Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Movie Manners

UGH! this was the sound i made as i sat and tried to watch HANCOCK the other night. i always try NOT to sit relatively close to anyone and my mum and i had found the perfect seats, not too close, not too far, centrally located with people dispersed at a comfortable distance.

so of course, you could imagine my chagrin when a portly man who looked like he just rolled out of his bed wearing yesterday's clothes squeezed himself into MY aisle. he huffed and puffed and sat on down. then began his eating....*stomach turning* he crunched so loudly, and hand shuffled his candies like he was about to roll dice. then he'd turn the candy box upside down and shake them into his mouth making this rumbling noise....oh, and he'd hit the bottom of the box like a drum so as not to miss the most microscopic of crumbs. every time he did something, i'd just look at him like he was crazy. but it got worse!

he started burping...not belching, but BURPING! like a freight train...and it was continuous. after the 7th one, i was said, "REALLY? you're for real? this is a public theater, not your home!" his girlfriend sat up and looked at me like i was insane, but at this point i didn't care. if either one of them were gonna get tough, then whatever-whatever.

i am so sick of being at public places with nasty people. seriously, is it too much to ask that you act like you weren't raised by pigs for a couple of hours? like when me and lil PCD were at her music & dance class....two kids kept licking the drums that kids were trying to beat. they were so gross, lil PCD just backed up and stared at them like the hogs they were and gave up on trying to make music. and their mother was just chillin! not saying a word.....



Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

*Get down...Get down...*----that's the theme song my 20 month uses while nodding his head when he's about to eat...thought I'd use that for my first dance!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

I'm back...and that would be my 20 month old nephew...I was people move fast around

Anyway, my Sistah to answer your question...a few weeks ago my friend and I took her son to see Kung Fu Panda...while we were there a young child was making that pre-throw up sound...her mother didn't take that as a sign...and next thing you know the child was throwing up...and the mom was jumping up running with her to the bathroom...meanwhile her insides were splashing on the center aisle....the worse part is no one came in to clean it up...My friend's son ended up stepping in it when the movie was over...In the end we walked out of there with 2 free movie passes!!

12kyle said...

I had a run in with the A-Rab dude who runs the Chevron around my way about a month ago. I went in just to get change for a $20. Aparently, he was upset at the chick who was standing in front of me b/c she gave him a hard time. So, when I asked for change, he YELLED at me "If you want change then you have to buy something!!!"

Excuse me? Who are you yelling at? The next thing I know...we're yelling at each other. And THEN I cussed his ass out!!! While that was totally out of my character, it felt good! LOL. I remember telling the other people not to do business with people who DON'T respect you!

I took my money and went across the street to the other gas station and the A-Rab dude gave me change and even engaged in some small talk about the weather.

I'll never set foot in that Chevron again.

jameil1922 said...

"not too close, not too far, centrally located with people dispersed at a comfortable distance." that's SO the perfect seat!! LICKING DRUMS???!! vomit. i don't understand people sans etiquette. what is even your purpose for living? i can't believe he had a chick and he was that nasty. that's the truly frightening part. next thing you know they'll be procreating and i'll have to go off again.

Product Junkie Diva said...

LOL I can't think of a recent nasty encounter but your story is hilarious.

The Jaded NYer said...

Eww... that music place you take your baby to sounds gross. At least the other kids that attend are gross; licking the drums?? how do parents allow that mess?


nasty encounters? girl I cannot tell you how many people I see on a daily basis blowing snot rockets onto the subway tracks, or hacking up phlegm onto the tracks- all that mess.

It all makes me so sick to my stomach!

Dreamy said...

i really hate it when my co-worker cough and sneeze and never cover their mouth. like it just urks me, I stay with my Lysol can. You know that one that kills the AIDS virus, homey dont play that,lol

antithesis said...

omg, i refuse to believe there is someone that nasty and they have a GF at that!!!!

the only thing remotely close that comes to mind is yesterday on the bus. this man kept falling asleep, mouth open, snoring. it's a problem when your own snores wake you up. it was so obnoxious! just stay woke!

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

@ keisha...hee hee @ your first post! anyhoo, double EW to that kid vomitting. that is utterly disgusting. some parents are so lame...i would never....beyond being smelly and gross, the transference of germs with that is astronomical!

@ kyle...i feel you on bad service, especially if they are unapologetic. i'm the QUEEN of calling and reporting or writing a letter on somebody

@ jameil..."i don't understand people sans etiquette. what is even your purpose for living?" DEAD!!!! but i sooooooooo *heart* you for that because i feel the same way...him and his gf, janky judy-bleh!

@ PJD...i can laugh now...but i was ready to kick booty the other night! AND go get the usher!

@ jaded nyer...ew! snot rockets! i thought that was only in movies...and there's is nothing worse than an out of control kid with a blind parent...we don't mix well at all!

@ dreamy...i feel the heebie-jeebies just reading this stuff-thats GROSS!

@ antithesis...welcome to the circle! and the gf belonged with pig boy...they were equally fuggy. she looked like the type that licks her boogers and picks her crotch...just nasty! when she wasn't nudging him for being gross, i knew something was up then!

The F$%K it List said...

YUCK YUCK and double YUUCCK ! I hate when I am out and people act like they have no home training

And I think its time for Lil PCD to sing her swan song at that music and dance class. Because if it were CJ and I, I would have to pour liquid sanitizer over everyone of those kids and the drums, their parents YUCK

Anyhoo how was the movie?

The F$%K it List said...
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Brown Girl Gumbo said...

YOU ARE SO HILARIOUS!!! It's posts like this one that make me love your blog so much because you're always SO honest!!!!

OMG, where do I begin with the nasty people in this city. I guess the most recent and quite frequent nasty encounter would be the other day when this guy openly began deeply digging in his nose with his bare hands on the train!!!! I see this at least twice a week...just another reason why I hate being around strangers.

Btw, was Hancock good?

Foia said...

Yeah...I'm thinking you need to find another place for ya'll to be kickin it..meaning lil bit's music class..ew..

and I was in the car with one of my friends and they had a energy drink..and when it got to the end..they started slurping was driving me crazy..more annoying than nasty..

I don't know about the nasty thing...I'll have to think about it..