Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"Why?" Wednesday

i woke up this morning with a lot of questions that i don't necessarily have an answer to on my mind, so i figured, why not make a post out of them? so............

WHY do i usually forget to feed our fish?

WHY does the humidity make my hair look like annie?

WHY am i watching Good Morning America and those dang-blasted clintons are still grabbing headlines?

WHY did i click past BET last night and the BET awards were on?

WHY did i pause on the channel to see what was going on?

WHY did alicia keys insist on wearing yeast infection jeans? *we all know you're hippy, but that was in poor taste...and so was the egyptian wig. you're waaaaaaay too fab for that*

WHY did i not know 75% of the people /songs/antics?

WHY did i grow increasingly embarrassed by some of the buffoonery?

WHY does my husband snore like a friggin wilderbest with a foghorn up his nose? *hurling pillow at his head*

WHY did someone call my phone before 8am this morning? thats so rude. unless its an emergency, don't call me before 8! i don't want to have to turn my ringer off cuz something might actually happen. dang...have some couth! i shouldn't have to say this, but there's always somebody...

WHY was there a four car smash-up on the highway early this morning and 3 people were thrown from their cars? seatbelts are the truth people...

WHY am i fiending for some fried green tomatoes but still get the willies cuz they are confusing week tomatoes are cool, the next week, they're not...from this region, its ok, not from thanx!

WHY is our fish circling the top of his tank, fluttering and having seizures looking for food...(*PCD, get up and feed that dang thing*)

WHY did some 7 year old drive his grandmother's car to the mall? *i've never understood how these things happen...are the adults in the house doing mushrooms while the kids just run wild?*

WHY have i still not finished painting my daughter's rocking chair....all i have to do is cover up a mistake and paint her only took me 2 days to completely hand-paint and its been a month now that i haven't put the finsihing touch on...le sigh

WHY is it supposed to thunderstorm this weekend and we're going to the blueberry bash? curses!!!

WHY did i have the yummiest dinner last night made up of baked sole wrapped around lump crabmeat, pan-seared garlic scallops, steamed asparagus and a fresh salad with seasoned feta and cranberries?

WHY is my schedule super crazy...between lil PCD's gymnastics, music & dance and swim lessons and my women's meeting, book club and 2 day per week chiropractor appointments...i'm boggled! and i have to fit shopping, family & friend time and play dates into all of this-YIKES!!! somehow we get it done....*thank goodness for wine, bubble baths and spas*

WHY do i have some of the most fab and diverse readers?

WHY do i ALWAYS go shopping for one or two things tops and end up buying 75 things?

WHY when i end up purchasing extra stuff does that start me on a mission and i start going places i didn't even plan on shopping at?



The F$%K it List said...

why was I up late watching that awful BET show?

And even later watching the after-show and Baldwin hills? (HOT MESS)

Why do I wish I would have skipped over the PCD weekend weather report :P

Rain rain go away!

The F$%K it List said...

oh and why am I having such a hard time planning my child's bday party? Well the answer to that is I don't want to do the wiggles theme but he love it

Product Junkie Diva said...

Why am I unable to find a pdc email address??? lol PCD can you please contact me at I need to ask you something that I don't want to write on your nothing at all bad of course- good stuff actually.
And you know I already relate to your question about going into a store to buy 2 things and leaving with half of the
Product Junkie Diva

The Jaded NYer said...

GIRL! I was *dead* at "yeast infection jeans* because that's EXACTLY what my girl and I called them just now on the phone!! LMAO!

and that 7yr old... don't even get me started...

and PLEASE go feed your fish! lol

TravelDiva said...

LOL on not knowing 75% of the songs and people.

Why am I blogging instead of working?

Sexxy Luv said...

Why did the day just start and you have all those questions!?!....WHY?

I have my nerve, I have just as many on a daily bases.

Why is it that I loved the BET awards last night, and A. Keys wig and outfit?

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Hey Sis PCD!

-Why was I almost in a 5 car accident last Thursday that I know would have had me in the hospital or dead...if it wasn't for the grace of God.

-Why did you just make me want a fried green tomatoe sandwich. Probably sounds gross but no my sistah...not by a long fact try it on a tortilla with cheese sprinkled on it...yum..yum..yummy for your tummy!

-Why does your husband snore like that??? How do you deal with that night after night? lol

-Why am I hungry right now..but I'm waiting on my sistah to wake up and cook breakfast?...I know why cause she's the hostess with the mostest...and she loves cooking for people and people love her cooking...WHY NOT WAIT FOR HER TO WAKE UP!

-Why do I have an event to do on Friday and I have not written my piece yet?...

-Why did I wash and retwist my locs yesterday they do not look funky fresh..due to my head sweating so much?

-Why does my head sweat more than anything else on my body?...And why does that drive me crazy?

Peace & Blessings

She W0rd Hustlez said...

I loved this post, lol. Why do you have some of the most fab/diverse readers? Because you're fab; with great posts! Oh and I'd love to see your hair like Annie's, lol! Of course I have a few why's of my own.

-Why does this girl feel the need to make a comment every single time she walks through my cubicle. Clearly I'm on they phone; why are you speaking to me?

-Why am I craving a mexican pizza from taco bell (no tomatoes)?

-Why hasn't my hip-hop abs dvd come in the mail yet?

-Why did Kirk Frankling have on that extra Small shirt on at the BET Awards last night? and Why does Nelly never wear a shirt period anymore? (Not that I'm mad at that).

The Pew View said...

Hey Pretty Lady. Well baby I knows what you means bout the humidity and hair issues. That's why I keeps me a good wig on hand. I still ain't found the right summer wig though. Why the wig peoples don't invent a summer wig? You know somehow make it so your scalp can get a breeze in the summer time.

That Alicia Keys gurl is sho nuff talented and as pretty as she wanna be. But that chile better learn that baking cakes between your thighs ain't pretty or sexy at all. Take care now.

Ruthie Ann

She W0rd Hustlez said...

Lmao @ Ruthie Ann.

Dreamy said...

Feed the fish PCD please?

Why do I have to go the gynecologist this afternoon?

Why dont I want to go?

Why do they have to take you weight down everytime I go?

Why am I super tired when I been sleeping all freaking morning?

Why, Why, Why

jameil1922 said...

why did everyone blog abt the awards today? this is me not caring. seatbelts are the truth people!!! can we say that again?? WHY don't people acknowledge this by buckling up! don't like blueberries but i'll take your dinner minus the cran! YUM!!!!

12kyle said...

LOve it!

I too watched the BET Awards. It was ok. I didn't have anything else to watch. No NBA. LOL

Tell the Clintons to beat it

I love Ms Keys

MrPCD prolly snores like that b/c he's tired...that means that you put in work lol!!!

You had that for dinner? Damn! You got any leftovers? LOL

Why do I sigh when I look and see that my office is calling me

Mizrepresent said...

I so feel you on shopping for one thing and coming home with 75 things, smh...that's why i need to stay out of stores, period.

Foia said...

Why did I miss the BET Award for like the 5th year in a row..and every time I miss it..I never see it..gotta be live baby..

But why did I hear that all of the stars from like the 90's are "thick" chilli and T-boz..swv girls? WTF and Ms. Keys..
What are they putting in our food?

PBW said...

WHY didn't you invite me over for that wonderful dinner!?!?! Sounds delicious!