Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ringing the Alarm on Clinton & Ferraro

keith olbermann is my hero....



12kyle said...

I remember Keith Olberman from his days on SportsCenter on ESPN. Then he left a few years ago to take this job with MSNBC. I've seen his show a few times but I never took him too serious b/c I still viewed him as that goofy dude from ESPN. But I've never seen him come on tv like this. I was impressed.

I think he made some great points. Hillary's tactics and her campaigns antics are killing her. I could care less about that b/c I'm rollin with Obama. However, this stuff will cause a division among Dems and make it harder for Obama. Obama is gonna get the nomination. I think we all know that. But he's constantly having to battle McCain AND Hilary. That shouldn't be. Its unfortunate that this campaign is STILL dragging on while the Repubs are chillin. Clinton needs to try to finish this race and hope for the best. The constant mud slinging isn't gonna help her.

Great post!!

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

12kyle, i cannot STAND hillary. she makes me feel icky. i never liked her because of the air of entitlement she exuded from day one almost. then february 5th came and looky wasn't a wrap like she thought it'd be. i'm usually not one for foolishness, but some of the things her camp has pulled is so outrageous that i can't ignore it. the blatant hypocrisy is like a slap in the if the american people aren't smart enough to realize that she is a liar, backstabbing, race-baiting, fear-mongering opportunist. anyone even know why she elected to move to ny and become senator? yeah right...i do not like when people cannot conceed to a)defeat, b) what is right, c) common reminds me of a maniacal lover....if i can't have you, no one will...except hill's fervor is for power..YUCK

jameil1922 said...

you beat me to it!! i have the completely composed post in my draft. he has made fantastic points. and i was def. impressed.

RThomas said...

...K.O. raised some very valid issues about ol' Geraldine, though it took some digging and research to show a semblance of a pattern in her thining. Most of those not in the Capitol Hill political scene would not have known those things and had to take her initial comments about Barack at face value and I'm not sold that what she said is off the mark. Would we be as passionate about these candidates if there were not such historic ramifications behind them? A neophyte senator with virtually no foreign policy experience. Another who is famous or infamous for having a hidden agenda at the heart of running for President so she stayed with her husband who betrayed her.

I'm not so ready to push Geraldine off the cliff because there is some accuracy to her thinking as it was when she made them about Jesse. Was he president material? No, but folks were "Up with Hope, down with Dope"!


PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

jameil...i know! *starry-eyed* he was ballsy, yet accurate and that's what i loved most abou this commentary.

@ rthomas...welcome to the circle. i hear you regarding the "icing" that decorates the candidates so. yes, its political history, and its gets people riled up...but i draw the line at responsible journalism, advising and policy supporting. what she said MAY resonate with others. it MAY NOT even be that false...but, given her (prior) position, she had no business saying it. i just believe that somes things are better left unsaid. sure, a ot of people are thinking it, but who told her to grab the mike and yell "HOOOOO!!" um, no one. and she wasn't imploring people to make educated decisions regarding voting...she was straight up being a bigot. why do i say this? cuz when she caught backlash, she almost lost her mind, like how dare thee attack me, the lilly white woman that i am? lol. thanx for coming by...visit again :-)

dejanae said...

and the church said amen

Los Angelista said...

I loooved this commentary. I've been watching Olbermann for a couple of years now and he tells the truth more than most.

Obama's going to be on his show tonight. I can't wait.

RThomas said...

Pretty.....I just like saying that.

I feel you on what makes her the one to say it. I guess I'm looking at it on a macro level. She raised one issue about one candidate that happens to be the one with the laser like focus on him right now from the public. But, to me, it goes to issue of it not being wrong to ask very valid questions. Like do you have enough experience to run this country or make an impact in the foreign arena?

How many of the millions who support both of these candidates have the slightest clue how bills are passed, resolutions are made or earmarks get secured? These are the ways the candidates are legally able to get things done for you and me. If I'm rallying and knocking door to door for them and don't have a clue how they can help me other than being a woman or being black, then my work is in vein. I don't know the answer to the question, but I sure as hell hope that people understand the office of the president and his administration.

I mean, how can you raise nearly $50 million dollars in the short run? It's because people are giving out of emotion. Neither of them has outlined a concrete agenda that would warrant such grandiose support (and they cannot do that until one actually gets in office and builds their team). That grand monetary support comes from people identifying with the camp that will allow them to be part of seeing history happen. And that's about having a woman and a black man on the stage.

...I'm with you on Geraldine not being the one to raise the question and then feeling "all entitled" like she cannot be touched. I work on Capitol Hill, and believe me, THEY ALL THINK LIKE THAT!!!!! That's a topic for another post.

Thanks for the invite....Pretty.


PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

@ dejanae...*rocking back and forth rubbing my arms, doing an old lady hum* mmmmmmmmm,mmmmmmm..amen!

@ los angelista...i agree. he has a good vibe to him....i'll be watching tonight (yay)! so we have a real front-row seater on capitol hill. why do i feel more fabulous now? anyhoo, you definitely have made great points...but as you said, most folks don't diig that deep...but you sure can come to the circle anytime and school us *wink* thanx for sharing and for getting the wheels turning in people's minds, including Pretty's :-)

The F$%K it List said...

Swooning over Keith Olberman. That was a heart felt speech on what is happening with the Democrats.

Before Barack really threw his hat in the ring I had doubts about Pantsuit (PC we got this from Lil Bush too funny) and then I started doing more research on her and Bubba!. All I can say about that is Black people have to stop settling, Bubba made the country better.. yeah not really. It was all glitzy but the under belly showed more. More Black men were imprisoned during the evil Clinton reign.

Barack is about change and I see it everywhere. In my own home, My hubby was riding hard for pantsuit (I taught my son to say Barack and whomp whomp if my hubby said Hilary.) Then all of a sudden he started reading about her and sat down with his Mason brothers and pulled that little lever for Barack. I was proud that day because something was sparked in him that made him a part of democratic system not just a sheep.

Pennsylvania is not the end as that evil machine would have you believe there are a whole lot of states (N.C especially) that could seal the deal for Barack, so we need to stand up. YES WE CAN! BARACK in '08!