Tuesday, April 29, 2008

20 Interesting Things About PCD

i figured that today's post should be about MEEEEEEEE!!!! LOL! seriously, i thought i'd just jot down some things that my blog family may not know about me. this is my attempt at being interesting :-S

20. i am terrified of catching some fungus or disease when getting my nails done (have you ever on occassion peeked into the next foot bin?) , so i have my own tools for them to use

19. i am a neat FREAK! tags must face a certain way, cabinet organization is tightly monitored, and i love the smell of clorox clean-up.

18. i eat tomatoes, but cannot stand the inside where the wet, mushy seeds are...so i usually just cut from the outer part. if i am using a slice of a tomato, i remove all of the seeds and wetness.

17. i don't believe in white chocolate. i have a firm belief that white chocolate seems unnatural and the taste and texture seems synthetic in comparison to regular brown chocolate. i will not eat it unless its barely detectable like maybe drizzled on something else.

16. i love candy. i can get out of bed and start eating it right away.

15. i love star jones (soon-to-be ex-reynolds)...so much so, i named my cat after her.

14. i am a certified phlebotomist. i was bored one day so i decided to take a class in something i knew nothing about, so i chose phlebotomy. and even tho i am "certified" i have never worked a day in that industry and never would. i hate being stuck so i don't think i could ever really stick people.

13. i LOVE pink

12. i've aways wondered what its like to have a weave. for some reason, i am intrigued by them. they look so neat...but i do not have the patience to sit for the braiding process and gluing is out of the question, so i guess i'll never get one :-S

11. i am obsessed with haut-chocolat (exotic chocolates). i love truffles infused with curry, hot chili peppers, violet flowers, wasabi, and manchego cheese

10. i have arthritis

9. i love dressing my hubby. he trusts my tastes so he pretty much wears whatever i buy...and i love buying!!!!

8. i have to go to target at least once a week or i won't feel normal :-S

7. i love to burn oils...candles are cute, but their fragrance doesn't carry enough for me. they are banished to the bathroom and i only burn them during bubble baths

6. i was once robbed by a crackhead. and after some super sleuthing...i found him and had him arrested.

5. i have NO problem speaking out against foolishness. i just had a bout with racism in one of my fave places where i was next in line, clearly standing at the counter. my friend was about 4 feet away from me. a woman walked in and pushed her way in between us and when the person behind the counter asked who was next, she started to speak. well, after i gave her the look of you-must-be-nuts, i kindly let her know that unless she was blind, she knew very well i was next and that she best excuse herself to the area behind my friend. she looked at me like-*gasp* how dare you? then she left the store...maybe she was embarrassed, but i loved it! i used to let stuff like that go and mumble under my breath...no more my friend!

4. i love games!!!

3. photography is my love. i take pics EVERYWHERE i go. my friends usually grow weary of it, but i have a 20 pic minimum when we go out to events

2. i want patti labelle to adopt me-lol! seriously, i love her and she seems like such a down-home type. i bet dinners and gatherings at her place are so fun, at least they are in my mind :-)

1. i had a neighbor evicted from her home for creating disturbances and endangering the welfare of her neighbors. it took about 3 months and lots of research and digging, but i got it done! YAY! don't mess with PCD!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Last Meal

(ok, blogger has been acting a monkey-doodle fool this morning, hence my tardiness. UGH!)

if you had to choose one meal to eat for the rest of your life.....what would it consist of? and you only get to pick one meat, one vegetable, one starch, one drink and one dessert.

PCD picks...

steamed lobster with fresh drawn butter

sauteed spinach

sweet potato fries

trefethen late harvest reisling

and chocolate molten cake

(p.s. pink the wonder laptop *my computer* seems to be suffering from type of 'itis. she's making it difficult for pages to come up, therefore making it hard for me to blog-surf and comment. please bare with me and do not think i'm not showing you love...but as soon as i get this taken care of, i'll be around. queen, i'm especially mad because i missed your question post and i can't even comment-bleh!)

Friday, April 25, 2008

Dear Jermaine,

regardless to the fact that you are vertically challenged, i highly disagree with your choice to begin shopping in the wee-little-guy section. this outfit looks like you're headed out to play time with your second grade friends. between the loud coloration and the knee-ripped jeans, i find it hard to take you seriously as a man in his late 30's. is it just me or does that color swirl look like a tropical fruit explosion with candy shoes to match? and aren't you head of some new record label? just because you are trying to keep it trendy, you don't have to go to the Nth degree. a simple printed tee and blazer combo or PLAIN hooded sweatshirt would have sufficed. but what i think is bothering me most is the jeans. i never even wore jeans like that, and i'm a female. something about it is just off. don't do it again.




