Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Really WANT To Miss You...Kinda

*some pics NSFW*

the other day, a repeat of the dave chappelle show was on. it was the episode with charlie murphy and rick of the funniest episodes ever! as i laughed like i'd never seen it before, i really felt a little blue. why? because i miss dave chappelle. i really miss him. his show was hilarious. his stand-up was super funny. and he even had great musical guests on his show. his comic relief was effortless. and i miss it.

the good thing is that while his exit from the spotlight seemed abrupt and early, he went out on a high note. he didn't wait until he dried up all of his funny juices and became utterly wack. he left lots of people wishing, hoping, praying, he'd come back...and i respect that ANY day over someone who doesn't know when to throw in the towel.

another example is the show Girlfriends. they were just snatched off of the air with no proper finale or farewell show. they left us hanging...and even tho i'm sure there were more politics involved rather than personal choice, the point is people were salty about their exit. we wanted them back. shoot, i still do.

now, on the other hand, there are some who reeeeeeeeeeeeally squeeze us for every drop of tolerance we have. they tap our wells of love dry, they abuse our well-wishes, they beat us over the head with propaganda that sometimes is lacking in quality...and me no likey. so i compiled a list of folks who i would like to see SIT DOWN....but the thing is, its not because they aren't talented (like tiffany "new york" pollard or ray-j), its just that they're doing too much. and i personally don't even get the chance to say, "wow, what happened to so-and-so? where've they been?" here goes:

BEYONCE: while i like her style, singing and her FIRST album, i feel like she really tries to force us to adore her. i know she wants to be an icon, but i'm sick of it. the last album made me barf, then the re-release was just pointless. now, the first album was insane. loved it! and now she's everywhere even when her "people" are trying to get their shine. sister solange was on some show, and they're asking beyonce how she feels about her and her new album. michelle has been trying to release her album for, like ever, and now beyonce is releasing not one, but TWO singles on the day michelle's album is scheduled to finally drop. thats shady to me. it's like, anything to distract from something or someone else....

HER HUBBY, JAY-Z: while he is a great rapper and has had great success, what is he, like 40 years old? are we trying to set some type of record? perhaps be the first geriatric rapper? and i thought he retired? altho i'm not a big fan of rap these days, if there is a great song that comes out, i give it its props, like nas...but i'd like to see jay-z get his complete grown man swag on and say peace to rapping. he's got the business aspect going, so no one's saying sit down and twiddle your thumbs....

RIHANNA: now before you bite my head off, i will say, i like rihanna a lot. i think she's cute, spunky and different. but let's face it, the pipes aren't all that. she has a gimmick, and its propelled her super stardom..but i would hate to see her ride it into the gutter. she's on top right now...but pushing the envelope too far when your talent is mediocre is risky.

LIL' WAYNE: ok, i get that you also have sold a kazillion records...but you're doing the t-pain. on EVERYBODY and their granny's song...and starting to sound mundane. not to mention, you are rumored to be addicted to cough syrup and who-knows-what-else and it's just not a good look. neither are you

MARIAH CAREY: madame, you're pushing 40 as well. and not only did this last album not live up to expectation, your style is remedial. i won't even discuss the fiasco of a wedding/husband you supposedly have...but to constantly have these butterfly/sparkly/micro-mini/high school fashion going on STILL is deplorable. i believe you should have evolved into a much more classy package, stop wearing the shades at night and focus on the music. i really think the pub stunt that was this marriage backfired and turned people off of this last album...gone are the days of Butterfly and Emancipation of Mimi-sigh

VIVICA A FOX: honey, i love me some aunt viv...but that show "Glam God" on vh1 is such a snooze, i'm ashamed she's affiliated with it. i know she probably needed the work, especially with how ridiculous Three Can Play That Game was...but this was not the move. and the funny wigs and sparkly outfits are just not working for me.

ICE-T: boo, what exactly is it that you do? i know you were a pioneer in the world of rap. but what are you doing now? all i see is you and the woman you call wife doing nasty and desparate acts in public. is that really your wife? you really don't care how you treat her in front of folks? she's really down for that mess? i just don't get it. are you all a traveling freak show? are you in a band? what gives?

