Thursday, March 27, 2008

What Is Attractive To You?

remember my friend that i told you about? the one who meets people on line? well, she has taken up with a new person. what strikes me as even more odd is that almost every person is sooooooo drastically different from the last. i'm wondering, what exactly is she looking for?

i told you about the legless felon, the preacher from myspace and now it's a medical rep with 2 kids. legless was a skinny thug. he worked in the sprint store. he lost his leg escaping from police. he was very rough around the edges, wore hip-hop clothes and had a lot of family baggage. preacher was *cough* a preacher, but she never found out what his 9-5 is because he does not pastor a church. she doesn't know much of him, but she found him attractive. he wears suits, polo shirts and khakis. he's dark-skinned, well groomed, low haircut, and no kids. medical rep is light skinned. he's suuuuuuuuuper light skinned actually. he has 2 children and dreadlocks.

beside the fact that i feel they all have some serious character issues, they are all so different. physically and with their places in life. i was so confused that i had to ask, what are you actually attracted to? do you just want a guy, any guy? because you don't seem to have a "type." you are like an equal opportunity dater-lol. (she didn't like that) but i am confused. i really am curious about what she is attracted to in a guy? physically and otherwise. some chicks like upstanding guys with a 9-5, no kids, clean cut. some like thugs, no real career, might have kids, rough-and-stuff. some like a mixture, some like dark, some light, some low hair, some long hair, some ambitious and driven, some blowing in the wind with no real goals-hustler type......i have no idea what she likes. (i'm starting to think it's whatever with a twig & berries-lol)



jameil1922 said...

That black dude w/the locks needs a longer tie and the one w/the designs on his back pockets? those are the worst jeans. men, don't embellish your jeans. that's not what's hot in the streets. i like my guys pretty clean cut clothing-wise. hair i don't care as long as it's not cornrows. for casual wear i kind of like preppy dressers. def. like muscular dudes-- just to know he takes care of himself, not bodybuilder types. is that enough?

personality-- smart, fun, SINGLE, Godly, patient, educated, employed. if he's educated and looking for a job but can't find one, i'm also cool with that. just don't expect to go out all the time on my dime. sometimes sure but sometimes you better be cooking or something! however you eat, feed me too! alright alright i'll stop now.

TravelDiva said...

Good post.

Character wise: honesty, confidence (but not arrogance), intelligent, funny, strong, sensitive (to me and others), spiritual.

Physically - Height. (I'm 5'10"! I need a tall one! LOL); nice face, nice chest and arms, eyes.

RThomas said... a teen, I was into light with long I got older (attended a HBCU), I fell in love with caramel with an authentic look and appeal. Natural beauty without a lot of fuss. That differs person to person. Spent time in Ghana, West Africa and discovered an appreciation for natural chocolate.

Now that I'm a man (I'm a man, Daddy.), I've learned to find appealing traits about every woman. So, like your friend, the physical definition changes according to the person.

Personality: Has to have a sense of humor..cynical humor is deal, because I'm cynical as HELL. A good joker with the ability to appreciate significant and relatively important issues in the world. Having faith at the core without quoting me word for word dialogue from the Dead See Scrolls....Definitely the ability to enjoy someone else's success and empathize with others' pain. Life isn't about me kind of way of life....just described my wife...:)

12kyle said...

good one PCD

Looks...Pretty smile, pretty eyes, well groomed hair (long or short), nice body, pretty legs (i'ma sucka for legs)

characteristics-intelligence, humor, passion, compassion, driven

Still_Pocahontaz said...

I have a weakness for tall men, doesn’t matter his features. If he is tall and can handle his tall status without being tall and goofy..thats good cus I can climb up to him. I like a man that can grab me up and sweep me off my feet. I love a sensitive man, a man that is not afraid to show his feelings without crossing the line in to bitchassness. I like a clean cut and nice clean goatee. I like good skin, and a fresh mouth with nice teeth are extremely important.

