Tuesday, August 12, 2008


so here are the answers to all of the questions asked of me.....
The Second Sixty-Eight said...
Well I would, but I don't wanna be called vulgar...
PCD says: well, thank you for obliging the etiquette rules :-)

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...
1. How did you & your husband meet?

PCD says: we met during our junior year in college thru a mutual acquaintance
2. How did you know he was the one?
PCD says: When we started doing the cheesiest things...but we didn't think it was cheesy-like taking pics of just our hands holding, or getting up at 3am just to see each other and go back to sleep. then when I cried my eyeballs out when I had to go back home after our first week together (we lived in different states at first)
3. If you could descibe motherhood in three words what would they be?
4. Is the picture on your blog you?
PCD says: um, nah
5. I believe you are an AKA. If so, what is your line name & what position did you hold?

PCD says: apAKAlypse/front of the back baby! too fine, numba nine! in front of the tail, in back of the eight...its alright cuz i knew all the haters would hate...admirers-admire, onlookers-look on, its because of this pink and green ya'll are even put on :-) SKEEEEE-WEEEEE! ok, let me stop! shout to all of the greek letter organizations!!!!!!

Queen of My Castle said...
1. Do you want more children someday?
PCD says: yes, one more suits me just fine, preferably another princess
2. Do you work out regularly
PCD says: not as I should. I would like 5 days but I usually grind out 3
3. Do you have a nightly "unwind/relax" routine?
PCD says: nightly? I wish! But at least once a week I do take a night of insisted solitude in my peace space.
4. What's your skin care regimen?
PCD says: my aesthetician has me on a strict regime. I use products from my spa which consist of twice daily cleansing (of course), toning, 2 moisturizers, eye cream, weekly purifying masks and one extra day just for my nose and facials every 4 weeks
5. What do you love most about your husband and little miss?
PCD says: I love how my husband is a man’s man. He works hard and he lets me be the princess of everything. He’s very accommodating and will do anything (within the limits of the law) for my happiness. *he also never tells me no, sniggle*
Lil PCD is just a wonder to behold. She was such a beautiful surprise and her spunk makes me smile each and every day. She’s such a mommy’s girl and what I love most about her is…everything! :-)

Miss Mika (who clearly disregarded the question max-lol!)said...
1. What about motherhood has changed your life the most?
PCD says: the way that it brought out the most selfless efforts I’ve ever accomplished…it has also placed the monumental task of shaping a young mind and I have had to (and continue to) make great changes almost every day. Everything I do is to help her have the best life possible.
2. What did you want to be when you were growing up?
PCD says: first, a vet…then an artist
3. Who was your biggest influence growing up outside of your parents?
PCD says: Clair Huxtable
4. When you found out you were pregnant, did you want a boy or a girl?
PCD says: at first I didn’t care because I was so shocked to be pregnant I just wanted a healthy kid…but as time went on, I started to silently cheer for a girl
5. What has been the most romantic thing your husband has done for you?
PCD says: make me his wife
6. Most exciting vacation destination?
PCD says: st. maarten-I don’t do heat, but I’d stay there forever!
7. Who was your first blogging addiction? Why?
PCD says: do entertainment sights count? Cuz I first got turned onto blogs thru PinkIsTheNewBlog and i liked reading the funny comments about celebs. mainly the sense of humor on blogs is what drew me in

The Dreamy One said...
-how old are you mami??

PCD Says: 29
-why dont you show pic so yourself in posts
PCD says: this is my 3rd blog. I’ve done all that before and just wanted to go in a different direction this time. I like the concept of mysticism sometimes.
-are you a stay at home mommy
PCD says: yes
-what does your hubby do

PCD says: he is a businessman *implementing mysticism*
-is your hubby african american or caucasian
PCD says: he blackish, lol!

The F$%K it List said...
-I know you love movies so what is your all time favorite?
PCD says: that’s tough because I love so many. If you twisted my arm, I guess I’d have to choose……..i’d say the color purple
-R&B Patti Labelle or Gladys knight
PCD Says: Patti-all day!
-Are you coming to hang out with the NY bloggers?
PCD says: I don’t think I’ll be able to…check your email soon
-What made you start blogging?
PCD Says: when I realized that anyone could do it, I realized that (at that specific time) I had such a funny life and I thought someone else would like to read about it
-Vacation: Paris or St.Maartin

PCD says: that’s tough because I just commented how much I love the island…but paris is all about fashion and French food, so I have to go with PARIS
-What is your nationality?
PCD says: blackish *mysticism again* lol

12kyle said...
1. What was your major in college?

