Monday, September 29, 2008

Pending Divorce

thats right people...PCD wants a divorce. and altho some may consider this an extremely private matter, don't fret...its been coming for a while. i toss and turn about how to properly handle this, but there really isn't any one answer, so i'll have to just wing it i guess and hope everything works out in the end.

dear thighs,

you suck! you are not like you used to be. you changed up and now i don't know you anymore. i feel betrayed. i don't trust you anymore. and without trust, there can be no love, so we're done!


yes, i am divorcing my thighs. they are just not working with me these days and i'm not feeling this change. and altho i certainly look nothing like this..


i still earn for yesteryear when they didn't communicate with each other so much.
they used to be distant affliates. now, they seem like twins bucking for siamese status. not cool i say!



antithesis said...

you scared the CRAP outta me. although, i do wish you literally did so then i could be rid of this huge gut. im workin' on it. im changing my workout plan (again) today. wish me luck!

Calming Corners said...

I am with you on the thighs. Good luck and keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

I'm divorcing my tummy.No matter what I do it seems to have a mind of it's own!

The F$%K it List said...

Girl you are too crazy!

Its all about this boot camp, I'm more tone after only a few classes and that's what's up!

Smarty Jones said...

Girl, don't you EVER start another post like that.
But on to your question, I need to divorce my recent skin issues. Up until recently, I could eat anything I wanted to and it would not show on my face.
Now, my mom says it 'cause I'm getting older, anything I eat with grease in it will rear it's ugly whitehead on my face.
It's hard being 26 with some damn pimples!
And they hurt, I don't recall the four I had in high school hurting at all. What gives?

L. Renee' said...

Try the striptease workout. Your butt, thighs, and abs will thankyou. BTW: Your man will too!

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Hey Sistah!!!

LOL...Once again you are bowling down my lane...My thighs...they sho nuff ain't looking like those pictures and if they did...I beg of anyone to just take me out of my misery!!! I wouldn't mind separating from my boobs...matter fact...I don't want them back so I'll divorce them too!!!

jameil1922 said...

you know you didn't scare me chick! lol. i'm divorcing my hair!! b/c it's just one annoyance after another! those thin thighs? need a burger. with some bacon. and extra cheese.

Kitty said...

I've started to dislike my thighs too lately but not as much as this belly!! It's not that bad but it's not Janet Jackson status like i wish. Maybe I can go to South America and get a quickie divorce from it. Hmm.

Keith said...

Girl, you are so crazy-lolololol...
I was getting ready to get upset...but then when I saw that photo of that woman with those humongous thighs..I just started laughing my head off. Funny post..
I loved it.

The Jaded NYer said...


me and my stomach are currently in talks with a mediator... if we can't agree on the terms of our co-existence, there's gonna be problems!

12kyle said...

haaaa!!! you got me. i'm reading it and i'm like "noooooo pcd!!!"

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Great lead!! Very witty!!

I want to divorce my thighs too. They're getting bigger and bigger!! I guess I could work-out, but I never feel like it! LOL

PBW said...

You got me! I was ready to drag you and Mr. PCD to counseling to work it out!

Ok, I wish I could call it quits with my behind, which stubbornly remains a size larger than the rest of me.

The Dreamy One said...

I'm divorcing my rolls!

I hate them!! Makes me sick!!!

TravelDiva said...

LMBAO. You're so silly. I'm going with the abs and my upper arms--definitely need extra attention during taebo and gym sessions! LOL.

But wait--you sent a picture of your legs and they were fierce. What gives?

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

@, i tried to put a twist on it. good luck with your workouts :-)

@ cc...chile, i hope i can figure outu the best (and quickest) way soon!

@ a.j...don't you just ate that?

@ F-it...boot camp is not for me. i need a slower pace with faster results...sounds crazy right?

@ smarty...that actually happened to me.. never had skin issues until adulthood, but it stopped so buck up buckaroo :-)

@ l. renee...chile, maybe later in life cuz there is nothing about me that say "strip" or "tease" LOL

@ keisha...aren't those pics a mess? and they have absolutely no shame either-ugh

@ jameil...whatev, you know you were falling for it-lol!

@ kitty...janet jackson stomach....can i put it on my christmas list??

@ keith...i try! :-)

@ jaded...unruly tummies are the worst! what, what, kick it in the gut! well, that might hurt, so skip that last part, lol

@ kyle...gotcha good!

@ bgg...what i'ven oticed is that thighs are one of the toughest parts to slim down (unless you have monster thighs)

@ pbw...ha ha! girl, if i was talking about that, there'd be trouble for reals!!!

@ dreamy...i know the feeling :-)

@ traveldiva...well, that pic was moreso of my legs/calves. my problem area is the upper & inner thigh area. you wouldn't see it in a pic, but i know its there and bleh!

Eb the Celeb said...

girl I am dying laughing over here... I was so sad and then bust our laughing... I need to divorce several parts of my body... I wish it was that simple... I'd sign them papers in a heartbeat

TravelDiva said...