Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pantsuit

ok, so did you catch pantsuit herself at the DNC last night? if not, you can peep it below...

anyhoo, i will say that she was a tad more convincing than she's been over the last few months with her support for obama...still don't trust her, but she's surface-ly doing better, (even tho she tried to big-up herself and her philandering hubby every chance she got-lol!). good for her. being bitter must take its toll on your spirit. and at the end of the day...we're all (supposedly) on the same team, so let's get this going!!!

so today, i tribute Hillary "PANTSUIT" Clinton...(why you ask? cuz pantsuits make me feel warm and fuzzy)

This one's for you, babe!


PBW said...

LOLOLOL!!! I love the "Devil Wears Pantsuits" logo best.

I didn't watch the speech. Like sports, I just caught the highlights this morning.

Keith said...

lolol...Yes the "Devil Wears Pantsuits" was very clever..I liked
that too. I agree...She was more convincing last night than two months ago when she "conceded" the
nomination to Obama.

Mr. Any MLK said...

WOW!!!! you nailed it with the "....Pantsuits" logo. But she delivered a great speech. I don't think we should have expected anything less. She is married to one of the greatest speakers in history. The "I Love You" whisper from Bill in the stands looked a little staged. He was the president, so he is always aware of the camera. But hopefully she converted couple of her followers to become Obams supporters. Creative site BTW.

Sexxy Luv said...

LOL! your tribute was hilarious!!!

I didn't get to the speech yet, that will have to wait until i get home.

The F$%K it List said...

I watched and I thought she lack REAL enthusiasm. She didnt convince me that she was behind Obama.
She was too busy talking about herself.

But Bubba did tonight!

The tribute was high-larious!

Eb the Celeb said...

Classic! The pics...every last one of them was priceless!

Exhale_Whew said...

LOL @ the pics...great post. I watched the speech and I have to say that I started out skeptical but by the end I almost said Obama/Clinton 08:-)She redeemed herself in my eyes.

Even though her dirty tactics during the process disgusted me, we need to give her credit for her accomplishments. First woman to get this far and she gave many young women hope.

All that said I am glad that we have Obama/Biden to lead our nation.

jameil1922 said...

LOL. Your tribute is a hot mess!! lololol.

12kyle said...

mannnnnnn, you kill me! lol

almost everytime i see her in a pantsuit...i think about you. i remember explaining it to mrs12 one day. i was like "pcd called her pantsuit...ain't that funny?" she was like..."who is pcd?" lmao!! it was funny b/c after i explained who you were...she repeated the same disdain that you have for her.

as for her was pretty good. who cares, tho. obama will get in with or without her.

Foia said...

That is too funny girl..And all of her faces..HAHAHAH..she is scary w/ out makeup..

Speech sucked. She didn't talk about Barack..And when she was sitting in the vip box and the cameras kept hitting her I was reading her mind.. "That nigg** that is supposed to be me** I think she's gay..cuz you know Bill ain't tappin that..