Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Neighbor Chronicles

so remember that incubus of a neighbor i told you about recently? the one with the dog who almost burnt down the joint cuz she's always locking herself out? the one closest to moi? when she sees me, she does complete 180s turning around to walk in the different direction. and for the most part, she seems to have gone into hiding. ask me if i care? as i told you, i petitioned almost everyone within the sound of my voice to sign a strong letter against her, urging her to follow the rules or suffer the guillotine!!! lol, ok...i'm joking about chopping her head off, but still, her dog ownership was in serious jeopardy if she continued to let that fleabag deficate everywhere. its pretty funny now, because now that i've identified her to so many folks, they will shout out of their windows or from their cars if they see her violating so shes always on the lamb-HA HA!!!! i think she should just do us all a favor, including herself, and M-O-V-E!

while that is a small victory, yet another "issue" has risen. another new neighbor. she is single with 2 huge, loud boys. i think she's an immigrant or something all i ever hear her say is "kalla kalla kaa" or something like that. she has this tricked out camry which is oh-so-ghetto and everyone just looks at her as she drives by. i swear, who screens these people? anyhoo, as they were moving in, i was growing more and more irritated. why does moving have to become a block party? can't you just take your things in and out? do you have to have family reunions and blaring music and beer? UGH! and i knew she was trifling because she didn't even have a moving truck...she had a small flatbed from Home Depot and stuff was falling off and people were risking lives trying to keep it on...between her 2 sons, two other dudes and was hilarious! but also discouraging...

but this is when she tore her drawls with PCD...she had been dragging things into her home for 2 days and she never spoke, waved or anything. thats cool with me because i'm not beat to be friends with everyone. i TRULY believe that everyone just simply does not mesh. so this day, lil PCD was asleep and there was a thunderous roar at our door. it was one of her handlers. some random man was knocking on our door like Bigfoot was after him. so my hubby went to the door and flung it open with the look of WTF plastered on his face. i was right behing him, eyebrows raised, lips curled and attitide full cocked! dude had the nerve to say..."hey man, we can't seem to get this couch in, can you help us?"

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just stood back waiting to hear hubby's response...he was like, "look, my daughter's asleep. don't ever knock on my door like that again...and no i can't help you. we're busy. watch my wife's flowers when you head back." THE NERVE!?!?! so basically, they just spotted some other negroes and skipped over anyone who was closest to come knock on our door like we're fam or something. i HATE THAT!!! just because we may be shades of brown, we are NOT friends, family, cool, to assume we'd be like, "yeah bro, let's break out the 40s and have a grand ol' time" was ludicrous...and i was offended. do NOT speak to me just because you need something!! he wobbled his way off of our doorstep and miss lady (and her cohorts) has earned the top spot on MY LIST.



Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I can't stand people who NEVER speak to you or ever acknowledge you until they need something. That transcends all shades!

The Dreamy One said...

you cant be cool with everyone and you definitely cant let people be in your home. next thing you know you come home and shyss is gone!!

PBW said...

How fricking rude!

I prefer my husband not lift our crap, so I'm definitely not going for him injuring himself picking up a strangers junk.

Kitty said...

Yeah they're ghetto. Right when you said "tricked out Camry" that said it all right there. HAHA!! And most people move in 1 day right? Big stuff in first then smaller stuff. So either they had a LOT of stuff or they don't have it together. I'm glad your hubby said "no" because you know if he hadn't, they'd be coming to your house asking for everything.

The F$%K it List said...

I do not care for the behavior of your neighbors as of late. I think its time to relocate. Gated communities just ain't what they use to be. LOL

You know good and well what my Jamaican husband would have done...and since this is a family site I offend because it would not have been nice. HAHA.

The Jaded NYer said...

I'm cracking up over here at a visual of:

i was right behing him, eyebrows raised, lips curled and attitide full cocked!


you know how people are... your hubby did the right thing. how are you going to ask someone like that is if you're buddies? Now, if she had been proper and said hello to you and your fam from day 1 I could understand...

Sexxy Luv said...

girl i don't do neighbors either, i have my "don't speak" to me face on at all times when ever i enter or exit the apartment complex! lol

maybe we can sign that petition that you have going on! lol

Foia said...

The speaking thing I can understand.. and I understand why he said no to helping them move.

But it seems to me pretty pcd that you were judging here before she even had the chance not to wave at you. And the only judge is God hunny. She may not have been able to afford a truck, but that doesn't make her any less of a person. Is she your next door neighbor? If not then I don't think you should worry about her. And there is no screening process when finding a place to live. You have the appropriate documents/payents that you need to live there..they can live there. You don't need to fret, because you can't change the fact that she's there.
But if they disturb the can call the police..But don't be like my grandma used to be..and nickpick at any and everything..

Good luck w/ that..

Foia said...

Oh..and ghetto is not always's a way of life..I am proud to say that I'm a lil bit ghetto..which gives me excellent swag..

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

@ bgg..i know, right? LOL!

@ dreamy...oh i know all about being selective. it just doesn't pay to be too nice or friendly...i learned the hard way ;-)

@ pbw..exactly! as i like to say, my name is bennet, and i ain't in it-lol!

@ kitty...yeah, the car is a mess. i'm sure she'll change it tho cuz a lot of that mess is illegal in this state so its just a matter of time

@ F-it...HA HA HA!!! YOU don't care for them? chile, i have had it up to my eyeballs with them!

@ jaded...i know! and the thing was, there were other folks outside, but when they saw us outside, they were at the door about 10 minutes later-bleh!

@ sexxy..."don't speak to me face"-LOVES IT!!! maybe i should get one of those...and spraypaint it on a sign for my grass, hee hee!

@ foia...i beg to differ. one doesn't have to judge when you put your cards out there on display...first impressions more to speak. her truck (or lack thereof) didn't bother me at all...but her peeps presence at my door did. i don't care if they had a donkey and plastic garbage bags, just dont come knocking at my door...and it wasn't even her, it was her friend who does NOT live here. why so touchy, foia? the screening part was a joke :-) ghetto to the degree of being offensive isn't cool. ghetto, bougie, couth, uncouth...folks can be whatever they want...i just say, keep it to yourself unless you know its cool not to. (for instance, when i went around getting signatures, i didn't bother anyone i didn't know or had a conversation with concerning those grievances. i just don't play that as far as bothering people...not my steez.) no worries, babe... its all good

Keith said...

Time to move Sis! For Real. You've
got a three ring circus around you.

Foia said...

Naw no touchyness..Maybe it seemed that way cuz I was pms' was just saying don't judge them. It's hard out here. Just like Jeezy say's..It a recession.

I understand of knocking on the door though. Especially if they had been looking at you look at them and not introduce themselves..yah i understand.