do you have a nightly "unwind/relax" routine?
PCD says: nightly? I wish! But at least once a week I do take a night of insisted solitude in my peace space.
4. What's your skin care regimen?
PCD says: my aesthetician has me on a strict regime. I use products from my spa which consist of twice daily cleansing (of course), toning, 2 moisturizers, eye cream, weekly purifying masks and one extra day just for my nose and facials every 4 weeks
5. What do you love most about your husband and little miss?
PCD says: I love how my husband is a man’s man. He works hard and he lets me be the princess of everything. He’s very accommodating and will do anything (within the limits of the law) for my happiness. *he also never tells me no, sniggle*
Lil PCD is just a wonder to behold. She was such a beautiful surprise and her spunk makes me smile each and every day. She’s such a mommy’s girl and what I love most about her is…everything! :-)

Miss Mika (who clearly disregarded the question max-lol!)said...
1. What about motherhood has changed your life the most?
PCD says: the way that it brought out the most selfless efforts I’ve ever accomplished…it has also placed the monumental task of shaping a young mind and I have had to (and continue to) make great changes almost every day. Everything I do is to help her have the best life possible.
2. What did you want to be when you were growing up?
PCD says: first, a vet…then an artist
3. Who was your biggest influence growing up outside of your parents?
PCD says: Clair Huxtable
4. When you found out you were pregnant, did you want a boy or a girl?
PCD says: at first I didn’t care because I was so shocked to be pregnant I just wanted a healthy kid…but as time went on, I started to silently cheer for a girl
5. What has been the most romantic thing your husband has done for you?
PCD says: make me his wife
6. Most exciting vacation destination?
PCD says: st. maarten-I don’t do heat, but I’d stay there forever!
7. Who was your first blogging addiction? Why?
PCD says: do entertainment sights count? Cuz I first got turned onto blogs thru PinkIsTheNewBlog and i liked reading the funny comments about celebs. mainly the sense of humor on blogs is what drew me in

The Dreamy One said...
-how old are you mami??

PCD Says: 29
-why dont you show pic so yourself in posts
PCD says: this is my 3rd blog. I’ve done all that before and just wanted to go in a different direction this time. I like the concept of mysticism sometimes.
-are you a stay at home mommy
PCD says: yes
-what does your hubby do

PCD says: he is a businessman *implementing mysticism*
-is your hubby african american or caucasian
PCD says: he blackish, lol!

The F$%K it List said...
-I know you love movies so what is your all time favorite?
PCD says: that’s tough because I love so many. If you twisted my arm, I guess I’d have to choose……..i’d say the color purple
-R&B Patti Labelle or Gladys knight
PCD Says: Patti-all day!
-Are you coming to hang out with the NY bloggers?
PCD says: I don’t think I’ll be able to…check your email soon
-What made you start blogging?
PCD Says: when I realized that anyone could do it, I realized that (at that specific time) I had such a funny life and I thought someone else would like to read about it
-Vacation: Paris or St.Maartin

PCD says: that’s tough because I just commented how much I love the island…but paris is all about fashion and French food, so I have to go with PARIS
-What is your nationality?
PCD says: blackish *mysticism again* lol

12kyle said...
1. What was your major in college?

PCD Says: history with a minor in english
2. Have you ever played a sport?
PCD says: yes, basketball
3. Parkway or the Turnpike?
PCD Says: parkway forev!
4. If you could kick somebody's ass without going to jail...who would it be?
PCD Says: the “honorable” Charles Manning
5. What hip hop song will make you run over an old lady just to get to the dance floor?
“Set it Off” by Strafe

Foia said...
-why don't u show us what you look like? I went through that in the beg. of my bloging..but I said f it..

PCD says: see, my answer to DREAMY
-Would you consider yourself booshie?
PCD says: most times, yes
-Where are you from?
PCD says: the northeast
-What size shoe do you wear?
PCD Says: 9.5 or 10
-How is your cousin doing that you don't agree with half of the time?

