Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Where do you stand?

do you know how to act?

why not make my first post about politicking? LOL! well, unless you've been under a rock, then you know what is going on between barack obama and hillary clinton. this primary has become one of the most spectacular events in political history in this here millennium. well, that is...until you factor is the foolishness. so regardless of who you support in this race, i wonder, when does integrity come into play? i've visited other sites and commented on some of them...and sometimes, i've been attacked for my view. i can disagree with you, but i don't have to call you names and insult anyone. i understand the passion one may possess. i too, possess it. but when does sweet honeysuckle political interest turn into the sour grapes of disdain for all things opposed to your particular view?

the media needs no help in perpetuating the racial and gender divides that encapture this race. ok, got that. but let me say, if ever trying to covey a message somehow turns into a berating sling-fest, my ears are among the first to pack up and head in the opposite direction. i ventured onto my line sister's blog today and she asked a couple of staright-forward questions. a commenter likened her inquisitiveness to running thru a dynamite mine with a lit match, stating that political (as well as religious) views should be kept to one's self. again, i understand that passion that is involved with both....but can adult humanoids not share their different views without igniting a dynamite mine? since when is anger the first, or the appropriate or even the only response to an opposing ideal?

i am bewildered by this. well, i usually disagree with people. hey, maybe i'm the illogical one....i like chocolate covered tortilla chips dusted with ancho & chipotle chilis. yeah i live on the edge...


Marleaux said...

You would think that bloggers would be open-minded and able to debate when one doesn't completely agree with their commentary. But every blogger doesn't have sense. Some even become bullies.

Still_Pocahontaz said...

like chocolate covered tortilla chips dusted with ancho & chipotle chilis

LMAO..I was with you until this little part right here..LOL

Keep doin ya thang, I shall return

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

@ marleaux-welcome to the pretty circle and thanx for coming...i also cannot for the life of me understand the craze that inhabits people. all i know is i will get sucked into internet/blog fights...anymore *sniggle*

@ poca-welcome to the pretty circle chica! hey, don't knock em till you try em! well, actually if you love chocolate, there's this boutique that specializes in exotic ingredients....ok, i'm waaaaaay off base now. chocolate mystifies me...anyhoo...politics has become my new love. never been engrossed like this...but i still don't feel the need to beat people upside their heads about it..le sigh