Friday, October 3, 2008

(Funny) Funeral Friday

ok, maybe i shouldn't put funny by the word funeral, but let me tell you, this is gonna be a humdinger!

my uncle's funeral is today. he was one of those waaaaaaaaaaay older uncles that you barely knew. and because he's waaaaaaaaaaaaay older, so are most of the fam that will be there today. i call them the Hen Pen. they're a bunch of older women, cousins and aunts who do nothing but cluck and complain about everything. and its starting already...

a long time ago, my uncle and this white woman became friends. she had a daughter so he became like a father figure to her. as time went on, they remained friends, even tho he was kind of a loner in our fam. we never really knew where he was, lived or what he was up to. we'd see him every few years and that was that. but him and this lady and her daughter remained tight. well, when he fell ill, the daughter basically treated him like her father. she paid his bills, bought him stuff like clothes, an ipod, and pretty much whatever he wanted or needed. so now he's dead and here comes the wording of the program. my mum wanted to acknowledge the two women in the program, along with other fam. AW LAWD!!!!

why? why do they get to be in it? is that appropriate? who do they think they are? hmph, thats ridiculous! fuss, fuss, fuss, cuss, cuss, cuss.....

the Hen Pen is all up in arms about it and i can't wait to see what pops off today. eyes will be rolling, teeth sucking, grunts a'plenty....and PCD will be laughing. oh yes i will...and i dare someone to say something because i'll go off on everyone. besides that girl, my parents were the only ones to look after him when he was in the nursing home and hospital. they also paid his bills, brought things to him, blah blah blah...and NO ONE else did. so where they get the audacity to have a complaint today is beyond me....but i will be waiting, and watching to see what type of Madea inspired fooloishness will transpire




Miss Mika said...

Happy Friday Mrs. PCD!!

Why do people have to be so darn petty?? I think it is totally appropriate that the friend and daughter be recognized in that program. And darn to heck whoever has something to say about it!!

I remember when my grandfather died (I was 17 at the time), it was the first time that I met a lot of my extended family. So I could only be shocked when after the funeral, a few of my aunts and cousins got into an actual FIST FIGHT because one claimed to take a flower bouquet home before the other and the other wanted it and didn't think it was fair she got first dibs. The rock in our family just died and you heffas are fighting over a flower bouquet??? I didn't think it was that serious.

Needless to say that was the first and last time I saw a lot of my family.

Sexxy Luv said...

Girl when my great aunt pasted away a few years back my cousins acted a fool i tell you! this was their grandmother so they clowned, when we were at the burial sight and they were lowering the casket my two cousins jumped on top of the casket! lmao it was a sad time but my azz busted out laughing i was too done girl i wish i had pictures! lmao

have a great weekend. :)

jameil1922 said...

messy!!! did they put the names in the program despite the hen pen?

Smarty Jones said...

What is it about a death in the family that brings out the foolishness in everyone?
My family is burying one of my aunts tomorrow and it is going to be a hot mess.
She is my aunt by marriage but she and my uncle are no longer together. Her daughter and I are really close and I've found myself trying to keep her sane through all of this.
Do you know those Bamas are arguing over who gets to ride in the family cars? This woman has two children, four grandchildren and two sons-in-law.
Personally, I don't think there should be any argument at all and for something that petty?
Girl, it's a trip.

Kitty said...

There's always gotta be that one huh?

When they were burying my uncle, I mean like literally lowering him into the ground, one of my great aunts (not the wife) started falling out as usual.

But this time, she decided to fall all over the casket hollerin' bout "take me with you!!" and she a big lady so the casket kinda shifted downwards when she did that.

You should seen how quickly she jumped up and got her act together.

The side-eyes were priceless.

Yeah she does all her hootin and hollerin at the wakes now.

PBW said...

My grandfather died when I was 11. In the middle of his funeral, my grandmother (his wife of 52-years) who was wearing a sparkly gold cocktail dress jumped up and screamed, "I'M FREE! I'M FREE! I'M FINALLY FREE!!!!!!!"

Afterwards, she flung the military flag draping his casket on top of the fridge.

The next day she bought a new house and a brand new Cadillac.

Anonymous said...

When my great-grandmother passed, we all had to travel down south to clear out her house. Our "cousins" that she had taken in and raised showed up saying that everything in the house was theirs. Mind you, they had never paid a bill, bought groceries, or even cleaned the house. Then we found out that they had been stealing money from Big Mama. But Big Mama's only child, my grandmother, oh honey she will cut you. Needless to say those "cousins" didn't show up for the funeral.LOL

Keith said...

And this PCD is called Family-
Ya gotta love matter what.

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Hey Sistah PCD! the first word that came to mind after reading this....Isn't it interesting how the ones who are MIA during a person's life or illness are the main ones who wanna call the shots when they die?....I've seen it happen several times....

But you know what bothers me???...How people are grabbing clothes and items that belong to the dead person...the minute they take their last breath!

I was so mad when my brother got killed because my uncle was packing up everything he could get...same thing applied when my grandmother died....the makes my blood boil!

The F$%K it List said...

When my uncle passed three years ago, his daughters took pictures with the body....not of the body WITH the body. then one of them took out a pair of scissors and cut some of his hair and put it in a ziploc bag.

My sisters and I laughed all weekend

Foia said...

Damn..yeah that sounds pretty interesting..i'm sure you will update us on what happened..and that was sweet of the daughter to do things like that for him. I know she is feeling a great loss right now..

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I can honestly say that I haven't gone to a funny/wack funeral. Knock on wood...

dejanae said...

oh my damn
that is a mess