Friday, June 20, 2008

I Was Tagged and I Tagged Myself-hee, hee

BODY TAG! (I was tagged by Foia)
Take 1 or more clean body shots preferably your favorites.You can either simply just include the pictures or even better give some description of what it is you like about your naked body. Also what did you learn about your naked body that you never noticed before?The whole point is seeing your body the way others do. Fall in love with yourself all over again and recognize those not so perfect parts. I believe our bare skin is beautiful and is some of the most beautiful art created. Flaws and all. It's also a representation of who we are beneath the layers, facades, and fake laughs. It's who we are in our purist form.Keep the tag going. Pick 5 other bloggers to join in on the fun and tag them by including their names after your post and by leaving a comment on their blog letting them know they have been tagged. I think it would also be great if you would let the person who tagged you know once you have posted your pictures.

i love my legs...for real! i used to hate them, because they are so long. and of course, when you're growing up, you don't appreciate things about yourself that set you apart. but as the years have passed, i have fallen more and more in love with my legs. i love their they escalate me above the masses and glide me into a the muscles look when i walk or stand great they look in fab shoes are the last and most important ingredient to my leggy lusciousness...YAAAAAY for legs!


Da rules of this meme are as follows:
Post the rules before the pictures/descriptions.Take a few shots of what's hiding in your fridge..freezer...pantry...cupboards.

The more the better. You can either simply just include the pictures or even better give some description of what's in there...your favorites...where you (or how not) it's organized...and/or whatever else you want to include.

The more info the better...NO tidying up! If you want to turn around things so you can see the labels thats fine...but no re-arranging or cleaning things up.The whole point is to see things the way they actually are...naturally. If there is nothing in your fridge show that... Just keep it real!

Keep the tag going.Pick 7 other bloggers to join in on the fun and tag them by including their names after your post and by leaving a comment on their blog letting them know they have been tagged.

i liked this tag so i tagged myself-lol!

*this is the fridge. top shelf has some fresh mint, baby yogurt with that heifer dora the explorer on it, some smirnoff tea coolers, some mint lemonade, coffee creamer and pancakes. middle shelf has lots of cheeses, (cream cheese, mascarpone,cheddar, mozzarella), eggs, chicken broth and lil PCD's juice boxes. she also loves prune juice. bottom shelf has fruit (watermelon, oranges, peaches, apples), some dinner rolls, baby spinach, sour cream, feta cheese and collard greens.

*fridge drawer just has a bunch of salad and asparagus

*the fridge door consists of lots and lots of salad dressings (i eat lots of salad obviously), some white cooking wine, parmesan cheese, aloe vera (it feels so good & soothing on your skin when its cold!), wine, about 4 different types of mustard, capers, ketchup, garlic, baby's medicine, a small jar of mayonnaise, steak sauce and baking soda. up top is butter, baby juice and lemon juice

*freezer has some veggies, hash browns, ice cream cake from father's day, pizza, chicken nuggets, garlic bread, butter, ice, meat and these new bagel things i saw on tv called bagelfuls...haven't eaten them yet tho

*freezer door has veggies, whole grain pancakes, baby's ice pack and popsicles
*cabinet has the spices, grits, olive oil and spray, lots of crystal light, coffee, brown sugar, soup mix, and lots of tea and rice
*cabinet has baby fruits (i told you she liked prunes), some dried prunes, oatmeal for lil PCD (i hate oatmeal), her cookies and crackers, a ton of splenda packets next to some salad plates i've never used, emergen-c vitamin c powder packets, noodles, rice, beans, english muffins and taco shells
THIS WAS FUN! and i don't want to hear ONE WORD about how obsessed i am about order. i told ya'll a while back that i have to have order in my life so now you see i wasn't playing. if you like this tag and haven't done it yet, feel free. i can't tag anybody else cuz i just tagged people last week. HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND!!!!


Brown Girl Gumbo said...

You ARE very organized and have a quite a packed fridge, freezer and cupboard! My refrigerator is always empty save for water, lettuce and Minute Maid grape punch. LOL!

But my freezer is always packed with frozen salmon fillets from Gorton's!!

Fun post/tag!

Enjoy your weekend!! :-)

She W0rd Hustlez said...

Nice legs. Wow, I would do this post, but I have NOTHING in my fridge and freezer so I will not even embarrass myself, lol. Yeah you have the good stock! I'm hating. It's organized too! I dig that! I need to come grocery shopping at your house. Lol.

Queen of My Castle said...

I soooo loved this post! Maybe because I am a bit inquisitive and am always looking to try new things, but would prefer references from trusted sources first, so don't be surprised if/when I ask your advice on certain cooking techniques. LOL

Your legs are tres fab, Missy, and those shoes/sandals/pumps are the hotness.

Product Junkie Diva said...

self tagging is the
I am glad you have come to an appreciation for your legs.
@BGG I love that grape punch...hehe
Product Junkie Diva

Product Junkie Diva said...

Forgot to mention...your shoes are HOT and you with your legs you can do some leg modeling... :-)
Product Junkie Diva

jameil1922 said...

y'all will never EVER run out of food! good gracious alive!! (goin back to the south, have to practice!! lol) nice legs! you know i kinda wanna do this tag to show mine off, too! hahahahaha. i'll think abt it! i've also considered the fridge one but yeah... y'all don't need to know all that!!

TravelDiva said...

LOL. Great legs chica! Work!

12kyle said...

Great legs!!!

Wait a minute...there were pictures of your fridge? LOL. Musta missed it!

Dreamy said...

girl your legssss are gorgeoussssssss. wow and those shoes are banging.

you got it going on, woohoooo go girl

and dang i coming over to your house to eat. yall got some food up in there

have a wonderful weekend mami

K.C. said...

Beautiful legs and shoes. Don't you just wonder now how you were ever embarrased?

It is all that Crystal Lite and all those veggies you are eating... Kayce

PBW said...

Your legs are gorgeous!

And your refrigerator and cabinets look delicious. Yum! Around here the husband and I look at each other and ask, "Who in the hell does the grocery shopping around here?"

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

@ everyone...thanx for complimenting me leggies and food-holders. i thought these were cute tags so i figured, why not? hope everyone has a great weekend! *mwah*


the old me said...

I love me some Crystal Light and cookies...but that's all I have in my frig and pantry