Monday, February 25, 2008

All Dora'd Out: Part One-The Silly

ok, i am really struggling today. i have a confession to make. i...hate...dora the explorer.

i reeeeeeeeeeally hate her. i have a 15 month old. she adores this big-headed girl who never changes clothes and totes around a disease-hosting monkey that talks. i dread when her show comes on. but as of late, it's become much more serious. i now hate shopping in mass retail stores because of dora. she's EVERYWHERE!!! and for some time now, my daughter has been able to recognize her (or boots the monkey) from 7.2 miles away and goes insane with excitement. she screams "DOOR! DOOR!" and squeals in the highest pitched screech like a monkey for boots. if i'm allowing her to walk on her own, she'll stop dead in her tracks and enter this haze refusing to move if she stumbles upon a dora item.

let me first say, i am not a fan of character items period. it becomes a disease. but regardless of which character it is, my kid will not have



and definitely not

and it doesn't stop there...there's little training panties, socks, all sorts of clothes, night lights, stickers, umbrellas, cups and all kinds of plateware, the list is endless! (p.s. doesn't that second dora cake look like it rode the short bus to the party?) i just can't take the sensory overload, plus i think it looks tacky. i realize it may be hard, but when my daughter is of age, i will ask her to choose a color or theme to her bedroom, no characters allowed. not to mention, i think it's quite creepy to have someone's face everywhere...sleeping on it, sitting on it, eating on it, walking on it...just weird! but the reality is that my baby loves her. and i am slowly going insane

tomorrow, the post will continue.......but from another angle


Suite B said...

Dora gets on my damn nerves too. I just don't know why they little this girl walk over town without adult supervision anyway. What grade is she in because with a head that big I know she has to have some learning disabilities?

Still_Pocahontaz said...

Dora is the shyt!

LMAO at Suite B...its Dora' world. How you think the folks of our time felt about Barbie's pasty ass..LMAO

idk... said...

lol! @ girl who never changes clothes...

!*!*!*!*!Fresh and Fab!*!*!*!*! said...

oh my days, i cant stand dora myself, ive been forced to watch a few episodes in my time, but no more

i cant belive they done and got a dora costume, with the wig and everything, damn

Villager said...

I've gone through the process with two youngsters. My observation is that it is easier to go with the flow. I learned to tolerate Teletubbies, Dora the Explorer, Bratz Girls, and such. For awhile we watched Lion King all-day, every-day. At another point we watched Woody & the Space-toy guy. At another point, we were inundated with Shrek. Currently, my 10-year old daughter is a big Disney channel fan.

I guess we did the same things when we were kids, didn't we?

I remember having those clunky metal lunch buckets with Superman or Batman or someone on it. Didn't y'all?

peace, Villager

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

@ suite b...ROFL!!!

@ poca...i feel you...but i never was allowed to get super crazy, over-the-top with anything. my girl was strawberry shortcake and i had a few items, not the entire FLEET of ss!

@ idk...hey its true!!! dora nasssssssty-LOL!

@ F&F...the wig KILLED me...that is absolutely over the line

@ villager, true, i did have a lunchbox and a halloween costume, a big wheel and a doll...that was I.T. things were never like they are now where you can pretty much get everything in life with your fave cartoon on it...or maybe my mom just wasn't having it?

Kitty said...

I used to like the Cabbage Patch kids and those were some ugly baby dolls. Teddy Ruxpin was the business too! Aah the memories! I feel you on not having her entire room be Dora-ed down. It's too much. My little man was like that with Elmo when he was smaller and he musta had every Tickle me Elmo, Elmo on the guitar, Elmo dressed up like a daggone chicken, Elmo doin cartwheels.. It was crazy! She'll grow out of that phase before you know it and be like "Dora who??"

And at least it's not those wierd "boobah" thingies.

The F$%K it List said...

I HATES HATES HATES DORA (and her damn cousin Diego)! Thank God my 20 month old son has rejected them both so far. He is more into Elmo (love him) and Barney (hate him).

But I agree all this mass produced sheets, lunch boxes, socks, shoes etc will not be present in my house (though we did have a Cars themed bday). I don't see what the point of crowding my already Toy store apt is.

Love the blog! Glad I found ya.