Thursday, June 26, 2008

You, My Dear, Are W-A-C-K!

i've been seeing some of the movie ads for new and upcoming films...and some of them are sooooooooo wack.

take for instance...MEET DAVE

this looks a hot, tranny, unfunny robotic mess. and good luck to gabrielle union for signing onto such a dumb looking movie. and i'm worried for seems as if his comedic view is off or something because he has yet to recapture his days of old, when he was truly funny without acting so stupidly.

anyhoo, i started thinking about just a few (cuz there are so many) movies that i;ve seen that were the PITS!!!


**mike, stop it. every character, wig and moustache you throw on does not make you funny***


**the strangers...who wrote this? the senior citizen committee of the emotionally disturbed? zzzzzzzzz**


**jamie kennedy has never been that funny, but how he was allowed to keep making movies (see: malibu's most wanted) is beyond me**


**ok, so i know that robert downey jr is not technically in blackface and that hes playing character that disguised himself as black....but i can't get with it. what is this, soul man '08?**


***eddie, i have no words honey**


**um, i think this was hollywood's attempt to wipe out will's shining stardom cuz this movie is an atrocity covered in hot garbage...thankfuly, he came to his sense later**


**maybe this movie is the real reason britney spears lost her mind? just a thought...**


**the silliness is endless in this movie...from the blonde-haired man gang and the eddie griffin sidekick-gone-wild...this should have justs stayed in someone's dreams of being a superhero**

**and just for fun, the tv series BLADE. UGH!!!! someone, please pass me a blade to scoop my eyeballs out with!**



Queen of My Castle said...

LMAO @ this post. I don't really do movies, but Crossroads was the pits, as was Maibu's Most Wanted. Can't believe I sat and watched either, especially the latter. Don't be hatin' LOL.

As per the last post...Why is PCD so effortlessly fab, Why do I want a Porsche Cayenne, Why isn't my shoe game as vicious as I want it to be, and...Why don't I have a little girl. LOL

Dreamy said...

okay can Eddie go sit his lame azz down,lol

hey but i guess he has to keep working to feed all them mouths he has with his ex wife,lol

i dont know but he is so freaking annoying to me

Kitty said...

You know what? I saw Meteor Man like 3 times in the movies when I was younger. Every group I belonged to (church, etc..) had to just HAD to see that and Blankman. I was so over.
I hated Bagger Vance too.
Zohan is wack. Don't let your hubby bring you to that mess. Just say NO!! LOL Great post!!
And coincidentally there's a movie coming out called "the Wackness" (why??)

12kyle said...

Lenard Part 6

cant believe that i wasted 2 hrs of my life to watch that stupid movie.

jameil1922 said...

go and the beach!! couldn't stand either one!!! dead @ hot, tranny, unfunny robotic.

TravelDiva said...

You hit some really good ones. That new Eddie Murphy movie looks a hot mess. Why hasn't he followed the success of his Dreamgirls' role to something more substantive than Norbit and Meet Dave? Joker.

Evan Almighty. I love Steve Carrell but I didn't find one redeeming quality about this movie.

Smarty Jones said...

LMAO @ the is post. I actually want to see The Love Guru and I thought Malibu's Most Wanted was funny for all the wrong reasons. B-Rad was hilarious.
As far as outright dumb a-- movies, I'd have to go with just about anything by Rusty Cundieff(sp.). That would include House Party 2, Fear of a Black Hat and Tales from the Hood. I think it's the sound effects that make his movies unbearable.

She W0rd Hustlez said...

LMAO!!!! Pluto Nash?! This was hilarious. Yes ma'am Eddie has falled completely off. Although I did enjoy Norbit, but 1 funny movie in the past 5 years is not what's up. I agree with you though, these choices of movies are horrible.

Foia said...

Hey hunny--- Okay I gotta stand up for Britney..because I did see and love that movie!! I heart Brit!

And also Metor Man..was funny..I was a kid when I saw it..but I would probably laugh today..

The worst movie I saw..that I didn't really see cuz I turned it off was "The Blach Dalhlia" or how ever u spell it..

And why didn't you have "The Blair Witch Project" that was a waste of film..

PBW said...

Unless it has fashion and/or explosions, it's wack. Why can't they make a movie that's a cross between The Terminator and The Devil Wears Prada????

I agree, that Eddie Murphy movie looks awful.

The F$%K it List said...

At 1:00am thought"Oh I have to post this movie on her site" OUT OUT OUT lady.

Ok so here goes the WACKEST MOVIE EVER:

High Times, UGH. I know my man Meth and Red were trying to get their acting thang on but this was THE WORST! A bong owned by Benjamin Franklin, Why? Just why

Beautiful said...

I kind of liked Kicking it Old Skool and I don't think I was drunk. I even liked Pottie Tang and I was drunk watching that one. Pluto Nash, Soul Plane, and The Cleaner were all wack to me. I missed the Trading Places Eddie or the Beverly Hill Cop. I think Nicole took his balls. She is not cute now that she is with MS of the Giants. WACKNESS is running rampid!!