PCD Says: history with a minor in english
2. Have you ever played a sport?
PCD says: yes, basketball
3. Parkway or the Turnpike?
PCD Says: parkway forev!
4. If you could kick somebody's ass without going to jail...who would it be?
PCD Says: the “honorable” Charles Manning
5. What hip hop song will make you run over an old lady just to get to the dance floor?
“Set it Off” by Strafe

Foia said...
-why don't u show us what you look like? I went through that in the beg. of my bloging..but I said f it..

PCD says: see, my answer to DREAMY
-Would you consider yourself booshie?
PCD says: most times, yes
-Where are you from?
PCD says: the northeast
-What size shoe do you wear?
PCD Says: 9.5 or 10
-How is your cousin doing that you don't agree with half of the time?

PCD says: She’s the same hot, ragged mess that weighs heavily on my nerve

Smarty Jones said..
1. When's your b-day?
PCD Says: I’m cancerian
2. If you could be any animal, what would you be?
PCD says: I’d be a chinchilla…they’re so cute
3. Is there any single thing that you have done in life that if you could take back you would? What was it?
PCD says: meeting, glancing at, speaking to, becoming involved with and ever acknowledging the existence of an ex. If I could delete him from my life’s story, I’d do it ten times over…even tho I learned a lot.
4. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
PCD says: 3 buckets, 4 barrels, 2 tractors full and enough to build a coffin big enough to bury all of those stupid celeb name-meshings like “brangelina”, “chrihanna”, etc.
5. Why do the words toes, scrotum and supper make you laugh?
PCD says: its just the way they sound. I wonder who sat around and decided that they should be words. Like why is a scrotum a scrotum? Why isn’t it a delby? Or why aren’t toes called lalas?

Brown Girl Gumbo said...
-What city do you live in?

PCD Says: um, somewhere very relative to yours *wink*
-What's your favorite food?
PCD says: oooooooooh, toughie! If I HAD to choose, it’d be anything seafood
-What's your favorite color?

PCD Says: PINK!!!
Who's blog can you relate to the most?
PCD says: I would have to say BlackAndMarriedWithKids


that was fun! and if you reeeeeeeeeeally want to know what i look like click here or here :-P


Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Hey Sistah....

Is that you for real? If so, you're as beautiful as I thought you would be....if not, I bet you're as beautiful as that sistah!...lol

Thanks for sharing your responses...I enjoyed reading and getting to know more about you.

The Jaded NYer said...

My weekend was so crazy that I didn't participate in the Q&A, but I have to say of all the ones I've seen, your way of answering them was the cutest!

And your answer to the sorority question was HILARIOUS!!

PBW said...


Eb the Celeb said...

ugh.. I Missed the ask PCD post... dang!

Miss Mika said...

Forgive me for ignoring the question max... I am naturally inquisitive and I love posts like this :)

Thank you so much for answering them!

The Dreamy One said...

wow, ur very pretty PCD, but most of all you have a beautiful spirit. you are always such a sweetie pie...

and thanks for anwering all my questions.... you were always very mysterious to me....so now i get a betta insight into you....thanks for sharing!!!

Smarty Jones said...

ROTFLMAO @ your answers.
Lalas? Now I'm literally LOL! I do see your point though.

The F$%K it List said...

I'm mad at Blackish and mystiscm HAHA.

AKA REALLY I would have never guess (hehe)

ok check your email and then my blog (second post for today)

Queen of My Castle said...

This post was just too cute. You took my heart away with he made me his wife. That was cause for a MAY-JUH awwwww moment.

12kyle said...

thanks for sharing. i learned much more about you.

side note...i thought the pic was you. lmao!! it's all good, tho. your pic is very nice.

i'm just glad that you don't look crazy or like amorosa. haaaaaa

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

@ keisha...yes thats really me...thanx tho :-) i enjoyed doing this post

@ jaded...yeah you missed it...PARTY POOPER!!


@ eb...yeah, where the heck were you?

@ miss mika...awww, i was messing with you...its cool :-)

@ dreamy...aw, thanx! i really had fun doing this...since i can be so elusive-lol!

@ smarty...see, you feel me!

@ F-it...don't be mad...you know how i roll :-P

@ queen...thanx luv! i thought it prolly sounded cheesy ;-)

@ kyle...well dang! do i give off an omorosa type vibe? geeeeeeeeez!

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I figured you lived on the East Coast! :-)

1969 said...

Well damn Soror....you and I have a lot in common. We need to HANG.

1969 said...
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The Flyyest said...




The Flyyest said...

LMAO!!!! i thought that pic was you until i was on someones myspace page and seen the chick on the runway!!!! LMAO!!! i was like hey!! thats not PCD!!!!!!

jameil1922 said...

muy interessante! homie. Why isn’t it a delby? Or why aren’t toes called lalas? had me ON THE FLOOR!!! hahahaha. i learned somethings about you. some of the answers you didn't answer i already knew. yeah!! lol

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