Saturday, February 14, 2009

SO....The Moment Has Arrived!

yeah, i said i'd return on Valentine's Day, but i didn't realize it was on a saturday. and who blogs on saturdays? well, actually a lot of people do, but i don't...
soooooooooo, i'll be back on monday. TEE HEE HEE!!!!

in the meantime, have a sexy and fun V-Day!



Smarty Jones said...

You know you really shouldn't play with our emotions like this. :-(

antithesis said...

YOU ARE BACK!!!! i was so upset when u said u wouldnt be back til February. well, the day has arrived and welcome back!

12kyle said...


Welcome Back, PCD

You have been missed! Thanks for stopping thru the 12th Planet from time to time. 'Preciate the luv

Happy Valentine's Day! Make sho you buy your hubby sumthin!!!!

Keith said...

Welcome Back PCD...You know I thought about you today...I wondered if you really were coming back..So glad you did!

PBW said...


Welcome back, PCD!!! I missed ya!