Still_Pocahontaz said...
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The F$%K it List said...

Physical characteristic: I am partial to dark skin men that are tall (Kevin G) and at one point all about dreads (my hubby is all of these things)

More importantly: I love when a man can carry an intelligent conversation. I can almost see past the physical if you have an opinion. And if you can debate, I'm all in. I like to feel like the man in my life wants to take care of me so just be responsible and its a go with me.

I don't care what you do professionally as long as you have a gig! I'm too old to be with a street hustler and too damn classy (OoooKay!)

dejanae said...

nice build
im not colr struck so he can be whatever color he wants to
college educated

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

@ jameil...thank you for your thesis ;-)

@ traveldiva...YAY! we're the same height....tall women rock!!

@ rthomas...awwwwwwww! that was sweet

@ 12kyle...legs ARE hawt!!!!

@ poca...i'm with you on teeth and mouth issues. can't do the yuk-mouth-bleh!

@ F-it...i feel you. the art of language does seem lost.

@ dejanae...compassion is one of my weak points. so many people just don't give a crap so when you find someone who genuinely cares deeply about're blessed!

Eb the Celeb said...

I like tall men... at least 6'2, chocolate skin... nice build... I dont like the skinny dudes. Between 230-280 if its solid is perfect size.

Personality wise I like someone thats funny. That challenges me mentally but isnt a know it all. Someone who knows how to love someone. Someone who has big dreams and is entrepreneurial. Someone who's jeans are the correct size. Someone who isnt a homebody. Someone who doesnt want a litter of kids. The sexiness thing about a man is his confidence...because there's a thin like between that and cockiness... so when a man can effective get that across... he's golden.

Queen of My Castle said...

Great post. LMAO @ equal opp. dater. I hate dating men that don't have a specific "type" because, well...I don't know why. LOL

I prefer pretty boy types, clean shaven, well mannered, confident yet not arrogant, killer smile, and great sense of humor, and he must be taller than me in my pumps. I'm 5' he has to be at least 6 feet tall.

Miss Mika said...

After being married to a shorter guy, one of my main physical attractions was tall men. I mean 6'2 and up. My experience was that the shorter men I dated (5'8 and shorter), seemed to have a complex about it and was more hung up about it than I was. I loved clean-cut men that took care of themselves physically. Outside of the physical spectrum, I was always drawn to creative, romantic, educated, driven, spontaneous men. A man with a sense of purpose was and will always be attractive to me.

Similar to rthomas, my "type" has evolved over the years. As I got older, I focused more on mental compatibility rather than physical attraction.

Mizrepresent said...

My first time first off, hey!

Now my list-

-a good personality
-good conversationist
-pretty smile
-well groomed
-taller than me preferably
-nice body size, but if he's a little thick, like that Gerald Levert teddy bear type, i still got love for him.
-likes to do things, go places but equally comfortable doing nothing at all
-not obsessive or possessive
-has a job, a goal, a career and some dreams
-can communicate effectively

The Artist In Me said...

Hello...good post!
Much like everyone else I think that my interests have shifted from focusing on the physical to focusing on their mental state of mind. Someone that has a relationship with Christ would have to be numero uno on my list. Able to hold a striking conversation, honest, loving, affectionate, family oriented, funny, giving, nice teeth, attractive to me (which could be a range of looks).

Oh and we can't forget the necessities
Single (truly single)
Has a taxable job (unless there are extenuating circumstances - like layoff)

Be blessed!

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

@ eb...tall is hawt!!!
i'm so mad you said "litter" -LOLOLOL!

@ Queen...i feel you. if they don't have a type, how do you weed thru the selections?

@ missmika...i agree about the shorties-lol!

@ ms rep...welcome to the circle!

@ artist...welcome to you as well!

!*!*!*!*!Fresh and Fab!*!*!*!*! said...

hmm, well people can say what they want but

physical apperance is always top on the list.

after that for me,its

and i like really toned girls, d.woods danity kane, like her or then i can go for small girls