Thursday, April 24, 2008

Help Or Go It Alone?

PCD has been wondering for a while......would it be ok to hire help? i mean ok in the sense of feeling comfortable whenever this person has something to do. i struggle with the idea of a "nanny" because i'm maniacal about who is around my kid. and even tho a nanny would free up a lot of my time to do things quickly and quietly, i would be a nervous wreck. plus, i wouldn't want baby to start looking to the nanny before me when in need of something. even tho it takes me probably twice or three times as long to complete something with baby in tow, i don't think i could relax knowing that she was in someone else's care...

...but is this realistic? i don't think so. eventually, SOMEDAY, someone else will be responsible for her. i see nannies with other people's kids all the time! so much so that people ask me frequently if my kid is actually mine. (this happened repeatedly last week when we were at adventure-land). what if i am very ill? what if there is an event where me and hubby are attending and my mum isn't available? even the thought of a babysitter freaks me out! so i am wondering, should i have some occassional "help" that could slowly ease me into the idea of trusting another soul to look after baby?

it's different having help to do other things. cleaning, cooking or errand-time is a form of trusting people in your personal space. that's a huge hurdle as well. but in all honesty, if something were to go wrong in that arena, nine times out of ten, it would be something material that would suffer and could probably be replaced. but my baby? *gasp* and i won't even get started of all of the stories of abuse that haunt me...hidden cameras catching people doing monstrous things or NO cameras and your kid 's behavior changing because of some shady goings-on.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Whatcha Need?

ok, i am sooooooooo late posting today, but lil' PCD and i had to get shopping before it became too hot outside (bleh!)...

but speaking of shopping, i want to know what are the things you MUST HAVE during the spring and summer seasons. or even throughout the year....what do you absolutely NEED to stay refreshed, smelling/feeling good, and of course, looking your best?

for PCD, the list is as follows....

NARS skin body smoother-its so luxurious!

NARS skin hydrating body serum...just lilke the butter, but with a baby oil-ish feel. makes you feel like a baby's bum-bum! (great for right after showers and at night)

The Body Shop-Guarana Lip Butter....smells and feels llike a dream! and all of the proceeds go to AIDS education
MAC lip gelee....not as sticky or thick as lip glass, almost jelly-like. but i love the sheerness!

Louboutin Fox Trot Peep-Toe-just sit back and enjoy the fabulousness that will surround your toes in this fab pair of peepers!
a pair of CRAZY shades...because no one looks cute squinting in the sun!
i LOVE flip-floppy sandals! these pair by colin stuart are casually comfy yet pizzazzy too!

regular flip-flops....of course i was drawn to these because they're pink...but this type of flip-flop can be found on my feet 4 out of 7 days a week!

Dank Tote Bag...not only is it fab looking...it's big enough to fit my junk and a few diapers and baby stuff in it!

my mixed cd...usually stacked with tunes like "heaven must feel like this"-ohio players, "golden"-jill scott, "perfect love affair"-anita baker, "everybody loves the sunshine"-roy ayers, "heaven"-conya doss, "love, love, love"-donny hathaway, "love's holiday"-EWF, "i want you"-erykah badu, "i wish i didn't love you so"-marvin gaye, "in a sentimental mood"-phyllis hyman, "fat bottomed girls"-queen, "nights over egypt"-the jones girls, "bullet proof soul"-sade and a LOOOOOOOOOONG list of will downing songs


Tuesday, April 22, 2008


yesterday, someone asked me to tell the story about one of my six facts that i listed on my tagging exercise. it was the fact about my pregnancy...in which i said it was not confirmed that i was even pregnant until i was four months along. sounds weird, right? well, it's definitely a wild story...

