Thursday, May 15, 2008

The First Time.........

.....i got a job, it was the worst job EVER!!! it was at a local grocery store. i was under age, so i had to get a permit signed by my parents. i was just excited because i had gotten my driver's permit and i liked driving myself to work (accompanied of course). but let me tell you about my duties...

i was a cart-girl. yes, a cart girl! they had me and my delicate self lining and pushing carts back into the building in the dead of summer. i highly objected to this so i had a fellow teen co-worker do my carts for me. in exchange, i let him eat lunch with me (hey, i was always fabulous! lol).

then one day, they bumped me up to check-out girl. the issue with this is that they sold beer in this store and you had to have a blue name tag (meaning over 18) to check beer. if you had a red one, you couldn't swipe it. so i witnessed a fellow teen co-worker asking the customer to simply pick up their beer and run it across the scanner. it was a simple solution because if you were a red-tagger, you had to stop everything, call for a manager and wait for them to come from wherever to swipe it and it pissed off the other customers.

most people were happy to swipe their own beer because no one liked waiting for who-knows to show up whenever to do something that took 1.3 seconds.

MOST people....well, of course i would run into a snooty older lady one day who had some beer. i was checking the express line and i knew that they people were really gonna be upset waiting in express so i asked her to swipe it. you would have thought i asked her to swipe her booty across the scanner the way she looked at me. so i explained to her why i asked and she became enraged telling me how i was insubordinate for suggesting such a thing. she folded her arms, shook her head and huffed and puffed asking to speak to the manager. i called for him and i was fine.....

....until she kept on whispering under breath. and all i caught wind of was "makes no sense," "can't believe", "outrage," and "these people" SKREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTT!!!!

REWIND! WHAT people? i can't really remember all i said...just a lot of "what", "old lady", who do you think you are?" "take this job and shove it", "!*&% B!*^#*# !(^#!*^" as i was floating right outside the exit doors. end of job.



Kitty said...

The grocery store was my first job too. I was a cashier and had the same issue with the beer & wine because I was about 15/16 at the time.
My worst job had to be the telephone fund raiser job. It was pretty much like being a telemarketer. I would get cussed out daily trying to raise money for non profits. That job didn't last too long. Like Blaine & Antwon used to say "Hated it"

The Pew View said...

Hey baby, my first job was pimping when I was 9 years old. You know me and my best friend Mabel been friends since we was babies. Anyway, there was this boy named Jesse who loved him some Mabel. Mabel always been a thickie fry but Jesse peoples was big boned so he didn't mind Mabel bein a biggggg gal. Anyway one day he tole me he liked Mabel and wanted to kiss her. I got what they calls a light bulb and my head and figured I could get paid off this situation. Long story short Jesse got him a big fat sloppy kiss from big fat Mabel and I got 2 pennies for setting it up. I've been an entrepruner ever since then. Take care now.

Ruthie Ann

The F$%K it List said...

Ok I have blocked out my first job. I wanted to work in the supermarket because my older cousin did and she was able to buy her 4 finger ring (HAHA).

my first job was at a nursing home I was on summer break from college. I did nothing all day. Boredom set in fast and I was ready to go back to school.

The F$%K it List said...

P.S The reunion for Bad Girls is next week. I saw the commercial (shuold have said that, ok will fix that now).

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

My first job I worked at Fannie May Candies. It was heaven for people who loved chocolate, too bad I wasn't one of them!

On my first day I accidentally put this woman's chocolates upside down in her Valentine's Day heart box and she came back into the store cursing me out because all of her candy had fallen out in her car. I told her that it was my very first day, but she didn't seem to care. Of course I gave her a brand new box, but she was still heated! It was a fun job though.

Queen of My Castle said...

Literally LOL @ swipe her booty across the scanner. That was too funny. For some reason I can't imagine you cussing. I always feel so dirty when I use profanity in a comment only to come back to see that you have commented after me. I SMH to myself and want to spank my own hand for using such language. LOL

My first job was a sales associate at JCPenney. I loved it. My worst job EVER was an airport scanner. *Kids, don't drop out of college* LOL. Drunken pilots and flight attendants along with ghetto crazy thank you. Back to school for Queen.

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

@ kitty...i could NEVER do the phone jobs. i think i'm too sensitive. i would prolly take it personally when someone hung up on me :-(

@ pew view...pimping as a child? i just hope ya'll didn't turn jesse out!

@ F-it...i think your job would have fit me. as a teen, i wanted to work, but not with people.

@ bgg...that DOES sound fun! they prolly wouldve fired me from sniffing chocolates tho.

@ queen...actually i didn't curse, i said things like "white lady," "racist," and things about black and white people. just didn't want to get all racial up in here today-LOL!! on the other hand, my sympathies to you for working at the airport. besides the disgruntled people, it just seems like a dreary place to be.

The Pew View said...

@PCD-Naw baby I just mades a few dollars off Jesse setting him up to kiss Mabel here and there. Now Mabel on the other hand. She den put in some work for me. Thang is she just don't know it. Baby I sho hopes you can keep a secret. Take care now.

Ruthie Ann

DreamCop08 said...

girl i like that one"swiper her booty on the scanner", too funny.

Girl my first job was at the Credit Bureau of Baton Rouge. I got fired from that job because I was immature and thought that I didnt have to listen to authority. Sure taught me who was boss, that was such a blow to my ego.

But I must say that it got me in line and definitely a learning experience!!


First job was at a non profit organization and the lady I worked for farted alot..LOL

dessex said...

my first real job was flippin burgers at burger king...Everyday I came home smeilling like whoppers and french frie grease. It was horrible...

12kyle said...

no drama at the job but the 1st job was horrible.

i sold vacuum cleaners for KIRBY.

who in their right mind would pay 2 grand in 1990 for a vacuum cleaner.

i quit after 2 weeks

Smarty Jones said...

My worst job was one I took after I up and quit my first reporting job.
I took a job to simply keep up the insurance on my car, that was the agreement between me and my parents.
Anyway, it was my first retail job, I don't want to call the name of the store but it rhymes with J-Mart.
I worked in layway, sporting goods, toys and housewares, during the Christmas rush. I don't know why but for some reason, I always got the irate customers.
It took all I had in me not to go off on those dang people when they got upset that their lay-a-way was put back on the floor after they hadn't paid on it in two months.
On top of that, me and the managers were always going at it because I told them it wasn't my life's goal to work at K-, uh, I meant J-Mart.
After Christmas, I didn't go back and they didn't call me to go either. I don't miss it.

Foia said...

I worked @ a grocery store also..Cart girl here and bagger..and yes i worked in michigan in extreme cold and deep snow, and the hot ass summer. I managed a lot of the times to get out of bringing in the carts..Our service manager who was this guy name steve..grungy white guy prob 29 at the time..who loved young girls..we had this thing called 'service bagger' basically you ran back and forth taking food back ect..and when he was on duty..he already knew what was up..his girl friend would get mad and roll her eyes..oh well..

other than that no real drama..cuz i like to keep it cool..

i've also had my share of clothing store jobs..they suck also!!