Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The 2nd Super Tuesday: Clintonians Vs. Obamaniacs

for those who know me personally, you know this election is like air to me...i need it. yes, it wears me out, but i am so engrossed in all things election that i'm half-crazed and out of my mind. nonetheless....here we are at the the second super tuesday contests in texas, ohio, rhode island and vermont. i will not bog my readers down with all of my political speak....(trust me, once i get started, it's hard to stop me-lol)...so i'll take a lighter approach.

with all of the past contests, debates, ads, rallies, war of words, supporter antics and political pot-shots taken and thrown from obama and clinton, which one do you remember most? or which one really made an impact on you? which one solildified your support or distaste for the other candidate? what really turned your stomach or made you a proud supporter of _________? feel free to answer any or all of the questions....and remember if you live in either of the aforementioned four states...GET OUT AND VOTE TODAY!!!!!!


12kyle said...

Today is the day that Obama not only closes Hilary's casket but he throws dirt on it right before he gets in his SUV headed for DC. It's a wrap! And I'm sooooo happy. LOL

jameil1922 said...

ya boy billy sealed me in the obama camp. i was already there (donated twice already) but this lunatic i used to love and thought was a fab pres. went runnin his mouth in SC, even comparing obama to jesse jackson and i was just ENOUGH!! so hills can thank her hubby for ruining this one for her. i know she's like "bill you ruin everything!!"

TravelDiva said...

Bill Clinton's comments turned the tide for me. Even though he is not running, clearly he has a dominant role in the campaign. The fact that the Clinton camp was quick to toss out the race card disgusted me.

I also did not like her recent comments about her being ready with loads of experience, McCain being ready with loads of experience, and Obama having made a speech. WTH? To me she's saying she'd rather see a Republican, McCain, in office than Obama. That really just solidified my distaste for her.

If she actually were to win the nomination, I'm not going to stay home, but I may have to see what Nader is talking about.

Still_Pocahontaz said...

lol...A picture is truly worth a thousand words