Monday, March 24, 2008

BET Is Trying To Kill Me

The Pretty Ugly Spotlight::: BET
*blogger is acting like quite the fool this morning-grrrrrrrrr!*

i guess i should make a formal announcement....i hate BET! i am really disappointed with the choice of programming and since debra lee has become the new shot-caller, i've been even more disgusted. there is an overflow of foolishness on that channel and its really out of control. last week, i was talking to my friend on the phone and she told me to turn it to BET and look at the new season of collge hill. i don't know how far in the season the episodes are, but i was really disgusted by the level of craziness going on.

college hill is a debacle if i've ever seen one. they put a bunch of college kids in a mansion. provide them with sex potions and creams, make the boys and girls share bedrooms and film everything. so what do you think will happen with young guys and gals sleeping in the same room with plenty of alcohol and freaky creams and juices flowing about? exactly....a hot, disgusting, over-sexed, irresponsible mess!

the girls seem to have a problem speaking in regular voices...meaning, they scream and yell a lot. (this is just one of my peeves. i hate to see black women portraying themselves as these savages yelling and acting out with no class. it makes them look like...yeah you know...angry, black blankety-blanks.....whatever happened to the days when ladies spoke in inside voices, crossed their legs when they sat down and displayed some mystery when it came to the opposite sex?) the guys seem to have one thing on their minds-sex. there is even an episode where they invite a bunch of strippers over and procede to throw $1 bills from the staircase and all over the room while these young "ladies" shake what their mothers gave them. i find myself asking-what is the point to this? i have yet to com eup with an answer.

another one of the shows that particularly made my gag reflex go into overdrive was keyshia cole: the way it is.

i have not seen the entire season(s) and i would never want to. the few episodes i have witnessed put me into a state of shock. imo, when does keeping it real truly go wrong?? well, i say this occurs in keyshia's show. there was so much dirty laundry being aired, i really couldn't stand to bear witness to it. some have argued that the struggles the family endured (most self-inflicted) could help someone but i don't understand how. there was infidelity, crack-smoking, incarceration, alcoholism, pregnancy outside of a marriage, abortion issues, and heaps of fighting, cursing and shouting at each other. i prayed they would not air another season.

well, there isn't another season being aired (yet) but BET did have a 'reunion' show with the family...which i found odd because they are all involved in each other's lives heavily so how is that a reunion? well, i guess they meant reuniting the family with the viewers? anyhoo, keyshia's sister neffetiria made me lose it. her thoughts seemed cloudy, she dodged questions and she kept saying "are you seeeeeeeeeeeeeerious? like are you seeeeeeeeeeeerious?" then out came frankie, keyshia's mom. the former felon and crack abuser. and the antics went up about 25 notches.

i do not find anything inspiring about this display. i don't understand the purpose of the show. it makes me sad actually. and you can call me a prude if you like, but i just feel like you don't have to put everything out there. some things can be kept to yourself...and i wish keyshia cole and crew would have. oh, and her sister neffetria was pregnant on the show by some random drug-abusing dude that is not her husband. she scheduled an appointment for an abortion...well, come to find out, she kept the baby. it's a boy....and his name is jaylen weelove cole. weelove...marinate on that. yes, weelove.

no, i'm not kidding.


*i didn't know cartoons cursed-lol, so beware, there is cursing in this*


Opinionated Diva said...

You know what...I rarely if ever watch BET. I gave up on trying to find a decent show there. I did catch snippets of the College Hill show and snippets of that so called Coles 'reunion'.

College Hill doesn't even deserve a mention. It's just that pointless of a show.

Key and her family need therapy AWAY FROM THE CAMERAS. There is so much hurt and raw emotion there. They can't even get through a segment without someone crying. Unfortunately though, her sister and her mother love performing for the cameras, so I'm sure there will be another season.

Miss Mika said...

Black Evil Television

That could not be more fitting.

I have never seen that episode of the Boondocks before but man, it had truth to it. The creative minds at BET have to really hate black folks to actually fund a lot of the crap that they air. That is if they aren't trying to buy episodes of old shows or use the ideas of other networks instead of coming up with ideas of their own.

In total agreement PCD. Great post.

dejanae said...

boondocks had it right

12kyle said...

Excellent topic PCD

I hate BET! It's not the same BET that we grew up on. No more Donnie Simpson and Sherry Carter on Video Soul. No more Prince de Jour, Da Mayor, and Big Tigger on Rap City. No more Ed Gordon. No more Tavis Smiley. No more Jackie Reid. I digress...

It is a joke. The only program that i attempted to watch was the Original Gangsters series b/c I wanted to see the piece that they did on Frank Lucas (American Gangster). It has become a station that only features infomercials, comic view, and some of the worst programming known to man. Just downright embarrassing. But you don't have to look far to see why. Bob Johnson. He's the reason why. America's 1st black billionare. He's run BET into the ground and now he's doing the same for the NBA's Charlotte Bobcats, the team that he owns. Won't be long before they'll be doing tap dancing in black face for halftime entertainment at the Bobcats games.

Seriously, it's sad to see what it has become. I've seen this Boondocks ep 3 times already and it KEEPS getting funnier each time.

*as I step down from my soapbox*

12kyle said...

btw...Rev Rollo Goodlove is funny as hell!!!!

The F$%K it List said...

Grrrrrrrrrrr.....BET! I hate that station with such a passion.

The constant degradation of Black people on a station that is supposed to be for them is unacceptable. And that woman who now runs the station (under the thumb of Viacom) should be ashamed. What happen to the days of having at least one show that tried to uplift the kids (Teen Summit)?

My sister told me about the college hill show this season and I was more than disturbed! There is no station safe for Black people, VH1 and MTV show us as willing to do anything for fame hoes (Flavor of Love), BET shows us as booty shaking, dysfunctional people.

I remember getting home after the Twin Towers fell in NY and my sister was watching BET and they were showing videos, not even a ticker ran across the screen to alert people to what was happening in NY (where that fool a$$ 106 and Park is taped). HATE HATE HATE!

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I am soooo with you. I HATE BET!!! I used to watch it all the time back in the day because I loved Video Soul and Teen Summit. Now it's nothing but an over-sexed bunch of crap!

It really is destroying the way we're portrayed in and around the country.

How have we fallen so low???

Great post!

New Black Woman said...

I always, always, always avoid BET...If I could block it on my basic cable, I would.

Queen of My Castle said...

I sooooo feel you on the whole BET thing especially that darn Keshia Cole show. I couldn't stomach it for too long for all of the reasons you have mentioned here. I, too, hate when women feel the need to be all loud and ghetto. My sister and I call it the ugly girl syndrome. You know, when silly girls feel they have to wear short shorts showing all their black and talking really loudly, smacking their lips, and acting like they are mad all the damn time? UGH!!!! I HATE that with a passion. Okay, I digress now. Take heart hun, I got you on my next post. *wink*

idk... said...

being from Oakland and currently living in the Bay I watched Keshia Cole's show... I cant lie and say I wasn't embarrassed for them at times because a lot of their dirty laundry was aired for the world to see and I agree their problem should have been handled off the air cause being in front of the camera make people put too much on it at times... other then that I don't watch BET... and cant really comment on the other shows they air

The Second Sixty-Eight said...

The only good thing on BET is the Boondocks! By "on" I mean they got on that ass about how sorry a network it is. The satire is so on point that the last two Boondocks episodes weren't even showed in the United States. They dogged BET that good.

So I guess I am saying that there isn't anything good actually playing on BET!