Monday, July 7, 2008

Which One...Pick One

hey peoples! how was your holiday? i think i gained 2 pounds and that friggin cheesecake will be the death of me-UGH! i feel fatter even thinking about it. anyhoo, i hope yours was fab!

now, i was thinking about something...if i could be in a movie...which one would i pick? i tried not to think too hard about it because there are a gazillion movies that i like. sooooooo, the first one i thought of was...


i just think jazz clibs are so sexy. and that daggone bleek gilliam! (bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeep) lawd, hold my mule! this movie had culture, history, talent, family, friends and fighting...but all ended well...and it's not too far from reality. its totally believable!

now, what movie would i NOT want to be in? that would have to be the color purple.

none of the women really had it together. shug was talented and semi-famous...but she was a whore with the nasty woman's disease. sophia was like a welfare mother who did prison time and ended up with a cock eye, and celie was....celie. no explanation needed. then factor in the facts that there was no air conditioning, loads of manual labor and a crap load of kids!?!?! oh, i wouldn't have made it passed age 7. nettie had it the best...but she was no where near her family and she had to go all the way to africa to achieve something. the scene when her and celie were separated is enough to make my eyes bleed. its so heart wrenching!



Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Hmm...very fun post!!!

Let me see...

I think I would've liked to have been in The Best Man. I don't know why, I guess since it's one of my favorite movies. LOL! Plus, it portrayed us AAs as regular people, not gun-toting thugs, or other stereotypes.

I know this is strange, but I can't think of any movie in particular that I would NOT want to be in. I'll come back.

I know you didn't ask us, but if there was one TV that I could've been on, it would've been "A Different World!!" I just love that show!

Foia said...

The Color Purple was on last night. And like you said when Mister seperated them..I had to change the channel because it's so heartwrenching.. I wouldn't have wanted to wear those ugly dresses..and yes celie had it bad..I didn't ever really understand the beginning until last night..she had 2 of her fathers babies..ew..poor girl..

Did you read my Stranger post? I really want your opinion...please..

The Jaded NYer said...

good choices; I LOVED Mo' Betta Blues so much!

Now let's see...

I'd want to be in Say Anything. not only would I be dating Lloyd Dobbler (AKA John Cusack), possibly the most romantic guy ever, but I'd be a Rhodes Scholar with my whole life ahead of me. *sigh*

I would NOT want to be in any horror films. I like to watch them but to be IN them? nah, I'll pass!

Smarty Jones said...

Hmmmmmm, this is a hard one. If I had to pick only one, it would probably be Love & Basketball. Shoot, in high school, I was Monica. I was the tomboy female jock who had a crush on the pretty boy he didn't know it until later on.
Then again, I would have loved to be in LoveJones. Now that movie had culture and crazy people. I just think that Bill Bellamy would have had me rolling the entire time.
I would not have wanted to be in Do the Right Thing because I would have been ready to fight some of those Italians and the cops when they killed Radio Raheim.

jameil1922 said...

yeah i def. don't wanna be in the color purple. i want to be in brown sugar. i'll date boris since sanaa doesn't want him! lol.

The F$%K it List said...

This was too much!

OK Movie I would be in, ofcourse its a Spike Joint. School Daze, I would have been too fierce to be a jigaboo or a wannabe HA. but this story is also pretty realistic (minus the spontaneous sing/dance off at Rih-rihs)

I would not want to be in any movie based in the south (Mississippi Burning, A time to kill etc) because if I were in any of those the ending would have to end up with me dead and that is awful. Adn everyone was always so shiny in those flicks.

The F$%K it List said...

BTW those are two of my favorite movies to watch but I always say "Hmm if that was me I would have done blah blah blah"

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

@ bgg...the best man looked fun..i just couldn't have dealt with all the cheating...but if i were just a neutral friend, it would be cool. oh, and how you gonna add a tv show and not a bad movie? BOOOOO!

@ foia...i know! thats why i was thinking about it. and after my 15th time of seeing color purle, i finally caught that celie's dad was her stepdad, so it was AS incestuous-yuck! and i'm headed over to your spot shortly

@ jaded nyer...speaking of john cusack, i loved him in serendipity! it was such a cute romantically hopeful movie-loved it! and my heart can't take being scared like in horror movies...i cant even do haunted houses

@ and basketball is a great movie! even tho malik ended up all broke down in the end-lol! and do the right thing? aw not me! i'd have ended up in the back of a car that night too

@ jameil...brown sugar was hot well, boris was!

@ F-it...i feel you on the southern movies! i never would have made it past childhood-for real! and i do the same thing when i watch movies ;-)

Smarty Jones said...

Malik or Quincy? I think you've crossed Love & Basketball with Higher Learning. It's all good though because he was the bomb in both of them.
I still remember him screaming, "DEJAAAAAAAA!!!"

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

@ man! mama's getting old-lol! i got the character right, but wrong name! i meant quincy got all broke down. he looked so bummy to me in the end. he was such a star, then he ended up as a house-husband cuz of his knee, lol! just riding the sidelines while wifey goes out to hustle-HA HA!! i liked him in the beginning of the movie, just not at the end

dejanae said...


i'd want be in Breakin
dont laugh at me
i'd be killer with them moves
I wouldnt wanna be in any horror movie
u already know they always do the black folk dirty

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

This is a fun post!

shhhh don't tell nobody...but I would have to say Set It Off!......I would have wanted to hold it down like Cleo...but live to enjoy the money like Stoney...

The movie I wouldn't want to play in....would be....ANY horror movie..why? I ain't trying to play the only black person in the movie...who just so happens to get killed first.....

Mizrepresent said...

I would most definitely be in Love Jones...i so felt this movie...oh yes, Nia i could play you wild...with Larenz Tate as my lover, puleeeez...i would be there with bells on. Now the movie i would never play, would have to be also one of my favorites. I could never play Celie in "The Color Purple", cuz i would have cut Mister's neck a long time ago!

12kyle said...

Brown Sugar

me and Sanaa Lathan

damn! I know i could have done better than that Taye Diggs dude. LOL

Los Angelista said...

I don't want to be in Nightmare on Elm Street or any other scary movie. They creep me out completely.

On the other hand, Love Jones... I'd be in that movie in a heartbeat! Going to see it was my first real "date" with my husband after being friends with him for seven years and I'll never forget how he leaned over and whispered in my ear, "You are my Nina."

Dreamy said...

i wouldnt want to be in Jeepers Creeper, lord that movie scared the world out of me.

and i would love to be Sug in the color purple, especially the part when she was singing to her daddy. lord i cried like a little baby on that part,lol