PCD found out there was a little PCD in the oven on a thursday morning in early april. after many moments of disbelief, tears and jubilation mixed with fear, me and hubby started making plans to welcome whoever was in there. well, four days later, i started experiencing some difficulties. (in an effort not to startle anyone, i will spare the details). after a trip to the emergency room, i was told i was in the process of miscarrying. of course, i was devastated! and that night was horrible for me. after a few days, i decided that i should perhaps go to a new doctor to explore some new birth control options because i could not fathom the thought of experiencing that again. i went, he tested me and concluded that i was indeed done miscarrying, no longer pregnant and gave me my prescription. due to my worries, i did not fill it right away. i honestly wanted nothing to do with babies, baby prevention, baby production...so the prescription sat. in the meantime, i became very sad. i slept about 13-14 hours a day, every day. i ate one meal per day. it was usually mixed fruit. the idea and smell of food disgusted me. i lost 15 pounds and was ridiculously thin. by the end of may, i started experiencing some more difficulties in the reproductive area. so i made an appointment to go to the doctor. something told me to call the doctors at the hospital that i had visited a few months before.

they were full and since i was a new patient, i could not be seen for 3 weeks. by this time, my stomach had begun to protrude. it looked as if i had swallowed a basketball. i had convinced myself it was a tumor. how else could you explain the weight loss with no desire to eat, the fatigue, and the swelling of my stomach? well, i went in and told the doctor all of the happenings along with my theory of a tumor. she looked at me crazily. she asked me to take a pregnancy test and i complied. she came back in and told me it was positive. i dismissed her as saying that it must have been leftover hormones from my previous miscarriage. she chuckled and asked to listen to my stomach.

"that's a heartbeat!" she said. "WHOSE?" i asked. "not yours, its too fast." she replied. "YOU'RE PREGNANT!!! and by the look of your stomach, you're far along, so i need you to go here...here..here and here." i sat in a fit of hysterical laughter! i could not believe it! then i entered a state of panic. far along? enough to be visibly showing? i was worried because i had not taken any prenatal vitamins, i had an occassional glass of wine, i lifted heavy things, i lost a lot of weight and only ate fruit....then i crashed. how could this be?

after visiting all of the different departments, they concluded that i was four months along, completely missing my whole first trimester, which is the most important one! the baby, however 'looked' to be fine. i just had to have blood tests to conclude that. after all of the whirlwind, the doctor asked me more questions about why i thought the way i did and she went to the other wing of the hospital and got the report from the night i was told i miscarried. she discovered that while i did indeed miscarry, i was also still pregnant. originally, there were TWO BABIES! no one bothered to inform me...that was proven by the discharge papers i received that night.

you KNOW i was trying to sue the pants off of that place...but i had to wait to see if their negligence caused anything to be wrong with my baby. long story short, nothing was ever wrong with her so i had no case. but i must say that her birth has been one of the most amazing occurrences in my life. not only because she's just as fab as her momma PCD *wink* but also because of the crazy ride of my pregnancy. i missed the first 4 months, contracted gestational diabetes, AND had to lay on bedrest from august to november (UGH!) the point is that regardless to the insanity that is my story, my baby is beautiful, has NOTHING wrong with her and is extremely intelligent and personable. i could not be more thankful. only the Creator could have protected her and kept her thru all of that mess. and it could have gone soooooooooooo many ways, but it didn't and now i have this angel.


Monday, April 21, 2008

Mommy & Me Day (Pictures) & I've Been Tagged!

so last week, baby and i went out to enjoy the fabulous weather. first, we went to have breakfast at one of my favorite places in the whole world-mmmmmm! it was great, except for the little girl who was seated with her family next to our table. she was overly-friendly with my baby. at first it was cute...she kept saying hello. then it went from there, to hugging & trying to touch her hair. i ushered my baby away, but the little girl stood breathing on my leg, stalking us. then she tried to buckle my kid into her highchair. it was weird...especially since her parents were right there just letting her continue. then she tried to kiss her *gasp* once her mum read my facial expression, she yelled to her kid "personal space, PERSONAL SPACE!" well, they thought it was cute, as they went on to explain that she does this everywhere they go whenever she sees another child. in their words, they said she almost tries to "devour" other kids...um, that's not cute. so i curtly said..."perhaps you should have another child of your own."

nonetheless, they exited and we had a WONDERFUL breakfast. next, it was off to adventure-land!! we (especially she) had so much fun! pictures below...

(petting an otter)

(touch screen musical)

(steering a water wheel)

(feeding a dragon)

(ball play)

(lit peg-board)

(peek-a-boo with mama)

(fire truck fun with a friend)

(move over, let me drive this thing!)

(grocery shopping)

(heading to the check-out lines)

(looking thru the magic musical harp)

then afterward, we headed to the sweetest place on earth for cupcakes......we had a ball, (especially when it was cupcake time!)

kitty over at young & reckless has tagged my bum-bum...so here goes:

Here are the rules:

1. Link the person who tagged you…

2. Mention the rules in your blog…

3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours

4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them

5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged

Here are 6 things you may or may not know about PCD:

1) a while back in my old apartment, it was raining mexicans...literally. my slumlord hired non-contract workers to fix up the place above me and they didn't know what they were doing, so on thanksgiving, a mexican man came crashing thru my kitchen ceiling, blanketing my entire apartment (and my all-white pet cat, star jones) in dust.

