Monday, June 9, 2008

In The Park w/PCD - Fashion Mishaps

hello good peoples! this weekend i went to the park. there were a lot of people there and i like to people watch. but i started to notice a trend...a LOT of bad dressers were in the midst. so many that i said, lets do a fashion piece on things to NEVER do or wear. this is just for comedic purposes, so don't get all abunched (especially if you are known to rock any of these styles-tee hee hee) one's identity is involved.

this girl's outfit wasn't bad...but at first glance, i thought she was missing pants. her shorts are almost a dead-on shade of brown matching her skin. just not something i would do

i call this style "old playa." i was 17 skillion degrees out this weekend and this dude had his baby blue pantsuit on WITH thick white socks (not pictured). plus i think shiny white shoes are funny. they make me feel warm and fuzzy...and he had a hat to match!

um, no...just a world of NO!!! it's one thing that this gentleman is in dire need of a tan, but the stretched church socks and sandals almost killed me dead!

miss shiny pants...i see where you were going with this one. your 24 karat pants weren't the worst thing created...but when you decided to get matchy-matchy with a 24 karat purse, then your sandals should not have been the color of aluminum foil.

what you guys can't see is the tips of her hair were white...WHITE!!! someone needs to back away from the dye box...oh, and swing by bali or hanes her way and get a bra STAT!!

this is a trend i don't understand. why bother wearing "shorts" if they are going to be toucing your ankles? are those not pants? perhaps, highwater pants? maybe they should be called ports, a pants/shorts combo, kinda like skorts (remember those?) i still really don't get it tho. i thought the purpose of shorts was to eleviate some of the heat you acquire when wearing pants...maybe i have it twisted...and i don't like them with shoestrings, dangles and tassles hanging from them either.

oh my...this guy must have just come from the gym or something because he was not only rocking the snug shorts up to his lungs, but a white headband (not pictured) AND white wrist bands on both wrists. all that with the tube socks were just too much...maybe he made a wrong turn on his way to jack lalane?

ma' are dead wrong for this. you know your mammaries are to large to go without support. if i were a cop, you would have been in handcuffs for this one....

madame in are someone's grandmother. why are you dressed so scantily? the biking shorts are a world of NO! and the tight belt and haphazardly placed wig just don't work...even with the headband, the wig still looks like its trying to make a run for it

what is this haircut? it is an old guy mohawk? no, its a v-hawk...but clearly, you are doing something really wrong here. i don't know if its your apparent age that's bugging me or just this fugly shape...whatever it is, me no likey

hello mesh shirt. wow! i haven't seen one of these shirts in a while. i have nothing else to say...


ok guys, this was all in good fun. you know you see some fashion atrocities sometimes and it kills me whne i see them and have no one to nudge & giggle with. so take this as a PCD nudge...and fashion lesson. but i know my circlers would NEVER rock any of these looks....but take this with a chuckle and enjoy your monday.



ThePerfectionist said...

OMG! These people are so so wrong! My top one is the 24carat pants though, Lol.

Loves your blog!!!

She W0rd Hustlez said...

LMAO! This is bad, real bad. Summertime is not the time to go to the park, especially with all the family reunions going on. There is no telling what kind of outfits you will run into. Could be fatal. I'm staying away.

TravelDiva said...

LMBAO! YOU are a nut! Black socks and old playa had me cracking up.

This weekend, I went to a lovely wedding on Maryland's Eastern Shore. This middle aged chick had on a frilly top and a jean mini skirt. IT was a wedding!!!!!!! Sooossoossososososso tacky. Everyone else looked so nice in sundresses and nice attire and this fool rolled up in a jean mini skirt.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

HILARIOUS!!! These people are clueless when it comes to fashion!

Where was this park??? LOL

I don't know which one was the worst, the Granny wearing biking shorts or the guy in gym attire. Funny indeed!!

Thanks for sharing!!

The F$%K it List said...

HAHA I was going to do one of these tomorrow. I still may the train addition.

I am so mad at that woman with the bad wig. And the No bras ILLLKKKKKK.

The worst things I have seen are the teenage girls (16-18) wearing the SHOOOOOORRRRRTTTTT shorts that look like panties. Ok can't give too much away need it for my own post.

12kyle said...

OMG!!!!! PCD you are killin' me!!! These white folk who I work with must think I'm crazy for laughing out soooo loud!

I can't really tell you which one is the funniest b/c they all had me crackin up. I guess I'd have to say the "old playa" look. I see that alllllll the time here in Atlanta.

I always tell Mrs12..."if you ever see me dressing like that...shoot me."

jameil1922 said...

lmao @ the thought of you surreptitiously taking pics of all these people lookin crazy! hilarity!!

Kitty said...

"Haphazardly placed wig"? Why must you do this to me PCD??

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

LOL!!! Very funny Sistah PCD....I think my favorite comment was dude with the pale legs and church


too funny, the mesh shirt..hee larious, the old lady with the biker shorts and belt lmao..

PBW said...

ROFL!!! Old playa and old guy mohawk are my favorites.

Man, I know I've seen some good mishaps, but I can't think of one right now.

The Pew View said...

Hey baby. I needs your prayer so be sure to read the latest blog. Take care now.

Ruthie Annn

p.s. You oughta come to the Mother's Board meeting. Now that's a funny site to see. Maybe I'll invites you to the next one and you can brag yo camera.

DreamCop08 said...

girl you are too dog on funny. see i know what i can get away with and what i cant.

i was dying laughing at this post.

lmao too freaking funny

Miss Mika said...


All of those fashion no no's in THE SAME PLACE. My goodness!

Living in Los Angeles, you see people who walked out of the house like they dressed themselves in the dark. I could go on and on with the craziness that goes on here.