Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cops & Robbers


so remember the fugly young lady that i butt heads with this past weekend? the one who thought i was so over-the-top because of my style preference? the one who asked to use my makeup? WELL, you would be shocked to know that she STOLE my MAC eyeshadow!!! yes, people, especially the ladies, you know how much of an offense this is!!! and to top it all off, it was a limited shade, never to be sold again!!! i was so livid when i found this out...i mean, this is a double edged sword. one, because that was literally my favorite shadow. i've been very sick for the past 3 days so i haven't worn make-up. but i use this shade just about every time i apply make-up. (it's a nice color to layer with). and secondly, ew! who knows what she's done with it...and i can't even go purchase a new one! so of course i don't want it back, but i sooooo do because i loved it and it was mine. i am so livid because this wilderbeast was not an acquaintance of mine. she was a friend of a friend. and i called myself being hospitable by even being around her and trying to show her a good time while hanging out with my's how the convo went (and obviously was when the theft occurred)

wilderbeast: you're wearing makeup?

pcd: um, yes

wilderbeast: i don't really wear makeup...but if you two are, maybe i should

pcd: (shrugs shoulders)

wb: well, since i'm wearing black and white, i guess i should use silver eye stuff. do you have any silver

pcd: no

wb: oh, well, you have a lot of stuff. can i use some?

pcd: well, i don't really do that...besides, i don't think i have what you would need. we have two totally different looks.

wb: i just want to look at some of it, ok?

pcd: whatev

wb: (poking thru my stuff) yeah, i couldn't wear this. i'm so dark it prolly wouldn't even show up on me. (picking up the mac shadow) this is pretty but i think i'm too dark for it

pcd: yeah, that wouldn't work

wb: (picks up a cheap gold glitter stick) what about this?

pcd: i don't care (i never use this thing, plus it's like 3 years old)


so i'm talking to my girl yesterday and she alerted me that wilderbeast has indeed lifted my eyeshadow and was going to just send me some money for it. I WAS LIVID!!!! beside the fact that she'd look a hot, crispy mess in it, i had told her not to even think about using it, so she STEALS IT!?!?! i swear, i'm done being nice to FOFs. she was a drag to be around, she judged me mercilessly and questioned almost everything about me and ends up being a thief to boot!!! nothing like being robbed by sure puts you in a crappy mood



and speaking of robbers, who remembers the show NY UNDERCOVER??? so TV-One is running the repeats again and i'm in heaven!!! and it's the good episodes from the beginning, before moreno or that irish dude was on it. that show was the BEST EVER!! it had the hip-hop beginning (lawd help you if you missed those first 3 musical minutes cuz that was the whole plot), the banging drama and of course, natalie's...the smooth club where the hottest acts performed. and what was so great about these performances was that most of the time, the acts covered someone else's song....

like 112 sang earth, wind & fire,

xscape sang debarge

k-ci & jojo sang jeffrey osbourne

brownstone sang "don't ask my neighbor"

and OLD SCHOOL MARY (my personal fave) sang lots of stuff. she was a repeat performer-(ah, the memories)

and remember zhane? OMG!!!

on a personal note, i was in love with michael delorenzo. looking back, i don't know what i was can't tell me he didn't wear black eyeliner. but i loved him just the same. and for those who wear wondering, michael is now peddling an album....yes, i'm serious.


Elle said...

Okay wow. So much to say. First of all, i'm weak from that dog pic...again! And second, she really took it to a whole 'nother level! It's one thing to hate but then to put your sticky fingers on my stuff...and then offer to pay? I'm she claiming it was an accident? It makes no never mind, that is some ghetto nonsense. Why couldn't she have taken one of the $5 mark shadows? Beyotch.

PS. U took me back talking bout NY Undercover...oh the memories! The Mary J. "I'm Going Down" performance is a classic.

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

so how could it be an accident if she wasn't even supposed to use it? how did it move from my bag to her whatever in the first place? she can claim accident all she wants...but i'm not buying...

Marleaux said...

Wearing another person’s makeup, just eww. I remember I was at work one day and forgot there was a company function afterwards and decided to go home and get dressed. But my coworker was like just wear that and you can use my eyeliner, she says as she’s putting the eyeliner on her lower eyelid… I was like umm *gags*, I’m good.

