Monday, March 17, 2008

BITNP & Friends In My Head

so tracey morgan hit up saturday night live to respond to tina fey's skit a few weeks back - "B*tch Is The New Black"....his is entitled "Black Is The New President"...take a looksey



and on another note...have you ever seen someone famous or otherwise that you don't know, but feel like you could know and be good friends with? i like to call them 'friends in my head.' somethiing about them seems so relatable that i could actually picture us hanging out, going shopping, having play-dates or chit-chatting over brunch on a sunny day. i don't mean in the stalker way...but just someone you see that for some reason, you identify with....well, my top friends in my head are..

tracee ellis ross

first let me just express my deepest love for the show "girlfriends." now, i must acknowledge my disgust with how crappily their show was axed without so much as an announcement or finale. nonetheless, her character (joan) was my fave! well, actually toni was my fave, but for entertainment reasons. joan was my fave because i related to her. she's just as sentimental and silly as i am. she loved her friends and was extremely dependable...kinda like the mama of the group and that is so me....well, with a few dashes of fabulous fun sprinkled on top. and i love her fashion sense...i'd love to go shopping with her!

toni braxton

i LOVE her music. i really do. she's so cute! and her little boys are adorable. she seems like a fun, hip mom to hang out with and have play dates with. also, a piece of me feels for her family and their struggle with her oldest son denim's autism. i used to actually teach autistic men (whoa!) and i know the hardships. nonetheless, she has a down-to-earth vibe that makes her seem like that cool friend to hang with at the house while cooking out in the backyard with the kids, sipping some reisling and listening to some tunes.

dave chappelle

ok, i love to laugh. if there was a word bigger than love...i'd feel it for laughing. dave is the epitome of off-beat yet hilarious humor. and to top that off, he's extremely political and cultured in his own comedic way. and it always works. it doesn't matter where he is...he just says the craziest things and i would be on the floor holding my stomach literally from the pains of laughing too hard. dave is definitely the party/hang-out friend. not necessarily out in the clubs or anything....but for a good time (get your head outta the gutter), i'd definitely call dave.

queen latifah

i've loved queen latifah since "ladies first" when she had those twin back-up dancers and was wearing the african clothes. back then i didn't fully understand why, but as i grew older, i began to really appreciate her lyrical offerings. she rapped of something different besides men, sex and booty-shaking. not to mention i identified with her physically...well, height-wise. she's tall. i'm tall and i wasn't always comfortable with being tall. she used her height (basketball) and never tried to shrink into the ideal of standard hollywood beauty. she's evolved into such a multi-faceted star...i mean that literally. with the acting & singing, she's become a household name. she's even been nominated for an osacr...that's phenomenal for someone who started off in newark, nj rapping guys under the table like a champ!


sade needs no intro, no explanation, no nothing. she's sade for crying outloud! she'd be like my older calm mother friend. and i would have to resist the urge to just blurt out "can you sing something please?" every time i saw her. she seems like such a calm, elegant women. and i love her accent. she also seems like a wise woman. i could see her saying "now pcd, maybe you should try this instead..." as we relaxed at a spa. then i'd say "ok, now sing 'love is stonger than pride'" and get pinched on the arm because i'd probably say that every 4.5 seconds.



!*!*!*!*!Fresh and Fab!*!*!*!*! said...

hmm nice 1 pcd.

kelly rowland::she seems like a really down to earth person, some1 i can sit down with and have a decent conversation with,
shes beautiful and she has a beautiful voice.

neyo::i dont something about him, comes across down to earth, i dunno

thats it i think

!*!*!*!*!Fresh and Fab!*!*!*!*! said...

how can i forget::leona lewis, i really like everything about her and i love her voice.

damon wayans, he is hilarious
and tisha cammpbell.

TravelDiva said...

The Black is the New President thing was HILARIOUS!

In terms of who I think I could chill with? Chris Rock, Barack Obama, Denzel Washington, Alicia Keys, Will Smith, Queen Latifah, Jill Scott, George Clooney - they all seem pretty down to earth when you see them in interviews.

Queen of My Castle said...

I couldn't view the video here at work, but I loved the concept of your friend list. LOL

Hmmmm, now you're making me think...

1. Beyonce

2. Tasha Smith

3. Sanaa Lathan

4. Chris Rock

5. Jill Scott

jameil1922 said...

i was DYING @ tracey morgan!! i meant to post it on the blog today and absolutely forgot!! bah to me. let me see... maya rudolph is def. on my list. i want to hang w/blair underwood just b/c he's HAWT!! nia long seems really cool. that's all i can come up with w/o sitting here far too long!

