Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Wackosity Indeed

(thanx for bearing with me during my technical issues...hopefully i'll be able to post pics as usual and visit and comment to my peoples' blogs as per usual!)

so since i got kinda serious yesterday about the wackness that are some american democrats, somethng about being wiggy-wiggy-wack just stayed with me. this morning, i awoke to a rerun of moesha. it was an episode with her brother ray-j on it. as i watched him, i thought to myself how utterly wack he is. at first he started as a little sponge, trying to gain fame off of his sister, which is totally normal...but then he just took a turn down wack lane. pedalling these lackluster songs, having a sex tape with a hooker and an impending flavor-flav type dating show has plummeted his stock to the bottom of all bottoms.

so for fun, i compiled a list of the TOP FIVE WACKEST DUDES OF CURRENT TIMES:

5. RAY-J
(for above reasons)

4. ICE-T
(for being in the neighborhood of 50 years of age, still trying to portray a pimpish character, constantly exploiting his albeit skankalicious wife and dry humping on stages all over the west coast)

(for being, looking and sounding like he does. the voice manipulator he uses is not even new and somehow, he's gained fame and notoriety for NOT singing)

2. K-CI/JO-JO (Crackhead Duo)
(for the hilariousness that was their latest show in austrailia and while singing, "all my life," jo-jo straight falling out on stage like he had one too many cracktinis...and his brother k-ci keeps singing like this fool isn't laying flat on the stage. they get extra points for trying to clean up the story by saying jo-jo is epileptic...altho he showed no signs of movement when passing out....and whether or not he's epileptic, why would you keep singing? both of them need some rehab ASAP! (see hilarious clip below, around the 0:22 mark)

1. DMX
(for getting arrested about 7-10 times in the past 3 months....and the last time being in front of a wal-mart. like, who does that? you used to be a hot rapper who at the height of his time had one of the most recognizable voices and gimmicks...and now, you're just another crackhead getting busted at walmarts. shame i tell you, just a shame!



Miss Mika said...

A first.

Im first :)

My severly wack award would have to go to the prejudice idiots over at Fox News. I hate watching them and all of the lame reporters. Ever since they reduced Michelle Obama to a "baby momma", I have been totally through with them.

They are wiggity wiggity wiggity WACK!!!

The Dreamy One said...

yeah they all get my vote!

Dog on shame how these people can't get it together!!

The Jaded NYer said...

Oooh, I get to vote on some wack dude(s)???

I'm not political and could care less about both presidential candidates, but I'm gonna say McCain for approving that wackity-wack commercial aimed at attracting Clinton's supporters!


(PS- that K-Ci and Jo Jo video had me in TEARS when I saw it last night... OMG... wackness indeed!! lol)

Nicole, Inc. said...

Howdy Ms. PCD,
Well, you know who is the wackest of the wackest? I will tell you. Pretty Ricky and that fool who used to be in the group Pleasure P. I mean if they aren't the wackest negroes out there, I don't know who is.

I will tell you who else is wack, while I was riding into work today I turned the channel onto this radio show I think it was the MJ morning show, anyway, these fools are talking about how they like Oprah and Condelezza Rice, but they don't like Michelle Obama cuz they don't like the way she looks. I was like what???? Michelle is so ridiculously smart, beautiful, eloquent and well, the list goes on and on. People just have to find something bad to say about her and for that they are wack!!!

Ms. Jones said...

Your list is so on point! T-Pain is #1 in my book because he's a straight up clown lol.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

OMG, I just watched that video before I came to PCD and I just can't understand why K-Ci would keep singing??????? Just baffling!

I love your wack list, but please add Bow Wow to that list and that corny Terrence J. from BET.

PBW said...

Ice-T and his wife are just ugh!

Then again... DMX????

Can't decide? So much wackness, so little time.

Miss Mika said...

Oh, and I have to add another one...

Young Berg!!!

This lameo blatenly stated that he doesn't like "dark skinned butts", just women that are lighter than him (dude is a walking Light Brite). He also stated that he only likes girls that pass the "pool test"... where if they get out of the pool looking better than they did when they got in, he will deal with them.

Aside from all that, his raps are corny.


The F$%K it List said...

She's back! I see the video all up and about.

Ok Ray J is like totally the alien that jumps out and sucks you dry of life.

AH DMX crack is wack, and getting busted in front of Walmart is extra wack!

I don't even have words for Kci and jojo,I just can't.

Product Junkie Diva said...

I agree with your wack list totally. And as BGG asked..why did KC continue to sing..lol