“i don't really do that” LMAO at that whole part. And of her picture. I know some folks that look like that. Yeah, she's a theif. Look through you're stuff thoroughly, that may not be the only thing missing...

I’m not just over fof’s, but even friends, like I have friends, but not friends. I had a bff, but she keeps calling me weird. First it was because I listened to Corrine Bailey Rae. She’s never even heard her music, well, that she knows of, I suspect, but just that Corrine is from over seas, and she’s like Lolo you’re weird, and you listen to weird music. Then she saw these ardenb boots I posted as a Versace alternate and she looks at me and shakes her head and says, “I don’t know about you’re style anymore…” Hmph, Elle thought they were fly, so you know they were. Then she started a blog and I was like, whenever you post, lemme know and I’ll link you. She posted and I aint linked her yet; I would not be associated with that mess… Sorry to use you post as a venting place, but I can’t post this on mine, she reads, lmao, or maybe not...

12kyle said...

I can't say that I know much about makeup but it sounds like she needs her ass kicked.

Maybe it's just me but that picture of the dog is hilarious.

Queen of My Castle said...

OMG!!! I was just watching NY Undercover last night thinking back to how 'cool' I thought Malik and Torrez were. The first five minutes of the show were the best and of course the acts at Natalie's never disappointed.

As for your FOF, that ish is just wrong. Never have understood people like that. You can take anything you want, just don't swipe the MAC shadow and lip glass.

Opinionated Diva said...

I am LIVID right along with you, but you are soooooo wrong for that so called pic of her! LOL!!

This is exactly why I keep the good shyt out of sight. Your friend should have taken it back...whether you wanted it back or not and she should check her friend too!

Make up and perfume...two things I do not share. Well hair products too! OK enough about this, I'm getting mad all over again. LOL

NY Undercover...damn that was the show! EVERYbody watched that and if you didn't, folks would look at you like something is wrong with you. Dude definitaly 'played for the other team' though.

Park Avenue said...

When "New York Undercover" first came on, that was THE show! It used to be so good, but when they added "Moreno" & the other guy, the show just kind of cheesed out. Michael De Lorenzo has cut an album? I wonder how it sounds. I guess I'm going to have to keep on wondering, because I'm sure as heck not going to buy it!

dejanae said...

the pics are a mess
why she gotta be a wilderbeast tho?
and how the thief gon throw stones?
New York Undercover
aint caught that in a minute
rememberem? i lovem
and you can't go wrong with an old school Mary joint

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

@ marleaux...its all good, i understand!

@ 12kyle....she needs it kicked, two times for stealing from me! ad yes, the dog is def. for dramatic effect....but she was unattractive

@ you saw the boxing ep? that was the one that got me all excited. between the method man song and the fighting, i was on edge last night-lol!!

@ diva...they both live out of state so all of the discovering was made over the phone...which made me even more MAD!

@ park ain't lying! did you ever see it when tommy from martin was on it....that was when the show was at its absolute WORST!

@ dejanae-well, she is a wilderbeast because she was rude, tacky and a THEIF! lol! plus she attacked me verbally the entire night so......but yeah, zhane was/is so hot! they were just before their time because they definitely had some bangers!

!*!*!*!*!Fresh and Fab!*!*!*!*! said...

hehe "this wilderbeast was not an acquaintance of mine"

im sure girls go crazy for thats ort of thing, doesnt sound like a big deal to me, but it was still yours and she did steal it.

you sure got your won back, this post can destroy a person.

jameil1922 said...

i can't stand thieves. 112!?!? ahhhhhhh!! lol.

Eb the Celeb said...

OMG... this wilderbeast (cant stop laughing at the pic you use for her) person... i think we all have one of them in our lives.. I have a cousin and a friend of a friend that are the same way... always calling asking what im wearing...if I say a dress then their like... oh I was going to wear jeans i think i'll wear a dress now too... that mess urks me so much... why cant you just be you... cuz I'm gonna do me... ugh!

Then the fact that she's a thief just makes it 10 times worse...

loved your highlights too...