NELLY: now, nelly...i just saw a commercial for your last album this morning. i had no idea! when did it come out? i never really was a fan of the music. simplistic nursery rhymes, cussing, bling-talk and chick dissing was never my cup of tea. but i did however become a fan of nelly the model. this is what i miss and think you should pursue. the rapping seems to be a rap sweetums


now on the flip side, there are some folks who i wish i could see more of:




D'ANGELO (pre-crack)







Queen of My Castle said...

Ooohhhhh, I'm like soooooo digging your list in people you would like to see more of! Loves me some Jilly from Philly and Mr. Don C. is the business. Have you seen Talk to Me? He is a universal actor.

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

@ queen...WHERE IN THE HECK HAVE YOU BEEN!?!?!?!?!

PBW said...

About time someone told Beyonce to take a bow and leave the stage. And take Jay with her.

Can't get enough of Rihanna, then again I don't listen to her music. Just love to see her make-up and what she's wearing.

Mariah, is just kinda sad.

Sigh. I miss Toni Braxton. True talent never goes out of style.

The hero in my first book was modeled after Isaiah Washington. I adore him, but didn't watch him on Grey's Anatomy cause I don't watch doc shows.

Smarty Jones said...

ROTFL @ the "sit yo' ass down" memos.
They are much needed. Can you add Plies and Soulja Boy Tell 'em to that list?
While we're at it, add Angie Jolie, LiLo and Britney Spears to that group.
I would love to see more India.Arie and Martin Luther. I swear, who do I have to kill to get some good music?

Keith said...

I don't believe it..I agree with everything you just wrote. That's a first as far as these random posts go...I guess Great minds think alike Huh? -lololol

PBW said...

Almost forgot, go away Diddy!

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I'd like to see more of Tamia. I think she's so underrated. I love all of her music. I'd love to interview her for BGG one day!

The Dreamy One said...

ohhhh i would defintitely do me some Nelly!!!

he is so fine jeezzzz!!

and when i was getting high(weed) back in the day, i used to laugh my head off to some Dave Chappelle,lol

wow cant believe i just said that !!

The F$%K it List said...

You named everyone!

I been saying Beyonce needed to take a seat since B-day came out. And then after all the hoopla she and Jay z caused with that wedding.

Actually I thought Jay needed to sit down after Ether but that's because I love me some Nas and that track was murderous.

Lil Wayne I don't get and T-pain scares me.

A few weeks ago I would have said Clementine Pantsy (Hillary) and Bubba(Bill)

Foia said...

I love miss Rihanna..and her songs and concepts are hott..I don't know if she can really sing or not, but those pro tools sure does her I get you with the Beyonce thing..she does need to sit it down, and have a baby or something..

I would love to see maxwell the most off of ur list..

12kyle said...

there is no bigger jay z fan than me. but i'd like to see him just do singles. no more albums.

i'll tell you who needs to sit down...

Ice Cube (that's my dude but the new cd ain't that good)
Jermaine Dupri (overrated)
Swizz Beats (generic beat maker)
TPain (what rock did he crawl from under?)
Latifah (stick to acting)
The Game
Janet Jackson
Viv Fox
Sara Pale-lynn
John McShame
Jesse Wackson

lemme stop right here. lol

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

You are hilarious my sistah!! That was shady of Beyonce....dang...that's like having a party the same day you know that your best friend is having a party and you both share friends....

I'd like to see more of Jill...and where oh where is my girl Lauryn Hill???????????????

p.s. I wish you would have warned me about that picture of Nelly before I scrolled down the I have that vision in my mind and I'll probably have to pray that out of my head in a little

Anonymous said...

hmm, does jays lips get any bigger. Oh and I looove maxwell.

nice blog

(vixenchick) said...

OMG gurl i cried when they cancelled 'girlfriends'! that was the best black show EVER!

maxwell is too damn fine!

k.a.t.calvin said...

Well said! I can't think of anything else to add. Except Angie Stone, I want to see a lot more of her too. But yes, B and Jigga needs to GO!

jameil1922 said...

B, Wayne, & Vivica are all KILLING ME!! and ll should go ahead and give us a break, too. i really don't believe maxwell or lauryn hill will make any more albums. too much talk. or not enough talk. either way i'm tired of hoping. don cheadle is AWESOME!! and i can never EVER get enough blair underwood!!