The F$%K it List said...

Friends in my head hmmmmm, there are so many.

1. Kimora Lee Simmons
2. Jill Scott
3. Angelina Jolie
4.Christian (Project Runway)

I could go on and on with this one but I think its only right to leave space for others to post.

dejanae said...

Will Smith
seems like fun and the sexy dont hurt

Erykah Badu
creative genius

detective Munch
he'd be hella entertaining

12kyle said...

Tracey Morgan was hilarious!!!!

My celebrity friends???

Jay Z
Allen Iverson
Sanaa Lathan (that's my boo)

LoL!!! Good post PCD

!*!*!*!*!Fresh and Fab!*!*!*!*! said...


Still_Pocahontaz said...

good one

My friends are:

Jay Z because he is witty and has alot of wisdom, I could learn alot from him

Beyonce of course because she is sassy but she knows how to turn it on and off

Monique because she is not afraid to be herself and with her there are no holds barred

Tashia Smith because she would have my back in case some shyt pop off

and last but not least, Lil Kim...her sleaze factor could get us in and out of anything

The F$%K it List said...

Ok that Tracey Morgan video was HIGH-LARIOUS! I am going to have to shout your blog out so everyone can see it.

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

@ F&F...i like kelly too. she looks cool! and damon wayans is a nut! love him. my wife & kids used to have me rollin'

@ traveldiva...i love tracy times a million for that skit! and i wanted to put barack down so bad...but i think my lust for him would overtake all logic when we saw each other, and then i might overstep a boundary, then michelle would try to bust my head open with a candleholder while i ran screaming around the...see...i've gone waaaaaaaaay too far already (le sigh)

@ queen...tasha smith looks so funny and cool-definitely one of those ride-or-die friends. i almost put jill on my list too

@ jameil...ooooooh, give me some blair from SET IT OFF and just leave me alone!

@ F-it...omg! kimora is the greatest. she wrote the book on fabulosity (literally) so of course, she'd be so hot to hang out with

@ dejanae...will is so friggin sexy and erykah really looks like a good friend too. so interesting...

@ 12kyle...sports lover much?? LOL...sanaa looks cool..if only she'd leave that gabby alone, she'd score major points with me

@ F&F...true that!

@ poca...sidebar::you having fun, mama? hope so! anyhoo, i love monique...she looks funny and like she can cook ;-)

@ F-it...thanks hon

idk... said...

fresh and fab

you picked two of the same ones I would have picked too... (Kelly Rowland and Kanye West) Kelly seems really down to earth and we both like to eat ice lol... and Kanye seems cool AND a asshole at the same time and I like that lol....

As for my other choice I would pick Tyra Banks... A lot of people think shes crazy but I love her! when I went to a taping to her show she seemed real down to earth behind the cameras... I would love to hang out with her!

TravelDiva said...

LMBAO PCD on the obama comment!

Eb the Celeb said...

yes... a couple of these people i've met... but I dont know them personally...

I agree with you on dave chappelle, he is the sweetest nicest person... i had the pleasure of being at the block party... he's so genuinely funny... doesnt try like most comedians

another person would be teedra moses... such a sweet spirit, she has taken many punches in the music industry and she still continues to fight.

Gabrielle union, because she loves to parry, she's personable, and she's not high maintenance. She will come up to talk to you, and doesnt do the bodyguard thing.

Tasha Smith, everyone says I act like her character from why did I get married. i just feel close to her as a loud chocolate sista. She does have traits about her that remind me about myself so I could see us being 2 pees in a pod.

I guess that's enough for now

Elle said...

I want to steal F&*K it's list! But my number one friend in my head is blogger, B. Scott. Love him to pieces.

Simbarashe A said...

See? This is why people should *not* think that they could be friends with celebrities. Oh man, I have I got stories. Like, when I spent two hours with Sade at Ocean Way in Los Angeles and she easily cleared a pack before the time was up... and I immediately realised why she's never in the public eye.. Yeah some folks are wildn out, esp the ones you wouldn't believe..

James Tubman said...

lauryn hill is my wife: smart, talented, stands by her beliefs, not afraid to be different or vulnerable

we could really politik

and with her money and our ideas we could really change things for black people

my boy would be finness mitchel (comedian) (because he seems to be an expert on relationships and dating too)

erykah badu would be my best friend (because she's a pisces too and i know she would have some great stuff to talk about at dinner parties)

i guess that's it for now