Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dude Looks Like A Lady this....
* i nearly died at the 2:50 mark...i'm silly*

i wonder, do you see something wrong with this? does it bother you to see men dressed as women playing stereotypical roles time and time again? like martin, tyler perry, ricky smiley & eddie murphy...or those who do voice jobs like steve harvey and his sister o'dell impression...

i've heard both sides of the argument about why when they do dress as women, the always seem to portray these loud, inappropriate, most times unfit and usually overly sassy broads? then i've heard thats its all in good fun, just something for laughs.

eddie murphy as rasputia in "norbit"

martin lawrence as big mama in "big mama's house"

tyler perry as madea in "diary of a mad black woman"

but what's your take? do you just see this as humor or are you offended?


The Pew View said...

Baby you may not know it but there sho nuff some womens in the world just like them there in the pictures. For instant big booty Brenda who lives down the road look just like that chile Rasputia cept she got jerry curls. That Rasputia tends to change her wigs often like yours truly. Then Mabel's mother (rest ha soul) was big as that Big Mama and that's exactly what we called her BIG MAMA though TOO DAMN BIG MAMA shoulda been her name. Why you thank Mabel so plump? It runs in her genes on her mama's daddy's uncle side of the family. Then last but not least there's crazy ass (Lawd forgive me) Bertha who acts just like that Madea lady. Bertha keeps a piston in her bra she then burned 3 mens with hot grits and she stay in jail with her big manly looking tail. So you see I figura they just making fun of real peoples. Take care now.

Ruthie Ann

DreamCop08 said...

girl i was thinking the same damn thing. why are men dressing up as women. personally i think they really want to be women especially Tyler and Eddie. people can say all they want that they are not gay but i really think they are.

its seems like all they do is dress up as women on all of their movies. i seriously think something is totally wrong with that pic. so yeah i totally agree with you on this one

cool post because me and my friends were just having this discussion

TravelDiva said...

I think it can be funny, but it can also be an unfunny overused gimmick/stereotype.

Mizrepresent said...

For awhile i wouldn't watch none of Tyler Perry's stuff, never seen a play...until i watched the movie "Diary"...and honestly, i laughed my butt off...just like i laughed and still liked "Big Mama"...i try not to read too much into it, but i have to agree with dreamcop08 they may have some female tendencies.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I must admit I used to enjoy "Big Momma's House," but it really is utterly ridiculous and stereotypical. Plus, It emasculates our men. Just my opinion! :-)

Have a wonderful weekend!

12kyle said...

good post, PCD
I'm kinda on the fence. I think it may be b/c I like Ricky Smiley and Martin. I'm not a fan of Perry and Murphy so maybe that's why I didn't like it. The whole Norbit thing was wayyy over the top.

I can see both sides of the argument. It can be very stereotypical.

PBW said...

I haven't watched anything Tyler Perry.

I like Martin and Eddie, but when they put on dresses I have to ask, "Where is your pride?"

Kitty said...

I don't much like them dressing up like mammies. It's a bit embarrassing. The movies are funny tho. Madea's hilarious.
And Norbit was funny to me too but there was some subliminal race stuff going on in my opinion.
like the fat nappy headed black girl vs the light skinned girl wavy haired girl. IDK maybe I was just over-analyzing it. Ha!


I think its fun....I dont judge like that. I love it...a lot of times we do have someone in the family just like that

Eb the Celeb said...

it doesnt bother me at all I just wonder why they all have to be big and fat...

Smarty Jones said...

This is a very interesting post. I have seen all the movies/plays and a lot of Rickey Smiley's comedies that you all are referring to.
I think that these black comedians are seeing success when they dress as women because they appear less threatening.
I'm pretty sure that successful black men in Hollywood scare the fool out of those white and Jewish execs.
In my humble opinion, I find a lot of it funny. I own severl movies in the Tyler Perry Collection and Smiley is just hilarious because I know several ladies who have some of those characteristics in my home church.
As far as them all being big, I don't know. A lot of people have a problem with seeing big, black women on TV and in the media. I think that is probably their interpetation of who Big Mama is/was.
The grandma that I had growing up was thick, she could cook her face off, was known to beat some ass and she had punchlines for days.
I think their versions of Big Mama was more than likely what a lot of us who grew up in the south are accustomed to seeing.