Sunday, May 4, 2008

Lawd, Hold My...Wig!?!?

ok, so i watched this about 37 times trying to figure some things out.

1. i thought that when you wear wigs, you put at least one pin in it to ensure its stick-osity to your head

2. if you know you didn't help with the stickiness of said wig, perhaps you should not go flinging your head back...

3. front of a camera...

4. ...and everyone in the church

5. the young lady approaching the pulpit looks to be in a hilarious fit of laughter as she's walking up there

6. she also looked like she was trying to control the laughter once she was up there

7. WHY was she just holding that wig up behind the lady as she continued her dance?

8. that made it more obvious that the wig was off. i mean, at least the lady's hair wasn't in thirteen braids with a stocking cap on her head. she actually had a nice amount of hair underneath the wig so if someone wasn't looking...they MAY NOT have grasped that a wig was first glance.

9. now that i think about it, i think that girl just wanted to be on camera

10. LOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said... family was just telling me how one of my aunts started shouting in church and knocked the other aunts phony pony right off her head!!!! Yeah, if I wore wigs & fake ponytails I would definitely invest in a pin to hold them in place!!!

jameil1922 said...

wig followin chick was wrong for that. def. bringin more attn to the sitch. and you know wig wearer was HEATED!

DreamCop08 said...

why lord why?lol

and why the girl had to pick the wig off up the floor, she could have left it there!!

TravelDiva said...

LOL!!! the girl was up there to kind of catch the woman if she fell out and try to wrangle her because she got "happy." but clearly, she was laughing too hard to be effective.

she should have had 5 or 10 bobby pins in her wig if she was going to get up there and do a holy ghost dance on the pulpit.

12kyle said...

The definition of "wiggin out"


Mizrepresent said...

Sister, you are just so wrong and too funny on this one.

Boutique Mix Fashion said...

LMAO!!! I love the way you broke it down :-)

(¯`·._.·[***Fresh&Fab***]·._.·´¯) said...

ha ha...a mess, i would have just walked out without looking back

Tearsa said...

That was "precious."

Smarty Jones said...

Wow folks!!! You mean she didn't have bobby pins, a safety pin, a barret or nothing?
That's pretty bad, but I saw one minister lose his teeth in the pulpit. He wasn't preaching, but he was praising the Lord, just the same.
He opened his mouth to let out one of his exaggerated shouts of, "Whoo!" And wouldn't you know, his dentures fell out and he caught them somewhere about his waist.
He put them back in during the alter call. Of course seeing this, my mom made my siblings and I leave service for a few minutes to, "get ourselves together."

She W0rd Hustlez said...

LMAO! Someone sent me this while I was at work. I think I laughed the entire day. I probably shouldn't have opened up this blog, because now I'll be laughing again while people have no idea why I'm sitting her giggling.