Monday, August 25, 2008

DNC or Bust...

*you know about my technical issues, so please excuse the nekkidness of my post*

soooooooo, i woke up this morning bothered by the ignorance of the american people. as we all know, the democratic national convention begins in denver today. it shall be a historic and promising event...and personally, i can't wait to see/hear more from one of my faves, michelle obama.

anyhoo, the main thing that irks me is that (some of) these daggone hillary supporters have got to be the most disgusting, childish, backward-thinking people i've ever seen...EVER! now, i'm not going to get into the argument of obama vs. clinton. i believe that everyone has the right to support whomever. but, uh...can you at least know why and what you're talking about. and can you please accept the cards that have been dealt and move the heck on? i say that because i saw some dingbat chick on tv holding up a sign talking about protesting the convention because pantsuit wasn't chosen as veep. are you a democrat? how are you going to protest your own party's convention because your person LOST? you don't hear this from any edwards supporters *sniggle*, you certainly don't hear this from any of the republicans...only these clinton supporters. it makes no sense. i feel like these particular people model right after pantsuit...if you think you can bully people into doing what you want, you will lose. take a lesson from your master! she tried to jab and kickbox her way thru the primary, taking all kinds of low blows and stooping to unprecedented levels of desparation...and she STILL lost!

but back to the subject....i really hate the fact that these particular supporters think they can protest and make threats to get results that just are NOT going to happen. in fact, they (usually) backfire. during the primary, a lot of them went on rampages trying to make certain a black man would not win*....and a lot did not even care about what he did or did not stand for...but we see that tactic did not work. the goofball this morning gets on tv with her protest crew stating they are witholding their vote for "good political reason," yet we heard no reason except hillary isn't the VP choice. then, i saw an ad of a superdelegate who states she was a staunch hillary supporter (holding up a clinton sign) and that hillary had experience to be president, then she drops the clinton sign and holds up a mccain sign and says now i'm supporting mccain. gives no reason or explanation besides tha fact that her candidate lost...fair and square.

* i wish i could post the video in which there were numerous voters staing that they wouldn't vote for obama simply because he was black or that they supported clinton, but didn't really have real reasons...the F-it List posted it a while back tho :-) *

i never thought i'd see the day when such an important election would get lost in such foolishness. with the recession going on, including excessive gas prices, home foreclosures, extreme job loss, a wacky stock market, etc, you'd THINK people would do a lot more soul searching as to what is more important to them as an american citizen. all of this emotional mess is nothing but a distration and counter-productive to improving the state of the country.

but i have one real question for these people who think they can blackmail obama into doing what they want...which has never been done in us history....ARE YOU PEOPLE EVEN TRULY DEMOCRATS? i don't think i'll ever understand the science behind calling yourself a member of a political party then switching to the POLAR opposite party or not supporting your party over emotions. face it people, she lost. she will not be president in 2008. she will not be vice president in 2008. IT WON'T HAPPEN. i understand you wanted her to win. i understand that you supported her campaign and felt she should have been the dem. candidate...but not enough people agreed with you and she lost. that doesn't make you OR her any less an american. but in reality, everyone can't win. so to take a kindegarten stance, pout and shout because she in fact, did unnecessary.

no one likes people who aren't team players...this is (what i assume) largely part of the reason was not chosen for VP. and it says a lot that (some of) her supporters are acting this way...the same way she did. when you're losing, cut up, cause a ruckus, act a fool, kick, bite, scratch and scream your way to the top. only she didn't make it to the top and we have more important issues at hand now. you can march, sing, dance, hang from ceilings...but it's over. and more importantl, what do you hold true as a member of progressive society? what do you stand for and support as a voting member of the american mass? again, i am not trying to bash hillary and everyone has the right to support who they want...but the REALITY is that her time is over and she has nothing to gain at this point besides helping to heal the nation from the inside-which i thought was the point. be upset, be hurt that she lost if you are/were her supporter...i was when gore lost...and when kerry lost. also, i just want to say to these people who are insistent upon casting a negative light over this convention and the democratic party in general....if you can flip-flop candidates over frivolous reasons such as your PRIMARY candidate lost, then cupcake, you're not a democrat. you stand for self. and you my dear, will not matter come november.



Ms. Jones said...

I think the protesters like you said are running off of pure emotion and that its soooo petty. I was watching the news this morning and they were talking about the speech that Hilary is supposed to give and how it will have to be one hell of a PERSUASIVE SPEECH to convince her supporters to support Obama. Since when do you have to convince someone to support their own political party???

The way I look at it these Hilary fans need to suck it up and work with the cards they have been dealt, YES WE CAN! (lovin' the blog)

dejanae said...

i concur with everything u said
these folk cutting of their noses to spite their face and voting against their own interests
best be sure the repubs are quite happy at this turn of events

Queen of My Castle said...

This election is truly bringing out people's true colors. I hate to say this...but I see why Americans are regarded to as arrogant and ignorant by a vast majority of the world. People like these dumb arse protestors are proving the rest of the world right. *Sigh*

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

I think you're right...they are operating on emotions...and...have lost focus while pouting! Great post...

Deanna Jackson said...

PCD, I am so with you girl!! What bothers me is that the media keeps asking "Did Obama snub Clinton by not choosing her as VP"? Obama doesn't owe Hillary a thing. He won fair and square and now its time to move on. The focus should be on getting the DNC on the same page so we can get the Republicans out of office. Their time is over!! Like Obama said "OUR TIME IS NOW!!"

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I agree with Queen of My Castle. This election really is bringing out folks' true colors. This is going to be a historical election and quite honestly, these protesters antics don't surprise me one bit. I can't wait until Obama is in the office!! :-)

The F$%K it List said...

I think these protesters are a bunch of elite, upper class white folks who don't want to jsut come right on out and say, HEY I'm not voting Obama because he is black!. They are the reason this country will never really progress past its racists issues and its a damn shame.

They aren't fans of Hillary or other women they are fans of whiteness. May as well break out the damn sheet, hoods and crosses. SMH!

Oooh and thanks for the shout out.

12kyle said...

i agree with errrybody. at the end of the day...i'd respect you more if you just said "i'm not voting for him b/c he's black." i wouldn't like it...but i'd know that you come from under your hood from time to time.

i keep hearing them say that people don't know obama? wtf? i mean...he's only been on the scene for the last year! idiots

obama '08

12kyle said...

ok...i'm back. just finished watching michelle obama's speech! omg! i love her!!!!

The Dreamy One said...

i dont know what to say

they just need to move on and get over it!!!

whats done is done!!!