PCD says: She’s the same hot, ragged mess that weighs heavily on my nerve

Smarty Jones said..
1. When's your b-day?
PCD Says: I’m cancerian
2. If you could be any animal, what would you be?
PCD says: I’d be a chinchilla…they’re so cute
3. Is there any single thing that you have done in life that if you could take back you would? What was it?
PCD says: meeting, glancing at, speaking to, becoming involved with and ever acknowledging the existence of an ex. If I could delete him from my life’s story, I’d do it ten times over…even tho I learned a lot.
4. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
PCD says: 3 buckets, 4 barrels, 2 tractors full and enough to build a coffin big enough to bury all of those stupid celeb name-meshings like “brangelina”, “chrihanna”, etc.
5. Why do the words toes, scrotum and supper make you laugh?
PCD says: its just the way they sound. I wonder who sat around and decided that they should be words. Like why is a scrotum a scrotum? Why isn’t it a delby? Or why aren’t toes called lalas?

Brown Girl Gumbo said...
-What city do you live in?

PCD Says: um, somewhere very relative to yours *wink*
-What's your favorite food?
PCD says: oooooooooh, toughie! If I HAD to choose, it’d be anything seafood
-What's your favorite color?

PCD Says: PINK!!!
Who's blog can you relate to the most?
PCD says: I would have to say BlackAndMarriedWithKids


that was fun! and if you reeeeeeeeeeally want to know what i look like click here or here :-P

Friday, August 8, 2008

Just Ask PCD.....

i was sitting here this morning, with my mind racing. i have sooooooooo much going on that i am literally all over the place and i couldn't decide what to write about. i wondered what you guys really liked reading about here at The Pretty Circle or about PCD herself. so in true blog-biting fashion, my beautylicious readers may ask anything* of PCD (as long as it is not vulgar). which i know none of my readers would do...but just in case a newcomer stumbles into the circle during this post...voila! i will answer all questions honestly so ask awaaaaaaaaaaaay... oh, and i will let this post stay posted until monday so people have a chance to get their questions in and i'll have the answers in a post for tuesday. also, since i'm already getting requests for pics, i MAY post a pic on tuesday morning sometime between 8am-12pm.

*5 question maximum per blogger*

Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Dog's Life...

ok, so my whole, entire world has been turned upside-down. i don't know my front from my back, my left from my right, or anything. i'm stressed, tired and in desperate need of a nap....
all because i'm dog-sitting. yes, PCD opened up her big trap and said she'd keep her neighbor's dog for a whole week. and in my mind, i was genuinely excited about the idea because i feel like i want to own a dog one day. because he's old (5 years) and seemingly calm, i thought all would be cool. then i actually took my big-mouthedness a step further and said that i'd let him sleep at my house a FEW days in said week so he won't be crazy lonely. so why when i went to get his instructions for his feedings and stuff, was he packed to stay at my house for the whole bed, suitcase, food, dog book, emergency numbers, toys, medicine and all. so i calmly tried to let her know i just wanted him to sleep maybe a night or two at our house and she was like "no, he'll be fine."

CURSES!!! i always do this. i get myself into situations and sometimes find it hard to just shut stuff down. i mean, she went on and on about how he won't be lonely now and won't have separation issues cuz he'll be with us the whole time, blah, blah. so i was like-whatev. and he has the nerve to be cute!?!?! he's really not bad....its just the extra stuff that is now in my already jam-packed schedule. like, walking him 2 times a day (which was the minimum i expected to be doing), along with feeding, brushing, giving allergy meds, eye drops, ear wipes, bacon treats in the AM, biscuit treats at night, making sure he's not terrifying lil PCD, taking her build-a-bear buddy out from his tug-of-war grasp, keeping him from scratching my doors by putting up baby gates, and keeping him from snatching my baby's food off of her tray.

*le sigh* PCD"s now...a dog's life


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Not-So-Likely Friends... your head. this may resemble 12kyle's post yesterday about being attracted to people that typically you wouldn't dare think about in that way. well, this post is about friends that you think you'd like to have that are not as obvious. i did a post a while back about people you'd like to know, but they were pretty much along the lines of your typical and usual interests. this all popped in my mind because of my current obsession with tori spelling and her show, tori & dean: home sweet hollywood.

i know, i know. how unlikely? but besides enjoying the show, i feel like tori spelling and i could be friends. she's so unaware and charming. and seeing her show really opened up another side to her. she's worlds away from the presumed snobby, money-mongering hollywood heifer she used to portray. since getting married (again) and popping out 2 kids, she seems so...normal. and i enjoy having her as a friend in my head. so........


