Wednesday, August 20, 2008

See...What Had Happened Was....

*whew!* i apologize for my absence, for i have been held up with some issues that required my immediate attention.

*blogger is acting afool and i couldn't upload my pics, sorry*

first things first, the dog has been safely returned to his owner in one piece and with minimal emotional scarring....just kidding, lol!

now, let me give you some background. i live in a pretty quiet neighborhood, where MOST of us are considerate of each other. but of course, there are a few bad apples that abuse the beauty that is our community. in case you did not know, i have personally taken on the task of being the unofficial neighborhood organizer of events and concerns. it started because someone moved in and started being a nuisance. she had some issues and almost burnt her house down FOUR TIMES!! this was especially upsetting to me because i was her direct neighbor, so if she went up in smoke, there was a good chance i would too depending on if we were home and ho wlong the fire actually burned. come to find out, she had a drinking problem and would pass out while cooking. i did not rest until i petitioned the city and had her removed...she was renting this property so it was somewhat easier than if she was the actual owner. regardless, i was the one who organized the petitions, gathered signatures, made phone calls and had phone conferences/debates to efficiently communicate how urgently we all were displeased. and she got the boot...2 days after thanksgiving last year.

fast forward, here comes another renter to this same property. she's strange, always looks dissheveled and confused and sometimes even wears the same clothes for days. i really didn't care because she was quiet and had no issues that affected anyone else...until last week. PCD was walking around the neighborhood with lil PCD and we almost stepped in dog poo. um, NO FRIGGIN WAY!!! see, the rules are simple...we live in a gated community with landscapers. there are NO PETS until you are an owner. if you are a renter, you may NOT have any pets. if you are an owner and have a dog, you MUST pick up after its poo because if you are caught not doing so, then its trouble. well, what did we have here? little miss new renter has gotten a puppy. and its was her dog's poo. the NERVE of her? but that wasn't even the worst part...i was sitting home doing my thing when i heard a smoke detector nearby...(yes, my windows were up and i have excellent hearing). it was chick next door with the illegal dog. she locked herself out when she went to go walk her pooch and left something cooking. well, i called the fire department and it was handled...but now, i'm gunning for her. how dare you flaunt your illegal dog all outside, let it poo on the sidewalks and not pick it up, then you almost possibly kill me by burning down your place cuz you're out with said dog?

so i organized my posse and have my current petition going. i will NOT live around craziness and you get all of one time to endanger me with some stupidity (in which i have to intervene) before i'm ready to get you G-O-N-E!!!!! so i've been pretty busy for the past few days knocking on doors and going to talk with others about these concerns.



The F$%K it List said...

OH Man! I feel you because if someone tried to burn down my house they would so be gone.

Smarty Jones said...

LoL, I keep neighbors from Hell. My complex started taking Section 8 about six months ago so you know that I am soooooo out of here when my lease is up.
When I first moved here, a Hispanic couple lived next door. A couple months after I got here, his mother moved in. Apparently that caused some discord in the relationship because after that I started hearing these half-English, half-Spanish arguements. Granted they were funny as all hell, as I speak bootleg Spanish, but they should not have been happening at 2 a.m.
Then, her gay cousin moved in and he used to have a dance party about four days a week in the living room by his damn self.
I work from home alot so the techno/R&B/Spanish ballad mix was quite disturbing.
I complained about them and they were later kicked out. I don't know if it had anything to do with my phone calls.
Now, there are about six Mormon boys living in that town house and they spend most of their time running up and down the damn steps sounding like a herd of stampeding cattle. But other than that, they're OK.

The Dreamy One said...

cant say that we have any annoying neighbors but of course i stay in an apartment,lol

good luck with getting her kicked out. rooting for you all the way

dejanae said...

u dont play, do u?lol

Kitty said...

Wow.My neighbors used to get on my nerves constantly. the ones to my right have entirely too much traffic in and out of their home.

They have about 8 kids but on top of them, they have cousins that live there and it's just crazy!
The children destroyed my bushes out front by running through them all the time. The teenagers get into fights. One time breaking my rear view mirror. And I think the parents are on drugs or are alcoholics.

Dog poop lady is an idiot for leaving the house with food on the stove. Who does that??
But trust me, it could be worse hunny. I hope you get her out of there asap before she burns the house down. Good Luck!

PBW said...

Back when I lived in a high-rise apartment, my new neighbor got an illegal dog that cried loudly all day. I complained and management shuffled their feet - until a month later he couldn't pay that $1500 a month rent. Then they tossed him (and his dog) out ASAP!

Now I live in a house next door to a family with four kids. I barely hear a peep outta of 'em.

Does your development have a homeowner's association that can go after the folks (with fines, liens) that actually own that property when their renter violates the rules????

jameil1922 said...

you are so gangsta w/it. did you ever get your due from the crazy landlord?

The Jaded NYer said...

honey you already know my situation with the neighbors and their crying kids... but what I didn't mention is that I can also hear them hacking up their lungs every morning and even- *SHUDDER*- having relations.... UGH! even typing that makes me want to puke.

The worste part is, we don't even share a wall! There's an alley between our windows! So WHY must I hear all your business? BLECH!!!

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

@ F-it...i think there's a curse on this place, cuz everyone who lives there seems to be wacky in some way or another :-(

@ smarty...i used to have dance party issues before i got married. i was the QUEEN of calling cops for it too!

@ are soooooooooooo lucky cuz theres nothing worse than being disturbed in your safe-haven

@ dejanae...i certainly do NOT play...jameil can tell you, i can go on rampages with neighbors!!

@ kitty...see, your story is one of the reasons why i still don't like many other's children

@ pbw...i just started looking into it, but i don't think so...and since i usually get things poppin around here, a few neighbors suggested i organize some type...but thats a lot of work :-S

@ jameil...girl, you remember fat albert? i have YET to see one thin dime...but i am trying to see what we can do about that cuz this is a perfect example of people following the law, but taking it into their own hands cuz it yields nothing-booooooooo!!!

@ jaded...ew! relations? thats so unnecessarily stank!!

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