Monday, September 15, 2008

Just Another Manic Monday....

i am so extra blah today.... so i figured i'd share my scatter brain thoughts with you all

1. where can i get one of these?

2. baby is getting an i-dog today. i think i'm more excited than she'll be

3. oh my heavenly stars! i purchased some truffle salt (made with black truffles) and am trying not to just eat it out of the jar cuz its so yummy and aromatic *drooling*

4. speaking of black truffles...who knew something that looked like a big lump of poo could taste so good? i wonder who discovered, here i come!

5. i went for my facial saturday and my aesthetician was excessively rough with me-ouch!

6. i went to see Tyler Perry's A Family That Preys and i wasn't totally disappointed...but i have a question...why do black people like to clap, talk, jump up and act like they're at home at the movies? its beyond ridiculous and PCD is known to go and get the usher! *sidenote* doesn't the profile on this poster look like jennifer hudson?

7. have you ever sat next to someone eating a hot dog, but you weren't eating one? the smell is terrible-bleh!

8. speaking of hot dogs, even tho i've totally banned real dogs from ever becoming pets in my home, if i had one, i totally make him wear this...

9. i am really needing some cotton candy in my life. i had some saturday night and now must go find some more..mmmmmmmmmmmm

10. this old lady who lives near an acquaintance of mine is always smoking like there's no tomorrow. she stops me and lil PCD to tell me that she makes ponchos for babies. thanks but no thanks, i don't want a smoky poncho for my kid.

11. i hate our beta fish. he's from the devil. he's always fanning his head fins (or whatever they're called) and trying to jump out of the water to snip at my finger when i feed him. the toilet's calling you, buddy!

12. what the heck was up with the weather yesterday? it was sickeningly hot! AND HUMID!!! i can't wait until fall is officially here cuz me and heat don't mix. and the added bonus is that all these bugs will die or hibernate or fly south or whatever they do

13. i made roasted & stuffed cornish hens with creamed collard greens and twice baked sweet potatoes yesterday....and by the time it was ready, i didn't even want to eat

14. i reeeeeeeeeally struggle with other people's kids. for instance, i really try not to bring my kid to places where i KNOW she'd be a disturbance to others. why doesn't everyone do that? like the MOVIES or the NAIL SPA? your newborn, toddler or A.D.D.-ridden older kid need not be forced to resistantly sit thru adult movies or running thru the nail spa painting their nails 10 different colors, especially if they're boys. if you HAVE to bring them, please let them be at a point where they can sit and be quiet. other people don't like it-UGH!!!

15. i love gong to farms to pick pumpkins and get fresh corn and herbs. we'll be there soon enough!

16. how much do i hate dora the football-headed explorer? let me count the ways...NOW, lil PCD is running around saying "awwwww, maaaaan" (a la swiper the fox) when you tell her something she doesn't like. i don't play that mess!

17. i woke up this morning to the movie "claudine," CLASSIC!!!!!!!!

*and that opening song of the movie is my fave..."gettin with the kissin, huggin and a'lovin, on and on"-LOLOLOLOL*

18. i want to zip cord thru the rainforest.....with 12 layers of bug spray on, goggles and my I-Pod of course!

19. i need a nap!

20. when i find a product that i like, i'm super loyal to it. but a lot of times, it ends up being discotinued or changed-ARGH!!! like my L'Occitane Milk Shower they're adding more shea and it changes the scent completely. and the lady had the nerve to try and tell me its the same thing, just with more shea. well, if it has more shea, its not the same...and it even smells different.

21. mimosa anyone?



antithesis said...

you reminded me y i hate going to see black movies in the theater. this is not a play. the actors cannot hear your response and i dont want to. i kinda wanna hear the next thing said!

this weekend: i did happy hour and then celebrated my former boss' bday. then got up at the butt-crack of dawn to see the nordstrom cosmetics show. then i got a complimentary make-over at MAC. then i went to visit my sister and nieces. i had a GREAT weekend.

PBW said...