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Addiction Anonymous

i have a confession to make...i'm addicted to starbucks. i know, the shame...oh, the shame! how can i continue to indulge in these pricey caffeine-riddled sugary cups of deliciousness on a frequent basis? its simple...i love it. they call my name. and whats worse...if i am in an unfamiliar place...i'll search for one thru my navigation. its like my crack. it calms me. it soothes me. it tells me everything is a-ok. my fave drink of choice is the tall 2% sugar free vanilla latte with 2 splendas. and CURSES! i tasted the iced lemon cake last week and now, my eyeballs water at the thought of its lemony goodness.
and i don't even LIKE lemon cake. my mum took offense to this because she makes a homemade lemon cake with the same icing that people seem to rave about, but i hate it. but not starbucks lemon cake...i love it and it loves me. there's a spell on me. those coffee beans must be magical...


Monday, August 4, 2008

Embarrassment Personified

as we all know, i love reality tv. i watch a show on the WE channel called bridezillas. and last night a woman named brandi was featured. brandi is from texas and her accent is reeeeeeeeeeally thick. but it was her dollar-store taste that made this episode hilarious. check her out:

she never ceased to amaze me....from requesting a vagina-shaped grooms cake, implementing a booty dance for herself and her bridal party at the reception, her obsession with fried chicken (even while at the spa), and of course, her request for monetary contributions from her guests. i was embarrassed for her, but i was on the floor laughing nonetheless.


Friday, August 1, 2008


au revoir my darlings! i've missed you so! i will share with you just a snippet of pics from my holiday and a funny story. its friday so it'll be light.

a shot of some palm trees...

some demonic spider spinning his possessed web...isn't that design funky?

ok, me and these little guys are NOT friends. there were a ka-zillion of them and they jump around like spider monkeys on crack. just from everywhere...from buildings, bushes, whatever. and they always wait until you're close until they make their presence known-BLEH!

i just thought these were beautiful. they lined the walkway up to our villa...

this was our backyard...

this was our enclosed pool. AH! privacy is a beautiful thing. it was so relaxing. i never did seem to catch a pic when the waterfall was on tho...

this was our pool at night. SEXY!!!

i just liked the fans. they looked & tropical, lol!

my sexy bed. what some good lighting and netting does....

and just for a small dose of cuteness, here's lil' PCD having fun at some gosh-awful place i found for kids to run around in...she had fun so it was cool, but i am still struggling with disdain for other people's children...

so we had a great time. i seem to only be in pics with a bathing suit on, so that will absolutely NOT be displayed,lol!! i am totally relaxed, even tho being back home kinda threw us back into our crazy busy schedule so my head is starting to spin again. otherwise, we had a great time!


so i was walkig around the store minding my own business. i had lil' PCD with me of course and this older woman starting jumping up and down shouting how cute she was. i thanked her for her (over)excitement and kept walking away. at this point i was at least 50 feet away from her when she shouts to me..."YOU SHOULD HAVE JUST BEEN AT THIS STORE I WAS IN. YA KNOW, I'M WHITE AND YOU'RE BLACK (duh!) AND THERE WAS THIS LADY STANDING IN FRONT OF ME TALKING ABOUT THE BLACK PEOPLE AND I JUST FELT MY FIST BALL UP!! YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE!!"

ok, i really had to laugh out loud at the ignorance of her statement. first and foremost...

-why are you shouting so loudly in public?
-why did you feel it necessary to give me a brief synopsis on what you observe to be my race....maybe you thought i woke up that morning and forgot?
-who exactly are THE black people?
-WHY, oh why do you feel i should have been there? my skin tone does not make me the ambassador, army, defense team, or mouthpiece for ALL black people
-and what, my dear, would you have been expecting me to do if i HAD been there? like i was just going to launch into spider monkey attack mode on her or something and you would have loved to be entertained with such buffoonery?
-why am i still walking away and hearing you shouting about God making everyone and she was such an _____ for saying that and you want to go back and sock her in her racist eye?

i tell you...some people are just funny!