2) i had surgery once where my lungs had to be collapsed. when i came out, it was the worst feeling. having your lungs collapsed then reinflated feels like a 2-ton person is sitting on your chest

3) i missed the first four months of my pregnancy due to negligent doctors...meaning, it wasn't confirmed that i was pregnant until i was 4 months along...(loooooooong & crazy story)

4) i sued my ex-slumlord and won...but have yet to collect one thin dime from that sleazy bloke

5) i once hydroplaned speeding in the rain while headed home with an a acquaintance following me. while my car lifted then came back down, the person behind me wasn't so lucky. they lifted then spun and hit a pole...i watched it all in horror

and Finally 6) i hate cilantro!!! the thought of it makes me dry-heave....i think its one of the worst herbs EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

now, i tag 12kyle, mizrepresent, queen, poca, elle, lady, F-it and BGG (yes, i know i added extras)

if you've done this before.....well, do it again :-) i like reading new facts about you guys :-P

Friday, April 18, 2008

The Pretty Spotlight: The Art of Forgiveness

sooooooooooooo, where is the end of the line for forgiveness? is there an "end of the line"?

example: girl is obese. girl has no friends except for me. boys laugh at girl. girl grows up and yearns for attention and love. girl meets boy at pizza hut. girl fall for this boy, the first to show any real interest in her (i have my own theory as to why). boy proposes in 4 months. girl and boy get married. girl has baby. boy is surprised at the concept of reponsibility. (see, boy's mother was a crackhead who lived in a house that is currently being condemned. they grew up with very little. boy never had a real job until girl got it for him when they started dating. boy never had to pay bills. boy had never even been to red lobster...ever...in life. it was almost as if boy was from mars for real. and personally, i think boy is mildly retarded). boy does not like buying things for baby, only for himself. girl gets laid off. girl collects unemployment. girl gets sick. girl gets disability. boy will only pay exactly half of every bill from his separate bank account. if girl needs something and he buys it, he makes her pay him back. boy has a niiiiiiice stash of cash. girl does not because she supports baby and pays her "half" with her disability/unemployment money. boy is trying to save a total of $18K for his own personal use. girl now has gone back to school just to collect a check so she can continue to pay her half. boy resents her becasue (a) she's technically bettering herself and (b) he has to watch their kid for 3.5 hours and does not like it.

is this too much? this is actually only a snippet. (there's more, like his mom asking to live with them in exchange for food stamps...or his mom sticking him with a $6K bill from when she used his SSN to get governmental benefits...or the fact that he lies to keep working from home, which began because girl was medically having some issues, but he is selfish with is time and MUST have a nap every day undisturbed...so they spend 24/7 together, with the baby-LITERALLY!)

but i wonder, is she supposed to endure this for the sake of her family and her marital commitment? i personally do not understand the concept of having separate everything and splitting everything evenly....that's like living as roommates. and if that's the case, why be married? i do not understand loaning your wife money to buy diapers. but she endures and forgives him for 2 reasons....(a) she's scared he'll leave and (b) she feels she is obligated to take it because she married him and these are the consequences of that choice and to the commitment she made before God. is this what we are expected to do as imperfect beings? i try not to judge others situations, because NO ONE can understand someone's else's true perspective...but i do feel like there are some times when i can identify/empathize and i vehemently disagree with some choices being made.

i'm not saying i feel she should leave right now...but if it were me, i'd DEFINITELY put my foot down about some things. even if it put me at risk for him to leave me. if he chose to do so, then that'd be on him. but i find it extremely hard to look at, be around, respect or even ACT like i respect someone who would treat me like this.
i do believe that we should forgive others. i do believe in the concept of reeping what you sow. i do believe that we should lead by example if someone is choosing to be wreckless or irresponsible. i do believe in family. i do not believe in this situation tho. at least not the way it is now.


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mommy and Me Day

today, my daughter and i will be going on a mommy and me adventure.....so, read back if you missed something. if you're current (lol) check out some shopping, bloog or politic links or buy some relief bracelets for darfur by clicking here. but, hold onto your britches, cuz i 'll be back tomorrow with an interesting topic.

have a great day :-)