I've got to get me one of those Sbux iv bags!

Hugs on them screwing up your shower mousse. Annoying, ain't it?

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I can NOT stand seeing black movies in most theaters. It's just unbearable. I remember i saw "I Am Legend," in Chicago and it was almost laughable. I was so upset that I asked someone to please be quiet, but of course that only made them talk more.

We seem to be so alike!!

Btw, I've never seen Claudine, but I've always wanted to.

This weekend I basically relaxed!

Anonymous said...

I have to go see the TP movie again just so I can hear the parts I missed! I mean, it's ok to laugh, but damn still laughing 5 minutes later at the same thing is ridiculous.

You could've sent me those roasted & stuffed cornish hens, greens, and sweet was craving a good homecooked meal this weekend, but was NOT in the mood to cook.

I feel like watching Claudine right now...I know that movie by heart.

Random things on my mind today...I need a vacation...I need to hire a personal trainer...he's already getting on my nerves which is a bad sign...cookie dough ice cream sounds good for dinner

TravelDiva said...

LOL. we saw the family that preys on friday night, went to the gym saturday, went to dave and busters on saturday night, went to church on sunday, kicked it at my mom's house after church and then took naps. Pretty succinct huh?

I actually enjoyed the movie. Yes it was predictable in places and come of the characters were a little one-dimensional---but overall, I enjoyed the characters, especially Cathy Bates and Alfre Woodard. I applaud Tyler thinking outside the box.


One lingering question--if alfre was rich all of this time, why didn't she help her daughter when she and her military husband were struggling??

The Dreamy One said...

you had alot on that pretty brain of yours,lol

i worked, worked, worked, and still am working!!

putting up with getting cussed out by my LT!!

Adora acting like a wild woman

etc etc etc!!

*sigh* i just want to relax or take a nap!!

Elle said...

I love the randomness :) Great post!

The F$%K it List said...

Mimosas Yep

other people kids NO thanks

A mid day nap would love to but its hard to do that at work

twice baked sweet potatoes please forward the recipe to me later :P

In my world random thoughts:

I wish my sister in law would pack the hell up and leave already

her kids are brats. and the youngest has one more time to hit CJ before I let him clock her.

Dinner tomorrow will be fantastic I have it all worked out in my head.Salmon croquettes,spinach and jasmine rice YUM.

I will continue this over at my place :)

dejanae said...

totally feeling the randomness
i aint did shit

Smarty Jones said...

Surprisingly, we heard the whole movie. I think we were the ones keeping the most noise, which was not a whole lot, hearing us whisper was probably annoying though.
To answer TravelDiva's question, she was probably showing them that it is better to do it on their own.
Hell, she gave her eldest daughter everything and look how that turned out.

12kyle said...

You KNOW what I did. LOL



I like beta fish. I just can't keep em alive for a long time. LOL

Sexxy Luv said...

i know i've seen those i-dog i think my daughter had one a few years back...what do they do again?...

lol @ folks talking to the projector!

smokey poncho...yuk i would have passed too! i hate the smell of cigarette smoke!

why do folks bring there children to places like that then don't even watch them, ugh!

Eb the Celeb said...

I love your random posts...

mad at the outfit for the dog...

and mad your talking about dora's kids

lil pcd is too cute with her fox saying though...

and yes I will take a mimosa!

Keith said...

The last time I went to see a Tyler
Perry movie...there was this guy sitting behind us that kept the theatre laughing...He said- "Damn
Jill Scott is STILL driving?" about
three times..(She was driving for what seemed like forever) Then he said-"Shit, by the time she get there the movie will be over." and
everybody that heard it erupted in
laughter....So now he thinks he's Eddie Murphy.. He proceeds to keep
making cracks through out the entire movie and he ceased to be funny anymore...In fact,he was annoying after awhile. I hate to say it...but it makes me just want to go see "Mainstream" (ie-WHITE) movies and just rent the Black ones.

Christoph Jenkins said...

Nice blog soror!